Business Meal

Need a spot for a business dinner? Get recommendations from Chowhounds for the best restaurants in your area, and ask questions about the seating capacity, cuisine, and ambiance you need.


Favorite Business Outdoor Dining Spots during COVID

by sktenney 11 months ago

Taking an author out to lunch or dinner anywhere in DC. Looking for a restaurant having very good vegetarian food along with a more formal atmosphere in an outdoor setting...this is hard! I am no...

Lunch @ Beast & Bounty | Midtown - Sacramento

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

In February 2019 I had a thoroughly enjoyable business lunch at Beast & Bounty. Fortunately, my colleague was game to share plates and we loved every bite. The name and menu concept is meant as...

Group staff dinner

by sybilstrum 1 year ago

Suggestions please for 28 person group traveling in from NY Sunday night. Wine & Beer a must. Somewhere in city. Trying to avoid Burgers. Thanks in advance!

Business dinner near Hyatt downtown with low noise levels

by zerodosage 2 years ago

I am looking for a place near (or a short cab ride, if nothing works), Hyatt downtown to entertain some business contacts. We will have some work conversation so we are not looking for anything lou...

Good place in DC Chinatown for private event?

by jal41 2 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to have a not too formal business dinner on a Friday night--probably 20-25 people in attendance? Thanks!!

Corporate Dinner in Atlanta - Need Advice Please

by marik25 3 years ago

Members of our company will be attending a conference between March 31 and April 2, 2019 in Atlanta, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Looking to host a corporate dinner for up to 40 people, id...

Group dinner with work colleagues-Chicago

by linus500 3 years ago

I am arranging a dinner for about 8 work colleagues in Chicago, and am looking for the right place - not too loud, but not too hushed, relatively close by cab to our hotel, and have come up with a ...

Fun upscale dinner recommendations for Westside office party?

by Dr. Confoundo 3 years ago

Hi everyone! I've been tasked by my boss to find a location where we can have an office holiday dinner for about 10 people. (Not sure how I lucked into this, but so it goes.) Do you have any sug...

Business Dinner in New Orleans

by marik25 3 years ago

Would be interested in hearing opinions on venues suitable for a business dinner in New Orleans. Preference for somewhere near the Hyatt Regency on Loyola, as that’s the location of a conference th...

Group of 7 or 8 from South Africa... fairly quiet, not top-tier pricing

by erica 3 years ago

I have great friends coming from South Africa this month. I want to do them right, as they have asked me to choose a place for a semi-business dinner. We need someplace on the quiet side so ...

Steak in the Triangle (Again)

Tom from Raleigh
by Tom from Raleigh 4 years ago

I have an upcoming business dinner. I'd like to eat in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, but would consider Derm. I'm looking for steak. I like a ribeye and fries would be nice. I don't want to pay north of...

Dinner next Wednesday with clients

by CookbookQueen 3 years ago

Looking for restaurant recs for dinner for 4 next week. 2 of us with 2 clients. Cost is not an option, but would like to skip places like Alinea, etc. Have considered Nico and Siena Tavern, but hav...

Business Dinner In/Near Thousand Oaks?

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

Hi, I'm entertaining a European client after business meetings in TO next week. I need suggestions for a nice, convivial place with upscale food. My preferences run against chains and stripmall...

Casual Business Lunch - DowntownPittsburgh

by Augie6 4 years ago

Looking for some recommendations/suggestions for a "business" lunch meeting during the week. Now,,, I am not taking a client to lunch or trying to impress the person(s) attending, but the attendee...

Private Room Yonge & Dundas

by Mushka 4 years ago

I am looking for a private room to host a business dinner meeting for about 12 on a Sunday night. Yonge/Church and Dundas area preferred. Adega is closed on Sundays. Thanks for any help you can pr...

Orange County Convention Center - Business Dinner for Group of ~20 people

by jmp 4 years ago

I am looking for a good restaurant to have a business dinner for a relatively large group of about 20 people. Preferences would be within walking distance of the Orange County Convention Center (a...

Need walking distance from Sheraton Dallas

by citygrrll 4 years ago

Hello all! Will be in town for a business conference in mid-Sept. at the Sheraton Dallas on North Olive Street. I'm needing a place to take about 12 of my reps (mostly a 50+ yr old crowd) that's...

Lunch for 8-10 near Palais des Congrès de Montréal

by lukecage77 4 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant to host a gathering of 8-to-10 next Monday for a business lunch. Nothing too fancy but good food is always appreciated. Any recommendations?

Seattle trip -- thoughts wanted

by Disneyfreak 4 years ago

Hi all! I'm heading to Seattle on business at the end of this month -- Memorial Day weekend. Haven't been to Seattle since 2012! On that trip I had dinner at Hitchcock, Staple and Fancy, Spinasse ...