Cake Pans

Cake pans come in every size, shape, and material. Ask Chowhounds which ones you should stock your kitchen with, and discuss your favorite brands.

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Cake pan with removable bottom??

by LisaM 15 years ago

There's a recipe I'd like to try for a citrus chiffon cake, which calls for an "angel food cake pan with a removable bottom." I don't have one of those. The instructions after baking are strange:...

Silicone cake pan problem

by zora 16 years ago

I tried out one of those new silicone bundt pans tonight--got it at Sur La Table. I have been pleased with my silpat. I thought nothing was supposed to stick to this material. Well, guess not. I ma...

switching cake pans

by foodfirst 16 years ago

I'd like to make a favorite cream cheese and lemon-frosted carrot cake, usually baked in a nine-inch tube pan, split in half, and frosted like a layer cake, in a 9 x 11 or 9 x 13 -inch rectangular ...

cake pan question

by efdee 16 years ago

A pound cake recipe that I want to try says to pour the batter into two 6-inch tube pans. First, what's a tube pan? Second, could I just use a regular 9" cake pan instead?

cake pan for 35-40 people

by balki 17 years ago

Hi - I need to make a cake for 35-40 people and have no idea what size cake pan I should get. Any help would be appreciated. Also, any creative ideas for another type of dessert would be great too....

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