Cake Decorating

Make Some Magic: Bake Your Very Own Unicorn Cake with These Expert Tips & Tricks

You don’t have to be made of magic to make a unicorn layer cake, but you do need a mountain of sprinkles and a flair for the dramatic to create this epic internet-inspired treat (which may just be the...

Sugarsweet bakery in Oakland?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Any 'hound intell on this bakery? No reviews on its google or yelp pages. I was given this beautifully decorated cookie by a friend, but it went missing before I could taste it! Sugarsweet Oa...

Cupcake Decoration - to fondant or not?

by orlybabe 8 months ago

Hi everyone, I’m making chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday on Saturday, and they will be Adventure Time cupcakes - with Finn and Jake’s faces on them. I know the regular way...

Double Chocolate Cake

by kobewright79 10 months ago

This is my second go at this delicious double chocolate cake and my first try on piping rosettes. A few of them didn’t quite turn out as planned but a few definitely did

Butter Cream & Cheese Cream Frosting

by starzzz 11 months ago

I am attempting to make a vanilla sponge Peppa Pig birthday cake for my daughters 3rd birthday. I have the recipe and steps for the cake which includes using butter cream for frosting and decoratin...

Baking supplies in Mexico City

by Masfar 8 years ago

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy supplies for baking or cake decorating. Things like baking parchment, cup cake cases etc. I have tried Superama, Mega and Soriana to n...

Tips for cupcakes with radioactive symbol on top

by RadioactiveCupcakes 2 years ago

I'd like to make cupcakes with a radioactive symbol on top. I don't care how they're done. I'm thinking putting some sort of sprinkles on top could be fun, but probably not very feasible. Please, s...

White vs. yellow cake for layered cake?

by leca 2 years ago

I'm going to be making a 3 layer almond birthday cake, and it will be the first layer cake I've made. Layers will be 8" round x 2" with raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserves in between and...

Ateco piping tips in Toronto

by nazia_1983 2 years ago

Hey bakers! Any insight into sourcing baking supplies, both edible and non-edible (tools, packaging, decorating supplies, etc) would be greatly appreciated. I just recently moved to Toronto and le...

Adding Rose Petals to a Cake

by valadelphia 2 years ago

I'm making this cake over the weekend: http://www.saveur.com/semolina-coconut-cake-with-orange-and-rose-waters-recipe I'm going to skip the fresh rose petals, but I have some dried rose petals f...

Trump cake was an exact copy of cake made for Obama inaugural

by Indy 67 2 years ago

The Trump transition team knew they were copying the Obama cake. When the 2017 baker asked permission to use the photo as inspiration, she was told to copy it exactly. Link to full article: ht...

Pure black food colouring

by pudinmirk 3 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for black food colouring in Calgary that is just colouring. Michaels has black, but they all have sugar in them. And grocery stores only carry a set of primary and neon ...

Should I ice a cake for the first time for guests or just do cupcakes instead?

by helena_rodrigues 3 years ago

I really like baking and I've wanted to ice a cake for quite a while but I'm afraid the cake will go to waste, anyways here's a good opportunity for my to ice a cake and start learning but they say...

Are silver dragees killing us all? (REPOST)

by AnneInMpls 14 years ago

For years, my husband has refused to decorate cookies with silver dragees (those little silver BBs). He always points to the label, which says "for decoration only." Now I hear that California st...

Cheap way of making frosting for cupcakes

by Magreth 3 years ago

Hi, i am trying to open a business of cupcakes in Africa and i have been practicing how to make them and they turn out perfect. The problem comes to the COSTING. Just today i have found out that my...

Icing or Glaze for this Cheese Cake Recipe?

by cgxy96 3 years ago

Hi my sister's birthday is coming up in 2 days and she requested her favorite light cheese cake. But I want to do something a little more special this time, any ideas for decoration or suggestion? ...

Ultrafine silver or gold edible foil

sarah galvin
by sarah galvin 11 years ago

I am looking for the ultrafine gold or silver edible foil used to garnish Indian sweets. Does anybody know where I might buy it?

where to find cake decorating supplies in toronto canada

by lostgirl37 11 years ago

Help I am baking a cake for my husband and I can't find a place in the toronto area where they sell fondant or cake dyes and edible markers.

Natural food coloring, black?

by Quita 12 years ago

I can't find any natural food coloring in black. I am coloring marzapan, which i already made and came out brown like almonds. HELP. i need to make my daughters's birthday cake for this weekend,...

Cake Day 2015

by TorontoJo 4 years ago

My friends and my annual celebration of cake was yesterday. This year we had 9 people and between us, we made 15 cakes. We had 3 stand mixer stations set up and the two ovens going at 7am. All the ...

Asking For Piping Tips Because I Suck At It.

by monavano 4 years ago

OK, so yesterday, DH and I made Guinness chocolate cupcakes with green-colored icing, topped with a Girl Scout Thin Mint. I used a Betty Crocker recipe and took the shortcut of using a BC triple f...