Cake Pans

Cake pans come in every size, shape, and material. Ask Chowhounds which ones you should stock your kitchen with, and discuss your favorite brands.

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cake baking pans

by midtownDiner123 11 years ago

are my non-stick springform pans the reason my cakes are really too crisp on the edges? if so, can i get a suggestion on pans that won't cause this problem? i'm going to get an oven thermometer...

Can you help me avoid a bundt cake disaster?

by mrhein 13 years ago

I recently purchased a Williams Sonoma fleur-de-lis bundt pan, and a few of the bundt cake mixes to go with it. (I had never made a bundt cake before, so wanted to stick with mixes before branching...

Should I downsize my bakeware? Things I should add?

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 5 years ago

I am moving and thinking about downsizing a bit, especially if some duplicate/redundant items can be replaced with things I need. I'd love suggestions for things to get rid of and things I should g...

Round cake pan - help please!

by pumpkinspice 5 years ago

I feel a little silly asking this question but here goes. I do not own a round cake pan so never have I made a layered cake. I have a William Sonoma gift card and I would like to purchase a (or two...

Cakes suddenly sinking in middle

by willownt 5 years ago

I recently bought a Kuhn Rikon push pan, and have used it to make about four different cakes, including ones I had previously used. They included a sponge cake and a chocolate butter cake. //Every/...

Baby Shower Cake Using the Nordic Ware Gingerbread Cake Pan

by lukfam 5 years ago

I want to make a cake for a baby shower using the Nordic Ware gingerbread cake pan as the center of the display. I will probably make it chocolate or vanilla. Can anyone provide me with any links...

Swapping cake pans - risky or foolproof?

by fleenshop 5 years ago

I'm an occasional baker looking through recipes for one to make tomorrow. I don't have a full selection of cake pans. If I keep to the same total square area, is it pretty foolproof to sub in diffe...

What 'size' recipe for Wilton cake pan?

by lilaki 6 years ago

Hi CH-ers, I'd like to make a 'train' cake for my son's birthday. One of the local stores rents specialty Wilton cake pans. The instructions that comes with the pans say to use one box of any ...

Need to rent or borrow 3 9" square cake pans

by Roxxie1 6 years ago

Just found out I need to make a wedding cake and it needs to be 9" square -three layer - does anyone know where I can rent them or borrow them? Thanks!

Cake pans and stand mixers

by Cakegal 9 years ago

Would like to know if anyone has recommendations on brand names of good quality cake pans that professional bakers use? I only have access to Wilton in my neck of the woods but would like to know ...

Round cake pan recommendation?

by arvi 7 years ago

I'm new to baking layer cakes and would appreciate recommendations for a set of round cake pans. I usually bake cakes in Pyrex, so not sure what to look for in a metal pan.

Baking in a 4 inch cake pan

by beebrianne 7 years ago

Hello! I am baking a "smash cake" for my daughter's first birthday. I am not an experienced baker, so I'm looking for some advice. I am currently searching for a banana cake recipe, and was won...

Best cake pan that isn't Chicago Metallic?

by Violatp 7 years ago

At this late date, I've realized that my good cake pans are in storage in San Francisco. I can't really afford to replace them, but I do need three 9x2 pans. Most standard cake pans at big box ...

I overfilled my cake pan..is it going to be ok?

by Teraesa22 9 years ago

I overfilled the bottom tier 10"x3"(probably like 3/4full instead of 1/2). Should I pull it out of the oven and start over?or.... Is it just going to take longer to cook? I am going to have to tri...

Springform Pan substitute

by Lorry13 7 years ago

I really want to make this chocolate hazelnut torte from epicurious http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Chocolate-Hazelnut-Torte-10876 but it requires a springform pan. Given I have a ...

Should I get a deeper cake pan or just get a third same size cake pan

by UnrealCaker 7 years ago

Some recipes I'm looking at like this one http://allrecipes.com/recipe/black-forest-cake-i/ call for 3 layer cake, I only have 2 cake pans so I was thinking I found a cake pan in a store that ...

New Cake Pan

by randyjl 7 years ago

I bought a new non-stick bundt cake pan. It is a dark finish. The two cakes I have baked came out very dark. Should I reduce the temp and cook longer. Help!

Changing cake pan sizes

by kavikat 7 years ago

My go-to chocolate cake recipe is the Double Chocolate Layer cake from Epicuirious (with a few tweaks!). I always make it in the 2 10" round pans called for. But instead of layers, I want to make...

Looking for Cake Pans

by Philly Ray 8 years ago

My daughter's birthday is on December 23rd and I'm starting to get tired of visiting chaotic and crowded bakeries so close to Christmas to get her birthday cake, so this year I thought I would bake...

Help with cake pans

by jljohn 8 years ago

I want to get some cake pans and start baking a little. Other than a pair of 6" round x 2" tall pans, I don't have any pans. I've read that a good all-purpose set is a 9" round, an 8" square, and a...