Cake Pans

Cake pans come in every size, shape, and material. Ask Chowhounds which ones you should stock your kitchen with, and discuss your favorite brands.

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Cake Pans?

by Kathryn Callaghan 19 years ago

I've finally had it with my lousy, rusting ekko cake pans. I'm ready to invest in some great quality round pans. I hate non-stick anything. I always line the pans, so sticking isn't an issue. ...

8" Cake Pans

by arielleeve 3 years ago

I've been doing a ton of research and can't come to a conclusion about the best metal cake pans. Looking for 8". Cook's Illustrated recommends the Nordic Ware, Serious Eats the Fat Daddio. Some thi...

Cheap baking pan question

by Duane70515 2 years ago

I want to bake some pies for our local first responders. I want to use some cheap single use pans. Does anyone have an idea how to adjust temperature and cooking time so pies don't burn? I use glas...

Cake pan size question for the bakers

by tcamp 2 years ago

One of my food goals is to bake more cakes in 2020. I've been totally inspired by the beautiful cakes being made here. However, I plan on gifting the cakes to friends who are single or small famili...

Round cake pans vs springform pans

by E_M 10 years ago

What are the advantages of a round cake pan compared to an equally-sized round springform pan? Thank you.

Cake pan size question - 8 inch vs 9 inch for almost flourless cake?

by hotknife 3 years ago

i am making a gateau au chocolat fondant au nathalie (link attached) - it calls for an 8inch cake pan. i have a 9 inch cake pan. the recipe is mostly eggs, butter, sugar and chocolate - there is on...

USA Pan vs Nordic Ware

by starzzz 3 years ago

Looking to purchase a few baking cake pans. Any thoughts how USA Pan compares to Nordic Ware

Parchment paper along with butter and flour in a cake pan?

by Thanks4Food 9 years ago

Could someone explain to me why so many recipes tell you to butter and flour a cake pan and then line it with parchment paper? Why would the butter and flour still be necessary--at least on the bot...

Induction with baking pans

by StripesWaterkat 4 years ago

I'm planning a buffet meal for friends and testing my first induction burner. I'm getting used to it, but of course aluminum pans won't works with it and I can't afford expensive 100 dollar steel p...

WS goldtouch or regular USA baking pans?

by Pirendeus 6 years ago

I'm aware that both pan lines are made by USA Pans...but is there a difference other than the color and the cost? Has anyone owned both and can give a good comparison? Or has anyone experienced any...

Baking a Cake - One Pan or Two?

by SallyCinnamon 14 years ago

I have a recipe that says to pour my prepared batter into two 9" round cake pans...if I have a really deep 9" cake pan can I just pour it all in that and then cut it into two layers after. Will it...

Help! My cakes pans are stuck together!

by dost 11 years ago

I have two 9" rounds, one stuck within the other... Any tips or tricks for releasing? Thanks! Solved! Finally got a knife in the lips, and pried them apart! Whew! Saved!

Change of Baking Pan Size & Type Question

by eenie1 5 years ago

I want to make a chai-spiced banana bread I usually bake in a 9X5 loaf pan in either an 8X8 square or and 8 inch round or 9 inch round spring-form pan. My hope is then to half it, fill it, and fro...

ISO Sheet Cake Pan

by DuffyH 6 years ago

I like my 9 x 13 Emile Henry ceramic pan, but it's sides slope quite a bit. Is there another pan that is less angled? I still want to be able to use my bench scraper to cut brownies and such, and d...

Nonstick OXO Pro vs. USA Pan

by DLovsky 6 years ago

Maybe I'm late, but I recently (2 months ago) found this OXO Good Grips® Pro Nonstick line at the local BB&B with a somewhat higher price tag (of course, it's OXO). http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com...

Cake Baking cookware and tips

by Sri5227 6 years ago

Hi All, I would like to try making the cakes at home. I haven't made them at all till now. I am just looking on which pans and other things I have to buy for making the cake. I would like to sta...

Dented/Scratched Aluminum Baking Pans?

by JayCook 6 years ago

I just received some stuff from Nordicware and some of the items were dented or scratched. Is this normal? I know aluminum is softer but since they are brand new, I expected them to be okay. Is ...

Cookware you're obsessed with...

by nikkib99 7 years ago

I bet some are like me who have a strange obsession with cookware or certain types of it. Looking through your collection, what types of cookware are you unabashedly obsessed? Whilst I have a f...

What pan to bake this cake in?

by pine time 6 years ago

Recipe is for a pina colada tres leches cake, but wants you to use 12 8-oz Mason jars. I want to use cake pans, bundt pan, something more conventional. Just from the 96 oz of the jars, can someon...

Wilton Christmas Tree Cake Pan Help Please!

by Tedmom 14 years ago

I purchased the Wilton Christmas Tree cake pan last year. I was not very successful in making any kind of decent cake in it. Not only could I never get one to stand up when put together, the cake...