Fold your pizza filling in extra crust and you've got a calzone. Find out where to sample the best and and share recipes and tips for making them at home.

What's the Difference between Calzone and Stromboli?

While they both fall into the category of portable pizzas, calzones and stromboli are not to be confused. Calzones are essentially a pizza that is folded in half, and then stuffed with cheese. Calzones...

Louie & Ernie's, Bronx, still makes a good pizza...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

I had not been to legendary Louie & Ernie's Pizza on Crosby Ave. in the Bronx for a few years. It came up as a craving, so I made the solo trip down from my Westchester haunts. It has not changed m...

Calzone update 2020

by Ilovetoeatso 2 years ago

So the new year starts and I got a sample of a pretty good spinach calzone from Nellys Catering in Santa Monica. Now I’d like to know if there are any newer or classic places that earn the title fo...

Now I'm Confused: What is a Stromboli and What is a Calzone?

by Chinon00 14 years ago

I was listening to a radio talk show today and the topic of what ingridients are found in a stromboli versus what are found in a calzone was discussed. And during the discussion it was made clear ...

What's the difference...

by AMM 16 years ago

...between a calzone and stromboli? The shape? The contents? The dough or bread used? Inquiring minds want to know.

Does anyone have a dough recipe for baked calzone? w/ overnight cold rise?

by Idas 6 years ago

Hi, I am wondering if calzone dough has different water ratio to pizza dough (assuming the average home oven type dough recipe in the first place for hydration). (I now only use a breville pizza...

Hunt for the Best Calzone

by Multibeast 8 years ago

Alright everybody, it's time we stop messing around and have a serious and up to date discussion about the artfully crafted calzones of this fine metropolis. All my recent endeavors have taken me t...

how to prepare home-made calzone for freezing??

by santamonica811 11 years ago

My plan: Make several calzone at home, and freeze them for later enjoyment. But: How do I do this, once the actual calzone have been made? I see 3 possibilities. . . a. Make the calzone, a...

Anybody remember Bel Cantos' calzones?

by GT-ACC man 18 years ago

I worked in Boston in the 80's and remember a calzone/pizza restaurant called Bel Cantos. There was one in Beacon Hill on Charles St. and one in Cambridge between Harvard Square and Central Sq. Als...

Calzone vs. Stromboli

by slewfoot 12 years ago

This may be the wrong thread for this question, but can someone please tell me the actual difference between calzone and stromboli? I may be stupid, but they seem the same to me. Maybe someone fro...

Best calzone in NYC?

by downtownfoody 7 years ago

After looking through chowhound.com, I noticed an old posting regarding best calzone in NYC and people didn't really have an answer. For some reason, I never read write ups about Sal's Little Ital...

best calzone in ny area?

by surly 16 years ago

this is something i've been wondering about for a while. robert sietsema of the voice has written in the past that fortunata's in middle village, queens had the best calzone. i tried it a whil...

Calzones in CT--where do you find the good ones?

by kattyeyes 13 years ago

My very favorite place for calzone is Napoli Pizza in Meriden (510 West Main St.). The ricotta is rich and creamy (not all are created equal, let's remember), their sauce is delicious and their dou...


by MGZ 8 years ago

Not sure why, but I've been craving a solid calzone lately. I realized it's been a few years since I've treated myself to a giant half moon. The gently browned crust giving way to the knife and e...

Best calzones in the SF Bay Area?

by mr_darcy 9 years ago

My girlfriend has never had calzones before and wants to try one - Tony's Pizza Napoletana looks promising. Wanted to see if there were any other suggestions?

Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, Calzone

by hyperbowler 8 years ago

The picked this book up at a book sale a while back. Lots of great ideas that I've referred to here and there, but I gave up cooking any particular recipes because of poor editing. What recipes, st...

Hooray! Not A Top 10 Listing--JThur01 on Chinese Calzones

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

Not everything in L.A. Weekly is a Top 10 list! http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/2013/04/chinese_calzone_lu_bao.php

Calzone and More at Yue Lai in San Gabriel

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

As reported by TonyC in Eater LA, the heralded Yu Garden at 107 E. Valley in San Gabriel has been replaced by Yue Lai, an offshoot of Kuan's Restaurant in Montebello, another Shanghai style eatery....

Say you were going to make a brisket calzone.....

by MrsJonesey 9 years ago

What kind of cheese and sauce would you use? I'm going to make a swiss chard and ricotta calzone for myself. DH would be happier with meat and I would be happier not to have to go to the trouble of...