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Cookware Be the first to comment

Ateco piping tips in Toronto

by nazia_1983 3 months ago

Hey bakers! Any insight into sourcing baking supplies, both edible and non-edible (tools, packaging, decorating supp...

Adding Rose Petals to a Cake

by valadelphia 3 months ago

I'm making this cake over the weekend:


valadelphia commented 3 months ago

Trump cake was an exact copy of cake made for Obama inaugural

by Indy 67 3 months ago

The Trump transition team knew they were copying the Obama cake. When the 2017 baker asked permission to use the phot...


Hobbert commented 3 months ago

Pure black food colouring

by pudinmirk 4 months ago

Hello, I'm looking for black food colouring in Calgary that is just colouring. Michaels has black, but they al...


mtnbearw commented 3 months ago

Baking supplies in Mexico City

by Masfar 5 years ago

Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy supplies for baking or cake decorating. Things like bak...


pioneerwoman commented 6 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Should I ice a cake for the first time for guests or just do cupcakes instead?

by helena_rodrigues 7 months ago

I really like baking and I've wanted to ice a cake for quite a while but I'm afraid the cake will go to waste, anyway...

Are silver dragees killing us all? (REPOST)

by AnneInMpls 11 years ago

For years, my husband has refused to decorate cookies with silver dragees (those little silver BBs). He always points...


MC1960 commented 1 year ago

Cheap way of making frosting for cupcakes

by Magreth 1 year ago

Hi, i am trying to open a business of cupcakes in Africa and i have been practicing how to make them and they turn ou...

hill food commented 1 year ago

Icing or Glaze for this Cheese Cake Recipe?

by cgxy96 1 year ago

Hi my sister's birthday is coming up in 2 days and she requested her favorite light cheese cake. But I want to do som...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Ultrafine silver or gold edible foil

by sarah galvin 9 years ago

I am looking for the ultrafine gold or silver edible foil used to garnish Indian sweets. Does anybody know where I m...


Frenie commented 1 year ago

where to find cake decorating supplies in toronto canada

by lostgirl37 9 years ago

Help I am baking a cake for my husband and I can't find a place in the toronto area where they sell fondant or cake d...


TracyMcI commented 1 year ago

Natural food coloring, black?

by Quita 10 years ago

I can't find any natural food coloring in black. I am coloring marzapan, which i already made and came out brown lik...

junglekitte commented 1 year ago

Cake Day 2015

by TorontoJo 1 year ago

My friends and my annual celebration of cake was yesterday. This year we had 9 people and between us, we made 15 cake...


rstuart commented 1 year ago

Asking For Piping Tips Because I Suck At It.

by monavano 2 years ago

OK, so yesterday, DH and I made Guinness chocolate cupcakes with green-colored icing, topped with a Girl Scout Thin M...


dtengmoh commented 2 years ago

US source for edible fine glitter/rainbow dust (not flakes)?

by Scirocco 6 years ago

My cousin in England uses a very fine glitter on her cupcakes all the time and it is beautiful. I can't seem to find...


blakescakes commented 2 years ago

Wilton Cake Decorating Classes at Michael's?

by aching 6 years ago

Have any of you Hounds taken Wilton Cake Decorating classes at Michael's (

Kate is always hungry commented 2 years ago

Cake Decorating Supplies in the Triangle

by rockycat 3 years ago

Where can I go now? My usual go-to store, Papertown on Spring Forest in Raleigh, is no more. Please don't suggest M...


rockycat commented 3 years ago

Cake Decorating Question

by lukfam 3 years ago

I would like to make some cake decorations out of fondant, specifically three dimensional animals. Can I mold these ...

Emme commented 3 years ago

Chowhound-Style Subway Performer - Woman Decorates Cake on the Train

by ninrn 3 years ago Love how ...

ninrn commented 3 years ago

how to decorate cupcakes

by Brooks111 3 years ago

Hi! What are you favorite way to decorate cupcakes? Candy? fruits? Chocolate chips? Do you know any original ways to ...

babette feasts commented 3 years ago