Prefer to bring your own booze when dining out? Ask Chowhounds for tips on the best spots in your area to pack in beer, bubbly, and more.


Looking for a BYOB (St-Henry) for office dinner

by Maximilien 2 years ago

We're looking for a BYOB in the St-Henry area for a office Christmas dinner for about 25 people. We don't have a lot of food restriction, so something at least vegetarian friendly. For example, ...

Legal BYOB restaurants in the Boston MA area

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

I thought I'd start a new thread to list restaurants in the Boston area that LEGALLY permit BYOB, since the last thread is quite old. Please don't post the name of a restaurant that lets you do ...

Ethiopian Cafe -- Legal BYOB in Jamaica Plain (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

***To my knowledge, this is currently one of only three legal BYOBs within Boston city limits.*** ETHIOPIAN CAFE (legal BYOB) 377 Centre St Boston, MA 02130 (b/t Sheridan St & Creighton St in...

Looking for a non-Italian BYOB

by Bigley9 2 years ago

I am looking for a non-Italian BYOB suitable for a pescatarian as well as omnivores. I am considering: Perla, Sate Kampar, Cadence and Bistro la Bete. Any thoughts? How's the ambiance?

Rehearsal dinner in Bucks County area

by kirashka 3 years ago

Looking for a place to hold a rehearsal dinner in Bucks County area (around 40 people). Our hotel is in Doylestown, but we could go to New Hope, Newtown, Richboro, upper NE, or surrounding areas. ...

300 Saratoga Cafe, legal BYOB (East Boston, MA)

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

LEGAL BYOB IN EAST BOSTON!!! I've now been to 300 Saratoga Cafe (East Boston MA, across the street from Rino's) twice, and sufficed to say, I enjoyed both meals. Especially the meatballs, whi...

Luna - Korean on rue Rachel

by lagatta 3 years ago

Have any of you been to this restaurant on Rachel in the Plateau? https://tastet.ca/2018/11/19/luna-restaurant-coreen-plateau/ I remember a longstanding byow at this address; towards the end any...

Sam's Kitchen, Italian BYOB (Woburn MA)

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

HOW DID I MISS SAM'S: An Italian byob in Woburn MA I would have sworn that I knew every single legal (or no-so-legal) byob restaurant within an hours drive of Boston. But a wine buddy found Sam...

Best French restaurant in Ontario I can bring my own wine?

by newtothegame 3 years ago

Normally I'm a wine pairing tasting menu type - it's my favorite way to dine, BUT.. I was given some 2005 GrandCru Bordeaux wines as a gift many years ago and they have been patiently ageing... bu...

Korean BBQ in Fort Lee/Pal Park? BYO?

by Tubulus 3 years ago

Recommendations for best korean BBQ in the area, and also a suggestion for ones with BYO. Other korean recommendations welcome too. Thanks!

BYO + Veggie options

by endhits 3 years ago

I have a vegetarian friend coming to town and want to do BYO and vegetarian. Seems like from searching around that does not exist, so have settle for BYO with veggie options. Other than Indian, any...

BYOB, what's the law? (LA restaurant question.)

by PeterL 10 years ago

I am posting here because there is a discussion at a different web site regarding the legality of bringing your own bottle to a restaurant. Seems there is a restaurant in LA that would let you BYO...

Bamboo Bistro | Corona del Mar

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

A couple months ago I had a chance to try Bamboo Bistro in Corona del Mar for dinner. It's operated by the third generation of the family that owns the famed Brodard in Garden Grove. Besides Vietna...

Wedding venues query

by sonniu 4 years ago

Hi, Are there any venues outside of community centers that allow you to bring your own alcohol?

BYOB for a non-restaurant business?

by AlyssaSchafer 4 years ago

Does anyone know if you can operate as a BYOB if you do NOT have a restaurant license? We will be having food trucks at the facility but not hold out own license. Does anyone know if it's legal to ...

Philly eats

by Latinpig 4 years ago

Bringing my son to college next week and I am looking to explore the food scene. I have a reservation at Zahav but would love an Italian recommendation and a steak house option. Finally, I am a w...

Need Rec Center City BYOB preferred

by ElaineL 4 years ago

Haven't been following the Philly food scene for a while. Looking to celebrate our anniversary in Center City in September. Would prefer BYOB but open to reasonably priced wine lists as well.

Arpeggio reopens

by cwdonald 4 years ago

Arpeggio has reopened in a larger space in Spring House, near where the new Amazon Whole Foods, and Starbucks are going up. It really is a beautiful space, the menu has expanded. Those of us in th...

Baril (Rittenhouse Square, Philly)...Weekend in Philly, Part 3

by BostonBestEats 4 years ago

PRIVATE DINNER WITH CHEF GEORGES PERRIER AT BARIL (Rittenhouse Square, Philly) (Posted on my blog, so forgive the history lesson lol.) I came back to Philly for a long weekend specifically t...

First time in Seattle!

by wineaux 4 years ago

Heading to Seattle from Chicago next week for 6 days to visit our daughter who just moved there. Looking for local (not touristy) restaurants in West Seattle (where she lives) or in the Port Towns...