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Pinot, Ribs, and the Country’s Freshest Produce: Your Perfect Weekend in Sonoma County

“What grows together, goes together,” quotes Karissa Kruse, president of Sonoma County Winegrowers. The saying—widespread among the region's farmers—applies to the abundance of local produce that can...

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by Valencourte 20 years ago

truth in bread: My job takes me all over the world at all hours. I get a chance to try a lot of cuisines, but to me the basic truth of a place is it's bread. Just bread. Oh, if you want to you c...

Lunch in Modesto

by george osner 19 years ago

Often at lunch, what I'm craving is a good, solid sandwich. The Brighter Side is the place to go in downtown Modesto to fill that craving. TBS is located in an old Flying A gas station (remeber t...

Santa Maria Tri-Tip in Coalinga: Fred Sweeney

by george osner 20 years ago

OK, this is a trick post: Fred Sweeney is not from Coalinga, he's from Arroyo Grande (not Santa Maria). Fred caters a couple of hot-air ballooning events we fly at, including the redoubtable WHA...

Thai restaurants or grocers in Bakersfied

Chowing down in Volcano

by george osner 19 years ago

Volcano, CA, a picturesque spot in the Mother Lode (the historic gold mining country). We trekked up this morning to wander through Daffodil Hill, one of those monuments to the vision of an averag...

Basque food in Reno

by Chuak 19 years ago

Hello fellow choehounds; If you, like me, have been mourning the death of the Basque Restaurant in the Santa Fe, I have recently discovered that the Sunset Grill (down the street from the Pepper...

Reno & Lake Tahoe

by Chuck 19 years ago

I _KNOW_ that Reno and about half of lake tahoe are not in California, ->however<- of you will permit, anybody know of good restaurants, the smaller the better, in and around far east Nevada. than...

Will be at Rancho Valencia Feb3

by Stefany B. 19 years ago

I will be traveling from NYC to Rancho Valencia (North of San Diego) Feb 3 and would be really appreciative of any info about good places to eat dinner. I follow the NYC board religiously and know...

help! eating or survival in vegas

by adamstoler 19 years ago

have to go for business in late january..any recommendations on where chowhounds can honestly eat here? please, no hotels,buffets,or similar joints, and certainly no chains...and if i see the insid...

Coalinga, CA

by george osner 20 years ago

When traveling in the San Joaquin valley, if I don't have any particular recommendations, I look for a promising Mexican spot. These don't always pan out, but I've had a lot of "hits" overall. Th...

Christmas in Palm Springs (or Santa Barbara)

by deborah 20 years ago

I've been having a terrible time trying to find a place to stay over Christmas that meets the following criteria: 1) within 3 or 4 hours' driving distance from LA 2) accepts pets 3) near great f...

Modesto: new Papachino's

by george osner 20 years ago

When Jack Odichio first opened Papachino's on 10th Street in downtown Modesto, I was one happy boy. Lebanese-Mediterranean food was almost an unknown in Modesto, and here was this wonderful place ...


by The Lead Dogs 20 years ago

Welcome to Chowhound Starship Mellencamp. Bob(TM) has added features that will make these boards much more convenient to use. We'll let most of them be pleasant surprises, but there are two thing...

Bakersfield, CA Recommendations?

by george osner 20 years ago

The recent posts on Basque in Bakersfield remind me that I will be attending a conference in Bakersfield in about 3 weeks--anyone have any other "must-munch" recommendations?

Nice restaurants in Yosemite

by Larry 20 years ago

We will be in Yosemite for 4 days. We already know about Erna's but are looking for other restaurants for lunch and dinner. Oakhurst and Awahnee areas are OK too. Thanks


by Barry Strugatz 20 years ago

Just want to list some of the chow highlights of my recent drive down the coast. Thanks to all who gave me tips. In Oakland: As per web(kennel?)master Bob Okumura. Terrific Vietnames...

Fish Market in Long Beach, CA?

by Heather 20 years ago

Can anyone guide me to a place to get a wide selection of seriously fresh fish? I have tried "special ordering" Opakapaka at Bristol Farms, but not surprisingly they tried to convince me tha...

Lake Tahoe

by Dave Feldman 20 years ago

Anyone have any eating ideas for Lake Tahoe (or in a pinch, Reno)? Going there for a week and I have a feeling I'll get desperate for good eats of any kind.

Big Sur

by Barry Strugatz 20 years ago

Are there any good, kid friendly places in or near Big Sur? Thanks.

Maria's Taco Shop--Modesto, CA

by george osner 20 years ago

Well, hey, I DO like Mexican food, and Maria's is the genuine article. This is a very busy spot, near the Freeway (Hwy 99, on Orangeburg Ave. at the Briggsmore interchange). Great food and ge...

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