Can Rum(/Rhum/Cachaça) be Drunk on Passover?

by NateHevens 6 years ago

I'm not talking about the cheap mixing Rums like Captain Morgan and Bacardi, here. I'm asking specifically about Ron Zacapa Solera 23, but any Rum at that level... a good, high-quality sipping r...

I Need Cachaca recipes please

by marlie202 15 years ago

caipirinhas (please let me know of your favorite cachaca recipes-especially for caipirinhas--thanks

First bottle of cachaca--disappointed

by jumpyg 11 years ago

I picked up a bottle of Agua Luca--cool bottle. Opened it up and was disappointed to smell a faint resemblance to tequila, which I do not like. Sipped a little and also was reminded of tequila. I m...

QUICK! How do I open my Pitu Cachaca??

by Furgs 14 years ago

I'm sitting here trying to open my new bottle of Pitu brand cachaca..I unscrewed the top and now there's a clear plastic thingy covering the mouth of the bottle and I have NO IDEA how to open it. ...

What brand of cachaca do you recommend?

by Cinnamon 12 years ago

We've tried a Ypioca, seemed a little harsh. What's a good yet not exorbitant cachaca? Mainly for caipirinhas. Here's a list of various brands: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brands_of_Cacha%C...

Minas Brazilian Restaurant & Cachaçaria [Hayes Valley, San Francisco]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Last week I dropped by Minas Brazilian Restaurant to see the US vs. Germany match. Minas opened six weeks ago, taking over Canto do Brasil’s space and giving it a much needed clean-up and reno...

Liquor stores carrying cachaça in/near Boston?

by GrouchoMarxism 7 years ago

I've started to get interested in cachaça, the Brazilian spirit, after trying the brand 51 (a popular, very cheap cachaça; an aquaintance got a bottle as a gift from a friend), and finding it to be...

Where to buy cachaca

by Caroliso 7 years ago

Is it possible to purchase cachaca locally? It is the main ingredient in the Brazilian cocktial "caipirinha".

Just Bought A Bottle Of Cachaca

by marlie202 15 years ago

Any more ideas aside from the classics-fruits or limes,sugar,ice and cachaca capirnias- Once drank it sraight with a side of ribs at a Anaconda's on St. Mark's-sadly it is no longer there-but stic...

Cachaça Tasting

by kare_raisu 13 years ago

Streetgourmetla caused me to become fascinated with the national spirit of Brazil, Cachaça [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cacha%C3%A7a] after an incredible tasting at his home. Since then I have ...

Cachaca and more.

by raisa 9 years ago

Dear CH, I am pretty ignorant about spirits. Rum has been always one of my favorite due its versatility. A friend is going to Brazil and I asked him to bring me some Cachaca. Now my questions a...

need help choosing a cachaca and a rhum agricole to try (list below)

by SBackes 9 years ago

I'm in PA so my choices are limited....here's what I can pick from: cachaca: Ypioca crystal Ypioca gold Leblon Pirrassununga Pitu Mae de Oro (from what Ive read, I'm leaning towards...

Liqour Stores carrying great selection of cachacas that will ship to CA

by streetgourmetla 9 years ago

I see that there are much better cachaca options in the Boston area due to the strong Brazilian presence. Was wondering if any of these liquor stores would be able to ship to California? The few de...

Dia Nacional da Cachaça

by davis_sq_pro 10 years ago

I just learned, via Twitter's "trending topics" feature, that today is apparently National Cachaça Day in Brazil. Just thought I'd share, for those of you inclined to mix something up in celebr...

Cachaça- Looking for those in the know

by spaghetti o 10 years ago

I'm looking for domestically available cachaça to drink neat and good cocktail ideas (besides the typical caipirinha). So far I've played around with Ypioca and Leblon, but I need some advice as t...

Cachaça in the Boston or South Shore area?

by scorp508 12 years ago

Anyone know of any liquor stores that carry Cachaça in the Boston/Chelsea/Lynn or Taunton areas? Thank you in advance!

cachaça in the westside?!?!

by alkylyou 12 years ago

help please! i'm looking for a place to buy cachaça for tonight! i know they have it at bevmo in torrance, but i can't get there before they close. is there anywhere else more westside convenien...

Cachaca in the Triangle?

by TomV from Raleigh 15 years ago

Hi- I am on the hunt for the Brazillian spirit called Cachaca, it's distilled from sugarcane and is the third most consumed spirit in the world after vodka and soju. Does anyone know if one of t...


by sarah2k 12 years ago

Does anyone know where to you can find a nice, aged cachaca, anywhere in the five boroughs?