For this Vegan Food Line, Success Is a Result of Following Your Heart

Veganaise has become a well-known alternative to mayonnaise in healthy cuisine, but its viability as a product was not always a sure thing. The parent company Follow Your Heart started as a seven-seat...

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Vienna Oct 2015, eating at Gasthaus Poschl, the cafe at the Kunsthistoriches museum, Cafe Schwarzenberg, miscellany

by Michaelspont 4 years ago

I am pretty sure I first read favorable mentions of Gasthaus Poschl on Chowhound, so I want to thank those responsible for writing about it, since it was quite convenient to our agenda and location...

Best cafe for people watching besides Cafe de Flore?

by Torolover 4 years ago

What is the best cafe for people watching besides the famous Cafe de Flore? Would love to watch more local, artists or bohemian types rather then tourists.

Cafe Zitouna [San Francisco]

by saffrongold 7 years ago

After a long period of indeterminate closure I was pleasantly surprised to see Zitouna was open last night and crowded at 8:30. They are closed Mondays, as always, and have modified hours of dinne...

Cafe Belong at The Brickworks

by SharkfinSoup 9 years ago

Read about this in that VISA Infinite brochure that arrived with this morning's Globe. I searched The Brickworks site but there's nothing much, a placeholder page saying "opening Spring 2011" and a...

Petit Crenn opens Aug 11

by tre2012 4 years ago

7x7 newsflash: ....(Petit Crenn) a casual, all-day café with Stumptown coffee plus a breakfast and lunch full of pastries and omelettes. The centerpiece, though, is a five-course seafood-focused...

Where to go out in Berkeley?

by ErinRoo 4 years ago

I just moved to Berkeley (a few blocks from Fourth Street, spitting distance from the Gilman Whole Foods) from Jacksonville, FL. I'm 22, female, recently graduated, and work a regular 9-5 locally. ...

Lost in London - CAFE HELP

by Mel21 12 years ago

Hello, I just moved to London from a place where the culture was very much "sit in a cafe, have a coffee, be by yourself, hang around for two or three hours quietly to read and write, we won't b...

Flo Paris

by brucesw 4 years ago

The back story: http://houston.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/07-13-15-with-french-cowboys-help-couple-brings-touch-of-paris-to-houston-bakery-where-everythings-made-from-scratch-1/ 575...

Karma Cafe | Cloverdale - Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Karma Cafe opened two months ago taking over the hidden-from-the-street venue that used to be Underground Cafe. Somehow in the excitement over the buzzed about opening of The Trading Post Market & ...

Spring Water Cafe

by DoobieWah 5 years ago

Hat tip to Lambowner for the recc. 14520 Memorial at Tully, just east of Dairy Ashford. Dropped by Good Friday morning with OtherBrotherDarrell. We were on a Easter dinner shopping trip and he w...

Seek a free quiet place to meet

by miki77 4 years ago

I seek a nice FREE, QUIET place to meet to teach french to one person (possibly more people later). At 2 pm during week for 2 hours. Not a restaurant but rather a cafe. By Free I mean, we get in, ...

Cat Cafes?

by Kat 5 years ago

Greetings All - We'll be visiting Montreal for about 10 days this summer and I know that we, especially the chow pup, will be missing our kitty (he is my avatar; will be happy at home with catsitte...

Where to find a cafe in Honolulu that serves 100% Kona coffee?

by michaelnrdx 4 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a cafe in Honolulu or elsewhere on Oahu that serves 100% Kona coffee--the real deal and brewed properly. I am not interested in buying beans. I just want to drink ...

Homemade pastrami at new Turlock cafe

by annieelf 4 years ago

The Cottonwood Cafe has been long established in Modesto, CA and Oakdale, CA. In mid-May, a new location near CSU Stanislaus was opened. After several visits to enjoy their delicious coffee, I'm ...

Basque Boulangerie Cafe w/open branch in Danville

by tre2012 4 years ago

Diablo Dish reports that "Danville will be the second location of this business that began 20 years ago and is now a much-loved bakery café on the plaza in Sonoma. San Ramon resident and owner Harl...

Cafe Vingt Cinq Moving to ABQ

by finlero 6 years ago

Bad news for Santa Fe, great news for ABQ (and Clafoutis): Cafe Vingt Cinq (aka Cafe 25), the outstanding French bakery cafe, is moving to Albuquerque, on Central right near UNM. Their last day in...

Good hk style cafes in the city

by Blueicus 7 years ago

I'm looking for some good hk style cafes that serve the classics, baked rice, hainan chicken, French toast, milk tea. Preferably somewhere in the city and not far out in the suburbs. Just for lun...

Shout-out to the Style Cafe in the Navy Yard complex, Charlestown

Bob Dobalina
by Bob Dobalina 4 years ago

Little cafe at the end of 8th Street - sandwiches, Middle Eastern and standard, salads, baked goods, smoothies. On Sunday, we had a falafel wrap which was really quite tasty. But the highli...

Best cafe with wifi to do online job hunting?

by foodie360 4 years ago

I'm currently job hunting and am looking for somewhere that I can do so on my laptop with wifi that has a comfortable atmosphere and good food and great tea or coffee that won't break the bank if I...