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Squid ink in Calgary?

by KitchenBella 10 days ago

Hey YYC food nuts. Has anyone seen squid ink around lately?

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Where to buy good cottage cheese?

by tklow 16 days ago

I’m on a quest for good cottage cheese in Calgary. I haven’t been able to find a consistently good brand in years. Da...

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Griottines in Calgary?

by karenjanejordan 2 months ago

Does anyone know where I can find Grittiness in Calgary. L'Epicerie used to carry them but they went out of business.

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Cascara/ coffee cherry tea in Calgary?

by YYC_Patissier 2 months ago

For the last few weeks, I have been loving the Starbucks Cascara latte, which is the dried skin of coffee cherries th...

Quality meat direct from farmers - where to get in/around Calgary?

by Planet2 5 years ago

Hi everyone, For a longest time I've been trying to procure reliable food sources for my family in Calgary which w...


Pearce commented 3 months ago

Calgary....Any Good Gourmet Food Stores

by Sunny 13 years ago

Hi! Does anyone know of any gourmet food stores in Calgary? I heard that Debajis was good but it doesn't seem to ex...


TeresaSpinelli commented 4 months ago

Pure black food colouring

by pudinmirk 5 months ago

Hello, I'm looking for black food colouring in Calgary that is just colouring. Michaels has black, but they al...


mtnbearw commented 5 months ago

Where to find Agar Agar in Calgary

by MaxineJ 6 years ago

I'm using a tiramisu recipe that calls for gelatin but I want to use a vegetarian substitute, I've heard Agar Agar ca...


pudinmirk commented 5 months ago

Store in Calgary for sauerkraut crocks

by Beamer15 1 year ago

Hi, I'm looking for a new store that I heard of that sells crocks for making pickles and sauerkraut. Has anyone heard...


Linze commented 5 months ago

Portuguese egg tarts in Calgary

by Office Broccoli 8 years ago

Does anyone know where to find portuguese egg tarts in Calgary? I just got back from Macau and need a fix...


Linze commented 5 months ago

Frozen entree

by ladybugs65 6 months ago

We are away on holidays before Christmas arriving home the evening on December 24. I would love to put together a ...

vanderb commented 6 months ago

Burger near saddledome

by petemare 7 months ago

Is there a burger restaurant/pub just north of saddledome? Thinking of a place on main floor of a high rise condo, bu...


hsk commented 7 months ago

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Where can I buy chocolate pearls in Calgary?

by suzie000000 8 months ago

Does anyone know where I can buy edible chocolate pearls in Calgary?

PieHole YYC... All-Butter Pie Crust- with crunchy "croissant-like" texture??

by sweettoothyyc 8 months ago

So, for Canadian Thanksgiving here in Calgary, I want to make a Sour Cherry pie. We have this place in our city calle...


meerastvargo commented 8 months ago

Heirloom tomatoes in Calgary?

by puppyears 8 months ago

hi there, i'm wondering if anyone knows of a store that is selling heirloom tomatoes in calgary. we were able to...


tibbles commented 8 months ago

Vietnamese in Calgary NE

by bauskern 9 months ago

We are flying in to Calgary to start a vacation to Glacier & Banff. Our first night we will stay @ a hotel near the ...


bauskern commented 8 months ago

Hog butchery at home?

by Viro13 9 months ago

Not sure if i am posting in the correct place, but i am looking to buy a pig and butcher it at home. Our kitchen h...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 9 months ago

Downtown YYC - Hot Dog stuffed into a half baguette place.

by piano boy 6 years ago

I used to work downtown and loved that place. Anyone remember it on the corner of Stephen Ave and I think Centre St.?...


fodiecalgary commented 9 months ago

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Boxwood Closing

by tibbles 9 months ago

Today (Aug 13) is the last day for Boxwood, apparently a new resto will replace it in the fall. A victim of the econo...