What Is the Difference Between Applejack and Calvados?

If you’re a fan of hard apple cider but don’t think it’s quite hard enough, consider going the brandy route. There’s no better place to start than with Calvados, the centuries-old French apple brandy...

Best retail Calvados selection?

by Klunco 4 years ago

Am looking to get a special bottle of Calvados for a friend's wedding. Ideally, I would love to find a bottle from either Adrien Camut, Michel Huard, or Domaine du Manoir du Montreuil. Are there...

New Release: Rhum JM Armagnac, Calvados & Cognac finish


by SimonF 5 years ago

I'm looking for a particular calvados. It was amazing. My notes say 'reflets de France, pays d'auge.' I don't know much about calvados or French. Where oh where can I find it again? Thanks!


by SimonF 5 years ago

I'm in Paris and am looking for a bottle of roger groult calvados. Where could I find it? Thanks!


by cmarie 12 years ago

some friends are going to Paris/France and I'm asking them to bring back a bottle of calvados for me. Does anyone know of a great one that I wouldn't be able to get in the US? or maybe another kind...

Looking for a calvados or cider stop on the drive from Paris to Bayeux

by Luke_S 7 years ago

Hoping to get some help. We are going to be driving from Paris to Bayeux on Friday November 16th. We were hoping to stop at either a calvados distillery or cider producer that is not too far off th...

kosher calvados and/or apple wine

by jboyc 7 years ago

are there kosher calvados and/or kosher apple winw?

Hors d'Age Calvados Morin availability in the Bay Area?

by somtam 8 years ago

recently paid a visit to Drink in Boston's South End and had the good fortune to enjoy a perfectly crafted Golden Dawn cocktail, prepared with Hors d'Age Calvados Morin, a 15 year-old bottle of bra...

Inexpensive Calvados suggestions?

by jumpyg 9 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a fairly inexpensive bottle of Calvados that will primarily be used for mixing cocktails (just want something versatile). I have a list of several brands that I can find for $40...

Where to buy Norman cider and calvados?

by diningwithkids 9 years ago

Does anyone know where to find cider and calvados from Normandy in the SD central area? Thanks!

Where to buy Calvados in the East Bay?

by kzukor 9 years ago

Where can I buy Calvados (the apple brandy from France) in the East Bay? Thanks!

Calvados in NJ?

by choco_lab38 11 years ago

I've tried several liquor stores, large and small, in my area (Central NJ/Princeton) and none of them seem to carry Calvados from France, which I need for a recipe. They do, however, have plenty o...

Seeking bar with a variety of types of Calvados

by celeriac 11 years ago

Drinkers, here's a request and challenge: Does anyone know of a bar in the area that has a good range of different Calvados? (Calvadoses?) The idea of having a small calvados tasting or flight came...

looking for Calvados in Taipei

by F Schubert 11 years ago

Anybody know a liquor store in Taipei likely to have Calvados?


by blexo 11 years ago

BevMo aside, anyone know of a place with a good selection of Calvados in the East Bay or Marin?

Calvados brands - any tips?

by zach272 11 years ago

Looking to buy a bottle of Calvados as a gift (for a discerning fellow). I know Dupont is well regarded, but how 'bout these other brands - Daron Lecompte Morin Also, anyone know anything a...

Calvados Camembert

by Eastby 11 years ago

Hi, I am new to Oz (ish) and cannot find my favourite cheese - have Googled til the cows come home but to no avail - can anyone help? Thanks!!


by davebough 12 years ago

I drink and love Busnel VSOP which is one of very few brands available in Michigan. I've always been curious about Fermier Calvados. Is it generally double distilled or do I need to look for one la...

TN: Calvados Pays d'Auge Plus 15 ans, Domaine Familial L. Dupont

by zin1953 12 years ago

All this talk of brandy, and Calvados in particular, put me in the mood . . . Calvados Pays d'Auge Plus 15 ans, Domaine Familial Louis Dupont -- beautiful green-gold in color, clear and bright;...