What Is Bulletproof Coffee & Is It Actually Good for You?

Like green juice or a wheatgrass shot, bulletproof coffee is both a beverage and a lifestyle statement. A mixture of coffee, butter (sometimes ghee), and coconut oil (or MCT oil), this cult favorite...

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Interesting thickening agents

by lucia 17 years ago

I'm the kind of cook who wings it a lot, mostly based on experience, and I'm really interested in understanding the properties of ingredients. You can almost categorize cuisines by the thickening...

Butter in sticks

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 6 years ago

Just moved back to Toronto after living in the US for a few years. I was at No Frills the other day (Lansdowne/Dundas) and I couldn't see any butter in sticks. I think there might have been salted ...

Butter mochi

by Monica 9 years ago

I discovered a dessert called butter mochi recently while browsing my favorite food blog and i want to try making it this weekend. It really sounds woderful and tasty as I love chewy texture. Any...

Terrible frosting. (greasy, bubbly bad looking)

by kamranhagh 6 years ago

After leaving cooking i've made cupcakes again after like 2 years! the cupcake turned ok but the frosting is a nightmare(not sure if i ever made good frosting before anyway!) Heres what i did...

Can I get Echire butter in Houston? If so where?

by emcex 7 years ago

My friend recently tried this Echire butter and said it was amazing. A search on google also indicates many people love this brand of butter for it's amazing taste and smoothness. Does anyone know ...

Canning Peach Butter

by lulubelle76 6 years ago

Hello all. I'm a canning newbie. I've had great success with pickles, but my first attempt at peach butter was not so great. I followed a recipe for making crock pot peach butter (cooked on low ...

Oils and food sticking to pan

by chowhormones 6 years ago

I have a cast-iron pan which I love and use for everything, but sometimes my food sticks to it. I recently changed from olive oil to peanut oil just for fun and so far, food has not stuck. My quest...

Buffalo Butter

by stricken 13 years ago

What's so special about buffalo butter? I saw it in WF and since I love Buffalo mozzerella so much, I decided to grab some. What should I do with it?

Where can I buy Meadowvale creamery butter

by foodyy84 6 years ago

Hey guys, where can I find this butter: Meadowvale Creamery Butter. Back in January, bought one from Costco, after that, could never find it again. Tried several Costcos. My wife luvs this butter. ...

Lactancia Butter sticks

by mammab 7 years ago

I've been searching high and low for Lactancia and My Country butter sticks since December. The dairy manager at my IGA told me he was told by Parmalat that their "machine was broken"! I called Pa...

Trying to make butter; overprocessed the cream--what next?

by elk 6 years ago

OK, it was my first attempt ever at making butter from cream, using a Vitamix. It was hard to be sure when exactly to halt the machine and remove the mixture, and unfortunately, the stuff reliquifi...

Pie crust puzzle

by SkimD 6 years ago

Hello all, So here is a puzzle for ya all (or I-really-really-desperately-need-some-help). I recently moved to Vietnam, where it can get to 36, 37 Celsius. Since moved here I have found that ...

Who sells Fond O Foods Allgau German butter in San Francisco?

by spigot 8 years ago

I used to buy Fond O Foods Allgau German butter at Whole Foods but it's been out of stock for a month or two, so I am guessing they aren't carrying it any more. Amazon's out too. Does anyone kno...

Butterup Knife

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

Who has one? http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogId=10451&langId=-1&categoryId=11470&parent_category_rn=11470&productId=199171&keyWord=Butterup%20Knife&purpose...

Can I use butter instead of Ghee?

by acdashw 6 years ago

I'm making a dal recipe that was incredibly delicious the last time I made it (http://www.food.com/recipe/indian-lentil-soup-dal-shorva-132397) The recipe calls for vegetable oil or ghee. I pref...

Baking question QUICK Help

by bxgirl 6 years ago

When the instructions say to "butter the pan", I have always taken the stick of butter and coated the pan with it. I am wondering, since I will be using a fluted pan, if I can melt the butter, and...

Your go to fat?

by carrytheone 6 years ago

My top five in order of use: Vegetable/Canola blend Butter Bacon fat Olive oil Ghee I just ran out of my blend and filled my trusty bottle with peanut oil.

Why are sticks of butter long and skinny in the East, but short and fat in the West?

by seamunky 7 years ago

Don't know if this was ever discussed or posted before, but in case you have been wondering. . . http://www.marketplace.org/topics/business/ive-always-wondered/why-are-sticks-butter-long-and-ski...

Amish Butter?

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

A friend and neighbor recently turned me on to a butter called (and/or marketed as) Amish Butter. Not only good, but ASTOUNDINGLY good. Vibrant yellow in color (yellower than the "Irish" and "Eur...

Kerry Gold butter? Best Cdn brand butter avail in BC?

by Georgia Strait 9 years ago

question about Kerry Gold butter - can we get that up here? I looked at my neighborhood Super valu but couldn't see it - therefore bought some at the Safeway in Lynden the other day (i know it's ve...

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