Cacao Nibs

Ina Garten’s Favorite Fruit Salad Tricks—Plus, 17 More Ways to Boost the Flavor

Seeing as it is the peak of summer time, we’re guessing that fruit salads are playing center stage in your picnic game. If not, is that because you find fruit salad a bit run of the mill and common...

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Cacao nibs - now what?

by Nyleve 15 years ago

For some reason I felt I had to get these things. Now I'm not sure what to do with them, besides just nibbling on them. Any interesting uses? I mean, besides the semi-obvious use as a textural thin...

best tasting cacao nibs

by ben61820 15 years ago

i love cacao nibs. i started eating them as a healthfood - i ate them only raw, along with some berries or something slightly sweet. this was great. still love it. however, then i started eating th...

Cocoa Nibs arrived

by Just Larry 15 years ago

I read a recent thread about cocoa nibs and also read an older thread about a rustic chocolate bar that had cocoa nibs and crystaline sugar in it. Saturday my nibs arrived and I made my own versio...

Seattle source for cocoa nibs and cocoa butter

by SandraV 15 years ago

My local Met Market didn't seem to have these and I need them to finish the Veil Peanut Butter Ice Cream dessert that was in Bon Appetit recently. Anybody know where in Seattle (or Bellevue) I can...

ISO cacao nibs

by lidiab 15 years ago

Im test driving a recipe this weekend for a dinner party, and one of the ingredients is cacao nibs. Can anyone tell me where i can find them, preferrably in the downtown core. thanks lb

ISO: Cacao nibs

by philtersweet 18 years ago

I've checked Whole Foods and gourmet stores in my nabe (Hell's Kitchen) but couldn't find cacao nibs. Anybody spotted them elsewhere? thanks!

cocoa nibs

by lynn 18 years ago

couldn't locate a recent thread on hot chocolate (don't like the new chowhound search), but someone on that thread talked about steeping cocoa nibs in milk. i tried it, and it was great. the goo...

Why are cacao nibs so !?&%@ expensive?

by GG Mora 18 years ago

I just got turned on to cacao nibs & went shopping on the net to buy them in "bulk" for baking. I was stunned at the price. For example, on the Scharffenberger site, a 6-oz. bag of nibs is $8.00, w...

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