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From Le Cordon Bleu to the Cafeteria: Mihoko Obunai Is Changing School Lunch for the Better

In honor of Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we're celebrating some of our favorite chefs and entrepreneurs. Chef Mihoko Obunai, winner of the Real School Food Challenge, spoke with...

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IKEA - Elizabeth - did someone actually recommend the cafeteria there?

by korgy 17 years ago

..or was it my imagination? i trekked out there today, all the way from Brooklyn, for what i had imagined to be some Scandinavian culinary smogasborg in the form of a cafe - when i got there, i s...

Diners/Cafeterias in Richmond Hill

by kornheiser 17 years ago

Hello, Does anyone know of any great out-of-the-way diners/cafeterias in Richmond Hill that serve greasy spoon fare and have a cozy atmosphere? Cheers, Kornheiser

company cafeterias

by mark grossman 17 years ago

are there any company cafeterias in manhattan that serve decent food and are also open to the public?? also, what are the best salad bars in manhattan??

Cafeteria Siglo

by MAG 17 years ago

Does anyone have the address of this place, which was discussed previously by RST. His post is now inaccessible through a google search as a result of the moderator's recent change on the board. ...

Bishop's cafeterias

by MDubel 17 years ago

As a kid traveling across the country on road trips with my parents, I recall with great fondness stopping at Bishop's chain of cafeterias in the midwest. Hard to say how good they really were (I ...

"Soup Nazis", "Noodle Nazis" and Kong Sing Cafeteria

by Gary Soup 17 years ago

Ever since Jen Maiser's quest yesterday for a big salad, I've been riffing on Seinfeld. I started a thread on the Not About Food Board about Seinfeld and Chow (58 messages and counting). A subth...

Atlanta-Smyrna, Cafeteria La Oaxaquena , Tamales con mole

by steve drucker 17 years ago

This morning at Yahoo yellow pages, I set Atlanta as the location, searched "Oaxaqua", "Oaxaqa", "Oaxaqueno", and finally "Oaxaquena". I got one hit. Cafeteria La Oaxaquena at 1669 Spring Road, S...

mariposa cafeteria lunches report

by felice 17 years ago

Since Yimster's original posting, I have eaten at the Mariposa Cafeteria 4 times. I figure it's about time I write about what I've eaten. First, I should give some advice on how to order. You ca...

Looking for Midtown cafeterias open to public

by jettems 17 years ago

I'm working at 57th and Park and the lunch selections are pretty bad. It's either Wendy's and McDonald's or pricey choices. I'm looking for a cafeteria. A place where I can get relatively cheap ...

corporate dining rooms/cafeterias

by bryanj 18 years ago

friends and i are fighting boredom by eating at each others' workplace cafeterias, and we were wondering if there are any notable places we should try and hit. and yes, sometimes trying to get ...

AT&T Building Cafeteria? near Monroe and Franklin

by Aubergine 18 years ago

Has anyone here eaten there? I tried it today and had a stirfry which may have been OK except for the too sweet red sweet-and-sour sauce... :( There are a lot of options - any feedback on thi...

Speaking of Cafeterias- two food related museum exhibits opening this week

by cypressstylepie 18 years ago

If you haven't already heard, I read in New York magazine that there are actually 2 food related exhibits opening in New York. Horn & Hardart's Automat @ the Museum of the City of New York on 11/...

the institution of the cafeteria

by mark grossman 18 years ago

as a kid, i remember Dubrows, the great cafeteria with a Garment Center location and one in Brooklyn. does anything comparable exist today in Manhattan or the outer boroughs or anywhere in the New ...

Best Museum restaurants/cafeterias

by Flynn 18 years ago

Now that autumn is here (though it still feels summery) my friends and I like to hit the museums on Fifth Avenue, downtown and Brooklyn. Do you have any favorites so we don't have to leave the mu...

Clifton's Cafeteria

by mc michael 18 years ago

In the Langer's thread, Est Nyboer offers the following advice: If so, must counter that it's dangerous NOT to go to Langers, in the midst of a rare part of L.A. with actual street life. It's a ...

Cafeteria Marianao - NW side Chicago

by Sweet Willie 18 years ago

Just had lunch w/a client at the Cafeteria Marianao, located at 2246 N. Milwaukee in Chicago, phone: 773.278.4533 Cafeteria Marianao is a stand up/take out small shop on Chicago's near NW side. C...

fried porky goodness, cafeteria de pancho - logan sq

by zim 18 years ago

"you eat pork right?" are waitress asked us at cafeteria de pancho a cuban/puerto rican spot yesterday at lunch. I'm glad we did cause they have some good pork. some of the pork we tried: ch...

cafeteria lobster roll

by Joanie 18 years ago

We had beach day at work so I tried the $4.75 lobster roll (instead of clam strips or bbq chicken). The guy who makes sandwiches always piles them high and didn't skimp with the lobster. Instead ...

Ashkenazi-style cafeterias

by Joe Beim 18 years ago

Anywhere in NYC or metro NJ where there are cafeterias that serve the eastern european/Jewish faves like luxion koogle (with the cherry sauce), kishka, kasha varnishkes, brisket...and your order pr...

Cafeteria Marianao/Cuban Sandwich (Long)

by G Wiv 18 years ago

Cafeteria Marianao is easy to pass by, just another small building needing a coat of paint on Milwaukee Ave, but, like many things in life, if one takes the time to slow down and smell the roses, o...

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