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Need a spot for a business dinner? Get recommendations from Chowhounds for the best restaurants in your area, and ask questions about the seating capacity, cuisine, and ambiance you need.

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Need rec for business dinner near financial district

by Chao Hound 17 years ago

I am going to be in SF in a few weeks to conduct some meetings and would like to have a repertoire of a few reasonable places to take people to dinner. I'm looking for reasonable prices (less than...

Business dinner for 12---Bonita Springs, FL

by Amy G. 17 years ago

We are a diverse group of 12 looking for recommendations for a business dinner in the Bonita Springs area for the week of October 19. Any and all suggestions welcome!

Need ideas for business dinner with decent vegetarian options

by Dave 17 years ago

I'm trying to come up with a place to bring about a dozen people for a thank-you dinner. Peter Luger was suggested, but several of the people are Indian and do not eat meat. I'd like to find a p...

best bets for business dinner in Seattle

by madziast 17 years ago

Any recommendations? Cascadia? 727 Pine (Gourmet mag's choice)? Wild Ginger appropriate? Metropolitan Grill any good? any suggeestions and comments welcome... thank you!

Business dinner for Katerina in NYC

by Moyn 17 years ago

In the posts below, I don't see anyone suggesting THE Forge on Arthur Godfrey Road as a possibility for your European style dinner. This is "old world" opulence at its finest, the food is very goo...

Business Dinner Near PGA Resorts -- Recos Needed

by at203 17 years ago

Hi there -- My coworker has to plan a private business dinner within driving distance from the PGA Resorts. This is a Wall Street crowd. Anyone with regional expertise have any suggestions? ...

Please help! Need festive business dinner venue in Miami Beach

by Katerina 17 years ago

Dear South Florida hounds, help me in my predicament. I am NOT familiar with Miami at all (live in NYC). I'll be attending the ASTA convention in Miami in late October, and need your help with th...

Business Dinner Advice

by Carol 17 years ago

I'm in charge of arranging a business dinner for myself and 5 others in Manhattan. I've been told that dinner should be done in "exceptional" fashion. We aren't entertaining clients so I just nee...

Help - Business Dinner near Disneyland

by Gary 17 years ago

Hi About a dozen people who work for the same company I do are coming to a convention in Anaheim in September. We would like to go out to a fun / casual resturant with good food not to far from w...

Business Dinner in San Diego

by Divamac 17 years ago

I regularly book business lunches and dinners for my company Board of Directors in the Pacific Beach-La Jolla-University City areas. I need help! I'd love some recommendations for mid-to-upscale pl...

Business dinner

by Rickshaw Chris 17 years ago

Looking for a "trendy" downtown restaurant with good food to take a "big client" to on the Monday after July 4th. 6:30-7pm reservations. Any suggestions?

Charlotte- Good place for Business Dinner

by Sadler 18 years ago

Hey y'all! I'm looking for a good place fto have a biz dinner for about 20 people. Need good food, extenive wine list but more fun than snobby. Price is not a problem!

Business dinners in downtown Seattle

by Charlie in SF 17 years ago

I will be spending some time in Seattle in the next few months and am looking for restaurants in the downtown area that would be condusive to a quiet evening of dinner/drinks/conversation. I'd lik...

Business Dinner in around Union Square

by Guy 17 years ago

I need a good place to have a business dinner around union square that is not too loud and allows for some privacy. Not looking for a scene place. I was thinking of going to tocqueville, would th...

looking for a resturaunt for a business dinner

by hb 17 years ago

Hi....I'm going out for dinner with my boss and a client in mid May. I'm left to pick the place! I dont want a stuffy place, something chill, with good drinks and great food. Cost isn't an issue...

Business Dinner

by MAG 17 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions for a business dinner. The guests are tax attorneys in their mid-30's to mid-40's, many of whom are probably suburbanites. We will be setting out from 227 W. Monroe (M...

Where to have a business dinner in Philly (please no steak and no BYOB!)

by Julie 17 years ago

I have a business dinner coming up in Philly. Where's a good place to go that has great food, decor that is not ridiculously over-the-top (knocks out Morimoto), and prices that will not give my ho...

St Louis business dinner for six

by George 17 years ago

We will be attending a conference in downtown St Louis May 1. Six people from our firm will be together that evening for dinner. Any suggestion where the food is good and we can discuss the day's e...

Help! Business Dinner in Montreal

by Healy 17 years ago

I am planning a business dinner in Montreal. I was planning on L'Express (we have a boisterous crew), but they are booked for the date I need (early April). I am looking for a similar resturant (pr...

business dinner recommendation

by Peter 17 years ago

I have a business guest in town who I would like to invite for dinner and drinks. Since she is from out of town she is looking forward to an "LA" experience. Any recommendations for this kind of di...

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