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Nearly 25,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled

In an official statement on Aug. 31, the USDA announced a recall of nearly 25,000 pounds of raw beef products from American Beef Packers, Inc., a Chino, California-based beef producer and distributor...

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Santa Barbara bachelorette dinner?

by Jennifer 19 years ago

A group of 5-10 women is taking a bride to Santa Barbara for the weekend. Any suggestions on a unique, nice place for dinner before an evening out on the town? I would like to make this a memorab...

South Lake Tahoe

by AM 19 years ago

We'll be spending two nights there, any recommendations? Ideally, something romantic but casual. Of course, good food is the first priority ;) Thanks!

Redlands - great mexican

by Rhonda 19 years ago

La Costa on Colton has terrific food. Cheap, great service, casual atmosphere. People, this is THE best salsa you have ever had in your life. They specialize in seafood dishes, but the Carnitas ...

Palm Springs restaurants: please help

by Sam 19 years ago

I shall be driving to Palm Springs on Saturday, 3 March. Please post recommendations for good food, date shakes, etc. in Palm Springs.

Santa Barbara--Earthling Bookstore/Buenos Aires Cafe

by Harmony 19 years ago

Hi, everyone. I apologize for posting a non-food related question here, but many of you seem to be knowlegable about the Santa Barbara area. I grew up in Ventura and used to love to go to the Ear...

Decent Bakersfield Dinner Spot-Can You help?

by Duke Dee 19 years ago

Mexican-Italian-California? centrally located? suggestions appreciated.

Patterson, CA: Blues Cafe

by george osner 20 years ago

Anyone familiar with Central California will probably regard Patterson as a backwater. Patterson, however, has some of the best coffee to be had in the middle of the state. The Blues Cafe is ...

Villa Creek in Paso Robles

by K.McB 19 years ago

I felt it was my chowhound duty to rave about the best meal we had on a trip to the West Coast in the autumn. Kind of an early Californian/Mexican/Ranchero style, with lots of grilled meat and mol...

Best Gaslamp Restaurant in San Diego

by Lox 19 years ago

I would like to take my mother out to dinner in the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. Although I grew up in San Diego, I really am pretty naive about the Gaslamp district, which is a relatively recent...

Fort Bragg

by Michael Kossen 19 years ago

We will be spending three days in Fort Bragg next week. Any recommendations for breakfast or dinner in town, or nearby?

Food and hotel in San Diego/Laguna Beach?

by Karl 19 years ago

Hi all, I'll be flying into San Diego for the weekend and driving up to Laguna Beach. Any recommendations for food or hotel accommodations in that area? Thanks, -Karl

acorn meal bread

by Connie Crothers 20 years ago

Does anyone know where to get acorn meal bread made from a traditonal recipe?

la super-rica

by kevin 19 years ago

anyone know what the daily specials are for each day at la super-rica in santa barbara. and do they serve seafood dishes there too or not?

Super-Rica in Santa Barbara

by Leslie Brenner 19 years ago

Finally made my first visit to Super-Rica. Of course I had to try Super-Rica Especial--grilled poblanos with grilled marinated pork, cheese, and corn tortilla. Very tasty--a great introduction. ...

Two suggestions on 14 north of Lancaster

by John Z 19 years ago

In Rosamond about 5 miles west of Highway 14 (4417 Rosamond Blvd)is Villa Basque Restaurant. 805/256 4182. The ususal Basque, plus super french fries. Near Ridgecrest say three miles south on th...

Know an amazing Big Sur/Carmel Caterer?

by Andrea 19 years ago

My fiance and I are getting married in the Big Sur area next summer and need to reserve a caterer as soon as possible. The catch is we live in New York and won't be able to taste test until AFTER ...

Road food on the way to Oregon

by Anne Emry 19 years ago

Just back from the annual pilgrimage to in-laws in Portland, OR. We had some good luck in the dining department that I thought I'd share. Black Bear Diner (several locations, we went to Willows ...

Modesto: a Mediterranean dinner

by george osner 19 years ago

I've written about Papachino's on this board once before; it is a fairly regular lunch stop, but we haven't made it by in the evening for dinner for some reason. Last night we remedied that oversi...

orange county eating

by adamstoler 20 years ago

please i really need help this time...no chains...no trendy or stuffy places...just good food...like fish, any type asian, tasty non-fajita joint mexican...also san diego and/or tijuana(really!) re...

Need a cheap hotel in/near San Diego

by Amanda 19 years ago

Hi all - thanks for reading! I am looking for a cheap place to stay in San Diego from Nov. 23rd to Nov. 28th - I have surfed the internet and found some decent prices - but I was hoping that someo...

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