Looking for authentic Cambodian food? We've got your guide here, with advice on where to find Cambodian restaurants, ideas for Cambodian recipes, and discussions on the finer points of Cambodian cuisine.


Thmor Da (Revere, MA) Shines With Crisp, Complex Flavors & Welcoming Service

by SuzieCK 3 months ago

We were craving the crisp, mouth-filling, deeply-layered flavors of Cambodian food, so guided by our foodie savant Galangatron, my sister and I ventured to just near Revere Beach on Saturday for a ...

Heng Lay - Lowell

Matt H
by Matt H 7 years ago

A Cambodian friend of mine took a few of us up to Lowell a couple weeks back to eat at Heng Lay. Really enjoyed our meal. Started off with Papaya Salad with a side of Fried Chicken. Papaya Sala...

Park Bok Lahong aka Angel Cruz Park | Stockton

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

Wish I had known last month about this informal South Asian street food scene that sets up daily in Angle Cruz Park in Stockton. I'm posting these video clips and an older news report so the next v...

New Cambodian Restaurant | Stockton

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Last month I grabbed a quick dinner at New Cambodian Restaurant. You order and pay at the counter, then the food is brought to your table. I tried the Phnom Penh Noodle Soup, $6.50. One of my fa...

Angkor Cambodian Bistro, 408 E 64th St -- a gem (short review)

by buttertart 1 year ago

I have been hoping for a Cambodian place to open in this area for years, and am very happy with this place, which has been open since New Year's 2016 -- we first went there in March of that year an...

Cambodian Mangoes

by nzamo 2 years ago

Hi! From a recent trip to southeast Asia an acquaintance exclaimed that Cambodian mangoes are the best they have ever had. Any chance I can find any in NYC? Looks like a popular kind is Keo ...

Maketto in DC - Report

by Steve 4 years ago

Maketto on H St, NE is the latest venture from Chef Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground. It is notable for being maybe the only place in the DC area to offer a few Cambodian dishes. So that was...

Battambang Authentic Cambodian Restaurant + in Oakland...

by RWCFoodie 5 years ago

Four of us met for lunch today at Battambang in Oakland. Here's a list of what we ate. I'll leave it to my lunch companions to comment and will add pictures later... Just a note, we had terr...

Heng Lay Cambodian in Lowell

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

We finally made it to Heng Lay for lunch w/ a friend today. The room was very clean and comfortable and we were so sweetly helped by the woman there. Servings were generous and bargain-priced, and...

Siem Reap Restaurants

by IPcook 5 years ago

We will be in Siem Reap for 3 nights beginning February 2, 2014; staying on Sok San Road. Looking for recommendations on Cambodian restaurants with emphasis on quality, non-microwaved food and some...

Cambodian pop-up at mission pie sf

by augustiner 3 years ago

tonight mission pie hosted a pop up by nyum bai, a local cambodian enterprise working with la cocina. it was a little hectic, with a large turnout, limited seating, and a bit of confusion service w...

Great Cambodian Sandwiches at Num Pang

by foodwhisperer 7 years ago

I love this place. They have terrific "cambodian" sandwiches. Although a good friend of mine from Cambodia said they don't have any sandwiches like that there, but who cares. The place is located ...

Best Cambodian restaurant(s) in Long Beach

by Pan 4 years ago

Hi, everyone. New York chowhound here. My girlfriend and I will be flying into SNA in a couple of weeks and figured that lunch in Long Beach and a visit to the aquarium there would be a fun thing t...

Tasty Cambodian Dessert

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

Stopped by Lowell's Huong Cuc (best area Beef Banh Mi imo) and as always, purchased a few items that were fascinatingly new to me. When i looked into Wiki I discovered that they have a humongous lo...

Has anyone tried Battambang (Cambodian) in San Gabriel?

by Sophique 14 years ago

I haven't been but my parents raved about it. Battambang Seafood Restaurant 1806 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, 91776 626-307-3938

Laotian or Cambodian in DC area ?

by Dakota Guy 13 years ago

Anyone know of any Cambodian or Laotian restaurants in the DC (preferably VA) area? Thanks in advance.

Brief Angkor Borei Report [San Francisco]

Dave MP
by Dave MP 12 years ago

I went to Angkor Borei last night for Cambodian food, part of a large party. We had a LOT of food, including a few things I hadn't tried before (and many that I had). The seafood here is really the...

Lukshon Culver City

by bigelectriccat 8 years ago

Lukshon has officially opened and I will tell you all about it now. Eating spicy foods gives you Technicolor dreams. Trust me I know from global experience. West side fans of the San Gabriel Val...

Golden Lake Eatery--Cambodian in L.A. Chinatown

by Chandavkl 4 years ago

Unless you were in the back parking lot of Ai Hoa Supermarket in Chinatown, you'd never know there was a restaurant next to the back entrance of the market. More recently home to Jenny Mai Fast Fo...

Visiting San Jose -recommendations dimsum/szechuan/bbq/cambodian/etc

by hargau 4 years ago

Will be visiting San Jose area from Boston and am looking for recommendations for: 1) Best Dim Sum 2) Best Szechuan 3) Best inexpensive seafood 4) Any notable Cambodian in the area? 5) Best BB...