Cabernet Sauvignon


Spring Mountain Winery selection - Help please!

by jsrpanda 3 years ago

Hello! I have read about a zillion blogs, forums, reviews, etc and need help narrowing down my list of wineries to visit on Spring mountain. I like big cabs/red blends. Trying to decide between:...

Underappreciated Isosceles?

by olasek 4 years ago

Just days ago came across a bottle of 2014/13 Justin's Isosceles - at my local Costco, at $60 I picked up only a single bottle to be careful, never had any Justin wines before. Well, this was the b...

Cab of note

tim irvine
by tim irvine 5 years ago

I rarely drink cab (more of an Oregon PN or sparklers type), but the other day I had a meal that seemed right for it. I'd heard 2013 was quite a year for Napa and I'd always liked Clos du Val's st...

Pro: My husband likes Stag's Leap cab sav. Con: Only, at 45 a bottle

by shanagain 5 years ago

My husband has always proclaimed he's "not a wine guy" but at a recent function he learned the perfect symbiosis of great steak + a good cab sav. The problem is that he likes this ONE cabernet an...

Best California Zinfandel or Cab $10 and under?

by violet42 9 years ago

Hello, Posting once again about searching for a wedding wine. I'm a pretty big wine drinker and am picky, but for my wedding I'm stuck with a $10 or under per bottle budget. What are your curr...

need a good cab for this weekend

by sparkareno 6 years ago

I am going to a BBQ. ..they got some nice prime rib eyes and I am bringing wine. Recommendations please in the $20 or under range (and yes I know that won't get me the best ) and must be easy to...

Where is the price point where cabernet sauvignon improves immensely?

by gfr1111 8 years ago

I believe that as you go up the scale in price, wine improves, but in diminishing amounts. For example, the difference in quality between a $25 cabernet sauvignon and a $20 cabernet sauvignon is m...

Sonoma Wineries - Looking for some suggestions

by burlappy 6 years ago

I'll be staying overnight in Sonoma, CA (the town, specifically) for one night in early March and I'll really only have one full day to visit wineries. I'm looking for suggestions on wineries that...

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