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Butcher Dario Cecchini outside of Florence

by Scooter22 10 days ago

Hi, I will be staying outside of Arezzo the first week of July. I saw a butcher named Dario Cecchini has a shop just...

divinacucina commented 7 days ago

Where to buy veal chops/steaks in East Bay?

by damian 14 days ago

Does anyone know where one can buy veal chops/steaks (t-bone, ribeye, etc.) in the East Bay?

nicedragonboy commented 11 days ago

Gambrel & Co [Redwood City]

by mr_darcy 3 years ago

A new butcher in Redwood City - anyone been? http://www.gambrelandco.com/

ssfire commented 13 days ago

Has Anyone Ordered from Omaha Steaks?

by tomaneng 10 years ago

We have to get a food gift for a couple who are both homebodies and hardcore grillers. Is it worth it?


rapture commented 15 days ago

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Pape Meat Co | Millbrae

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Until this week, I'd never managed to darken the doors of Pape Meat Company even though it was founded in 1958. I was...

Veal Sweetbreads

by creuben 2 months ago

I have searched and searched for a butcher that sells fresh veal sweetbreads for sale in the LA area. Any recommenda...


love2cookLA commented 2 months ago

Best Place to Buy Ground Lamb in Chicago? Preferably NW Side

by NShewmaker 3 months ago

Hey All, I have really been interested in taking a stab at lamb burgers (and meatballs), but I've never bought any...


weeze1 commented 2 months ago

Desperately seeking meat in Allentown

by tigerracing 4 years ago

I just moved here from Seattle and am at a loss to find some place to buy all the varieties I am so used to. I am loo...


lucciano commented 3 months ago

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AJ's Chevron Market, Natural Foods & Car Wash in Soquel

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

This summer I had a chance to grab a bite twice at AJ's Mart in Soquel. Located in the Chevron station and car wash, ...

Meat Cutlets: Any butchers in TO that will tenderize/flatten meat for you?

by palmolive 3 months ago

I've heard from a friend that some Italian butchers in Vancouver offer as service to customers to tenderize meat purc...


eatravel commented 3 months ago

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British Bacon and Sausages

by dtm323 3 months ago

Where can I order real traditional highest-quality British meat, especially bacon and sausages? Thanks in advance!

Marlon's Meats has a new location

by franpelyk 3 years ago

For all of you suggesting on other posts that they have made a midnight dash and disappeared, might I suggest to you ...


rharssar commented 4 months ago

Moving to Boston - starting list of interesting shops for cooking

by honkman 11 months ago

We are moving soon from San Diego to Boston and just went to Boston to find housing and schools and know now that we ...


Madrid commented 4 months ago

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Good Food Shopping in (or close to) Southern Ocean County?

by katydid13 5 months ago

I'm moving back to NJ (my home state) after several years in L.A., and would love Chowhound recs for any good and rea...

What do people recommend at Bud's Meats?

by sfbing 8 years ago

Am planning on a pilgrimage to Bud's Custom Meats in Penngrove. What do people recommend getting there? Bloody Mary t...


Malcolm Ruthven commented 5 months ago

Fresh Sonoma Chivo from Carniceria Contreras (Santa Rosa)

by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

Two weeks ago I tried my hand at cooking goat, that is, chivo from Sonoma County. I bought the hindquarter from Carn...

Melanie Wong commented 5 months ago

In Search Of Stuffed (rolled) Turkey Breast

by MikeR 5 months ago

Has anyone run into this in a local market this season? I used to get it at Trader Joe's, but they aren't stocking it...

hill food commented 5 months ago