What Is Bulletproof Coffee & Is It Actually Good for You?

Like green juice or a wheatgrass shot, bulletproof coffee is both a beverage and a lifestyle statement. A mixture of coffee, butter (sometimes ghee), and coconut oil (or MCT oil), this cult favorite...

Who uses Brown(ed) Butter, and What In?

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

Wahine saw something on TikTok that caused her to ask me to make browned butter for a simple sauce. It was 2 sticks of butter browned and mixed with 1T of soy sauce and 1t of fresh lemon juice. P...

I need your experteses in cheeses - grilled cheese help please

by PeanutButterJelloTime 5 years ago

Make no bones about it, I am English and we are not the experts in grilled cheese. What I need to know is: for the outside of the bread, do I use butter or mayo?

Half cup of butter

by 3MTA3 2 months ago

Creaming sugar for Ginger bread, how many ounces is a half cup of butter ?

Freezing a compound butter (with uni)

by Amandarama 8 months ago

I know that you can freeze compound butters, but I am thinking about making one in a couple weeks with some uni. Uni typically shouldn't be frozen as it compromises the texture. However, I would ...

Bordier Butter pre-order by 4/28 for delivery 5/19 to SF and South Bay

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

"Demat! All of Frenchery.com's Bordier butters are exclusively Handmade-To-Order. When Bordier receives your pre-order, he will include it in his production schedule and handmade it before it ge...

Imported Beurre au Sel--Better AND a Value??

by kaleokahu 12 months ago

OK, as a kid, my mom always bought double-salted butter when we were in Canada. We all loved the taste. Fast forward 50 years. On a trip to France as a... relic..., I rediscovered BaS and othe...

Hard Butter?

by mtskeeter 11 months ago

I just read about some Canadian's experience recently with their butter being hard and not spreadable at room temperature. This may be due to palm oil components making its way into the food chain ...

Butternut squash ravioli problems

by mushroomaffairs 1 year ago

I made this ravioli last night with browned butter sage sauce but I had a lot of problems with the pasta. I followed the video below because it seemed to me the most simple and basic whereas other...


by mike0989 1 year ago

Looking for a backup butter recommendation. I have been using Straus, but avaiablity has been spotty recently here on the Central Coast. Any favorites that I should consider?

Ellen Straus’ Pie Crust Recipe

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Sharing the rich pie crust recipe from the matriarch of the Straus family . . . if you can't get Straus butter where you're located, you'll need to find a substitute that matches the 85% butterfat ...

Japanese Butter Tableware

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Some interesting designs of butter knives/scrapers and butter cases found in Japan.

Disappointed in higher end butters flavors: Tillamook and Plusgras vs. LoL, Stew Leonards/store brands

by mushroomaffairs 1 year ago

Last weekend, I bought Tillamook and Plusgras butters which I was really excited to try. Last year I bought a bunch of Land O' Lakes European style butters and was very disappointed because it did...

McFeeter's Honey Butter

by purrbollina 16 years ago

Anybody know if this product is still being made & who carries it? Kind of a retro product but still nice on toasted breads.

Toast, rediscovered...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

A medication I am taking right now requires that I have it with a little food. So, I began making a piece of toast in the morning. And you know, I like it. I have rediscovered how good toast with a...

Bottom of poundcake “dented”

by kktantique 1 year ago

Hi, I baked a pound cake 2 weeks ago using a recipe which called for melting the butter instead of creaming it. The cake turned out perfect - moist, nicely shaped and all. However, I attempted t...

Substituting ghee for butter in BAKING

by sequins 14 years ago

In equal proportions or not? And is such substitution ever a bad idea? I'd be interested in its effects on, say, chocolate cake, cornbread, pie crust.

The Milkman Cometh - Moreda Family Farms Delivery to Sonoma and Marin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Petaluma's Moreda Family Farms is bringing back the milkman with home deliveries to Marin and Sonoma counties. In addition to its own cream-top, organic pasteurized milk from grass-fed, pastured co...

Butter, Lard & Tallow... Yum, Yum!

by kelvin_of_ranard 2 years ago

How many Hounders have switched from margarine/veggie oil to animal-fat cooking, and found substantial taste improvement in your food? Are you following a ketogenic or LCHF diet and thriving, or n...

100% Grass-fed Butter?

by beverlybetterbutter 2 years ago

Living abroad in Ireland has completely spoiled me on butter, and ever since returning to the states I've been searching for butter that is 100% grass-fed (Kerrygold is not 100%/has GMO feed, and i...

Anchor butter

by Fritz 2 years ago

has anyone found a source in NYC for Anchor butter unsalted from New Zealand?