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From Le Cordon Bleu to the Cafeteria: Mihoko Obunai Is Changing School Lunch for the Better

In honor of Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we're celebrating some of our favorite chefs and entrepreneurs. Chef Mihoko Obunai, winner of the Real School Food Challenge, spoke with...

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Cliftons Cafeteria article

by SIMIHOUND 6 years ago

I just ran across a very interesting historical article about CLIFTONS here in LA. I thought I would pass it along. MODS I am sure I will be scolded for putting this post here so please tell me...

Most memorable cafeteria food

by Chefpaulo 11 years ago

We've all had bad memories of cafeterias (as this topic was inspired by entries on the "We are so spoiled" post), but entering an establishment, picking up a bakelite tray and sliding it along thre...

Cafeteria Food - Universities and Hospitals

by GraydonCarter 6 years ago

A friend in Alabama said her elderly neighbor goes to the local hospital once a week to eat out. I guess it is supposed to be cheap. But we laughed because it really can't be all that good, right? ...

Do you have a cafeteria at work? What's it like?

by fldhkybnva 6 years ago

Google has a pretty impressive cafeteria http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2014/05/lunch-at-google/#more-15698. What's your workplace cafeteria like? I work in a hospital, the pickins' are sli...

Has Fast Food Killed off all the cafeterias??

by MarkG 6 years ago

are there any cafeterias where you live?? do you even know what a cafeteria is??

McDonald's Cafeteria - the "Campus Arch"

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 7 years ago

I've got to ask. It's the cafeteria/restaurant at the McDonald's Global HQ in Oak Brook, IL. Has anyone been there? I've heard rumors that the food there is prepared as it originally was in th...

Good public cafeterias in soulless city buildings?

by Swankalicious 7 years ago

The Lowell City Hall used to have a fantastic one (I haven't treaded to downtown Lowell in a rather long time, though). Any Hounds know of chow-worthy public cafeterias around the region?

buffet or cafeteria style

by freddy_ann 7 years ago

Looking for a buffet style restaurant, and not the Mandarin or Asian- is there anything else in the GTA area -My elderly aunt (old school) doesnt eat chinese food.

Cafeteria (Main and 11th) closed

by Anne M 8 years ago

I was suprised to hear that the last service for Cafeteria, one of the Durbach/Stewart restos, was Saturday, September 15th.

Museum cafeterias

by AdinaA 8 years ago

The Metropolitan Museum cafeteria stocks fresh unpeeled fruit, OU-Dannon yoghurt, and bags of supervised pretzels and chips. Cartons of milk, and that's about it. It also has a salad bar, bow...

College dorm cafeteria food -- which ones are the best?

by ipsedixit 10 years ago

For parents who have been touring college campuses, have you been able to sample the food served by the college dorm cafeterias? About 15-20 years ago, I always thought that Cornell had pretty g...

favorite cafeteria food? morrison's fish almondine

by alkapal 12 years ago

i grew up in sw florida. i recall in the 70's, morrison's cafeteria had a wonderful crispy fish almondine. i've hunted for the recipe and finally located one: http://www.hungrybrowser.com/phaedru...

Cafeteria/Salad Bar Style Lunch in Chelsea

by champt10 8 years ago

Hey, my office is relocating to West 25th between 6th and 7th. The last two places weve worked at, both had cafeterias with all sorts of stations and salad bars. That will probably be the biggest...

Old South Fl Cafeteria Yellow Rice

by DawnT 9 years ago

As long as I could remember, just about every cafeteria in the S Fl area offered a strong flavored yellow rice separate from another entrée such as baked chicken or fried chicken. In some cafeteria...

La maison des pates fraiches (groceries store, cafeteria, catering style place)

by maj54us 9 years ago

You can't go wrong with a fantastic price and a tasty lasagna and a good meat ball. Had lunch there and it was just perfect satisfaction. Total amount? an insane $8.98 http://www.lamaisonde...

Cafeteria Nostalgia: The Bickford's-Foster's Empire

by soupçon 9 years ago

If you are old enough to remember Bickford's Cafeterias in New York or Foster's Cafeterias in San Francisco (I was intimately familiar with both), here's a website that documents all their location...

UC Davis Medical Center Cafeteria...

by bennyboy1 9 years ago

In The new building at the main hospital.....Best value in Sacramento. had the pork loin today, (3.25) and it was MONEY. Java City coffee, bio degradable utensils and plates. Pizza station, Gri...

Looking for a school cafeteria cookie of my youth

by Jimmy Buffet 13 years ago

And we're talking a looong time ago. It was a little chocolate cookie - I'm almost positive it was a drop cookie - with oats and raisins. Oats, raisins and chocolate - probably cocoa - were t...

School Cafeteria Textbook / Cookbook 1962

by Antilope 9 years ago

At Archive.org I found a textbook titled, "The School Lunch" by Marion Louise Cronan, published in 1962. It is a textbook about how to set up and run a school cafeteria. It includes recipes. Schoo...