Cake Decorating

6 Foolproof Tips for Using and Cleaning Piping Bags

It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing: cookies. You might be participating in a cookie swap or looking to come in first place in your office’s cookie competition. Either way, you’re probably...

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Cake Decorating Suppliers in the Philadelphia Area

by Laura D. 13 years ago

I'm on the hunt for some creative decorating tools, etc. for a cake I need to make in a few weeks. Normally I order most of my decorating instruments online, but I find that I generally get someth...

Wilton Cake Decorating Class Vs. Community Class-- Opinions needed!

by Zidel333 10 years ago

Hi, I'm thinking of taking a Wilton Cake Decorating Class, such as those offered at local Michael's or A.C. Moore's art stores. I found out recently that Fairfax County (VA) Adult and Community Edu...

Where to find supplies for cake decorating?

by chowbeth 12 years ago

Hi, I have a friend coming in from London who wants to start a cake-decorating business. She is looking for somewhere (in NYC or w/in easy driving reach) that would sell baking supplies but special...

Cake decorating book?

by janehathaway 11 years ago

Is there a book that can help turn me into a somewhat proficient cake decorator? My daughter has food allergies so I can't get her birthday cake from a bakery. I still want it to be beautiful and...

Cake Decorating Classes? (Pasadena area)

The Oracle
by The Oracle 11 years ago

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cake decorating class, based on personal experience? I'm not looking for any skill, in particular. The closer to Pasadena, the better. And, the best ...

cake decorating stores

by vbaijnauth 11 years ago

it there any good cake decorating stores in the Albany, NY area besides Micheals and walmart?

Cooking and cake decorating kids classes

by morecake 11 years ago

I was wondering if anybody knew any good kids cooking classes or cake decorating classes? I was looking for classes in Los Angeles but I am only finding the "kids menu" types of classes. I need a m...

Michaels Cake Decorating

by cakesncookies 11 years ago

I would like to enrol in a cake decorating class, but so far I've only heard of Michaels. Has anyone had any experience (good and bad) at these classes? I live closest to the one in richmond hill,...

Searching for a Good Cupcake Recipe for Decorating [Moved from SF Bay Area]

by katmstrange 11 years ago

HI I'm hosting a cupcake decorating party for kids, and am searching for a nice sturdy cupcake recipe, to make it easy for the kids to frost and decorate them. I made a yellow cake recipe that w...

Cake Decorating Classes Auckland?

by jogas 11 years ago

Title says it all really! Does anyone know of any good cake decorating classes instructing the basics but with a slightly more modern / contemporary slant. Thanks Jo

Anyone recommend cake decorating classes?

by Bryan Gros 12 years ago

Looking for moderate to advanced cake decorating classes in the area, or even a bit outside the Bay Area. Spun sugar has a few fondant and gum paste classes. I didn't see much listed at Ramekins...

Cake Decorating Class at Fantes

by chrissy72w 12 years ago

I'm signed up for the beginners cake decorating class at Fantes in March. Has anyone else taken this class? I've never taken a course like this before and was wondering what the opinions were on ...

Cake decorating cookbook/tools advice needed

by eLizard 12 years ago

Could someone recommend a good book for beginner cake decorating? I have a small piping back and some tips.....to give you an idea of my experience, I've only used the star and round tip for cupca...

Cake Decorating Classes

by Mirangela 12 years ago

Does anyibe have any experience taking a good cake decorating class on the mainline? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Cupcake Decorating Kit

by evilalicecorp 12 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find those cake decorating set in downtown Toronto? I've been using those cheap plastic ones from Dominion and I'd like to give decorating pipes a try. thanks : )

HELP with cake decorating

by Tashia 12 years ago

hey ya'll i'm working on my fiancee's grooms cake and i'm trying a new medium i have never used and was hoping someone could give me some tips on applying "gold dust' or luster dust. i just can't m...

Where can I go to take a class on decorating cakes and cupcakes?

by vanity021 12 years ago

I am wondering if there are any places in the Bay Area that has classes to teach me how to decorate cupcakes and cakes. I've been experimenting and doing soe baking at home. I can't seem to decor...

Cake Decorating ? - frosting

by MaryDC 12 years ago

I'm going to attempt to decorate a cake using the Wilton tips, bags, etc. It's a very forgiving audience, so they won't care if it doesn't look perfect. My question is - can I just make any fros...

Cake Decorating: icing/frosting spatulas

by Strangette 12 years ago

Hi, I'm a beginner in the cake decorating hobby so I wanted to ask for advice from everyone on which kind of spatulas to get. It really bums me out when I've made the perfect tasting cake, yet I...