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15 Destinations to Get Your Wine Fix on the Central Coast of California

It’s been nearly two decades since “Sideways” put the Central Coast wine scene on the map, but like a fine pinot noir, the area has only improved over the years. There are dozens of spots between chic...

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Modesto - local's restaurant?

by Ed Snate 20 years ago

I've been told that there is a restaurant in or near Modesto that the Gallo family has a permanently reserved room at. I understand that the restaurant is located near some railroad tracks and may...

Seafood restaurant near LAX

by Cynthia 20 years ago

Anyone know of a good seafood restaurant within 20-30 minutes from LAX???

San Diego with kids

by Steve 20 years ago

We like authentic Mexican and other ethnic food, seafood, and California cuisine. Our kids like burgers, hotdogs and pizza. Any recommendations for inexpensive-to-moderate restaurants around San Di...

Best fish tacos in san diego area?

by ron 21 years ago

i'm going to be in the san diego area 1/14-1/21 and plan to eat lots of fish tacos, since they're nowhere to be found in new york city, where i live where are the best ones? some bonus question...

How to Buy Artichokes

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

The Green Globe variety of artichoke is king in Castroville, California. Here are a few tips for choosing the freshest and best ones at your grocer. They should be heavy when you heft them in th...

Curtis Winery food-and-wine-pairing events

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

I also posted this on the Los Angeles Board, because the activity of visiting the Central Coast wineries is such a great weekend activity for Los Angelinos. But, since the wineries are north of Sa...

Lunch at the Roxy - Fresno

by Ed 21 years ago

Two weeks ago we made a new discovery worth reporting, just getting around to it. One of the places to go in Fresno if you want a bit of choice is the shopping center at the southewest corner of ...

Road food on way to Yosemite

by gordon wing 20 years ago

Any favorite stops on the way to Yosemite NP from the SF Bay Area? Either 140 through Merced or 120 through Oakdale would be appreciated. There's gotta be some gems out there - (Hope)

Santa Ynez/Santa Maria Wine Picnics

by kathleen 20 years ago

Does anyone know of particularly good sources for picnic lunches in Santa Barbara County wine area? We will have three days there and know which wineries have nice picnic areas, but are unsure whe...

Modesto Soul

by george osner 20 years ago

Through last summer I'd been getting my 'Q fix occasionally at the itinerant BBQ stand that set up in front of "the green store"--one of those little mom 'n pop markets in the older neighborhoods n...

Pinot Provence-Costa Mesa

by Kit H. 20 years ago

Maybe this should be included in L.A. Board? Anyway, lunch at Pinot Provence was delightful. It's located in the Westin Hotel. It used to be that when you thought of a restaurant in a hotel the ov...

The Wool Growers Los Banos (Basque)

by Ed 21 years ago

The trip from the Bay area to Fresno is one of the great unsolved problems of life. There is an almost physical necessity for a meal somewhere in the course of it, and no really compelling places ...

Vegetarian with atmosphere in OC or SD

by Robin 20 years ago

Looking for somewhere nice to take vegetarian friends to dinner. Any cuisine will do, and the menu doen't have to be EXCLUSIVELY veggie. I just don't want to end up somewhere where they have a cho...

Help - birthday dinner in Redlands!

by Lexi 20 years ago

Looking for atmosphere as well as quality food...Is it possible? Thanks

28 in Sacramento

by Marilayne 20 years ago

Just had a most wonderful dinner at Twentyeight in downtown Sacramento. Starters were fresh oysters from Oregon with a mignonette sauce and ahi tuna tartare served with pea shoots and a mustard she...

CA 99 from L.A. - Bakersfield - Sacramento

by Benji 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend some decent, inexpensive roadside eats along this route through Central California? My time is limited, and I can't really stray from the freeway too far, but would really like...

Eats near San Diego Marina? [San Diego]

by Michele B 20 years ago

I will be in San Diego over Memorial day weekend. I am staying at the Sherton in the marina. It says that it is near the Gas Lamp District and Seaport Village. Any suggestions for cheap eats, fu...

The Hitching Post

by Ronald Young 21 years ago

I've read about The Hitching Post in Casmalia, Calif., central valley.My mouth waters at the thought of a good steak - since my wife doesn't eat red meat, I rarely make the effort. They specialize ...

Any San Bernardino suggestions?

by Richard Foss 21 years ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for good food in the San Bernardino/Rialto area? The only place I know of is a little Thai place named (I'm not kidding) Thai Place. I found a Korean barbecue in t...

good places to eat w/ kids, mission bay area

by si foster 21 years ago

Need some suggestions for good places to take kids to eat in the Mission Bay area. Will have car. Love Mexican and Chinese. Seafood too! Thanks in advance.

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