Burger King

Your guide to Burger King: Our community weighs in on openings and closings, best dishes on the menu, and general feelings about the fast-food chain here.

Can You Eat Keto at Fast Food Restaurants?

Are you in ketosis right now? If you’re not, you probably should be. The latest and greatest of the low-carbohydrate, high-protein (and fat) diets continues to sweep the nation, as would-be beach bod...

Has the Whopper Jr. shrunk?

by tastyjon 11 years ago

I try to avoid the chain burger places, but there's a BK near my place and every now and again, I need a quick bite. The Whopper Jr. was always a slightly smaller version of the signature sandwi...

Burger Kings in Israel selling an Adults-only Valentine's Day meal

by EM23 4 years ago

Bizarre promotion! The meal includes 2 Whoppers, 2 packs of french fries, 2 beers and an adult toy.

veg poutine in toronto

by helenhelen 13 years ago

i have been on a poutine binge ever since i got back from montreal. best veg poutine i have had is of course still in la belle province, but i've sought out some of the veg poutine joints i've hear...

Does Mc Donald's and Burger King use Real Beef

by nbermas 13 years ago

and If so who uses better beef and how does it compare to a good burger joint that is know for excellent burgers? I got very very ill from green meat from a bronx fast food burger joint 6 years ag...

What is up with Burger King?

by Ed2014 6 years ago

What is going on at Burger King? Have they given up? Currently they are pushing those nasty "chicken" nuggets and using that freakish looking Burger King mascot. What were they thinking when the...

YouTube Kids App Faces New Complaints Over Ads for Junk Food

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...The lines between marketing and advertising are often blurred, the groups said in their complaint. They asked the F.T.C. to investigate what appeared to be promotional videos by YouTube creator...

Boooooo McDonald's

by jrvedivici 6 years ago

Well according to McDonald's there is no hope for world peace. http://time.com/4011090/burger-king-mcdonalds/

Where did all of the Burger King's go in the Southbay area?

by Clinton 6 years ago

Most or all of the Burger King's have either closed or been replaced. The one in Gardena will now be an In-N-Out and the other one in Torrance is now a Coffee Bean.

What is the point of rolling out a franchise wide program when it finally hits a location and staff is untrained or knows what to do about it?

by stevejrogers 6 years ago

I know I'm talking about a fast food chain, and I do empathize with employees whom probably haven't gotten much information from corporate, but the bottom line is, I've been out 10 bucks to this Bu...

When is Burger King going to realize that their fries SUCK?

by joe777cool 12 years ago

I just dont understand it, 9/10 people I talk to cant stand them! That coating on the outside is SO unappealing!!! I can think of only 1 coated french fry that I enjoy....I believe they are the s...

BK's Chicken Nuggets Officially SUCK!

by PotatoHouse 6 years ago

Last week I was running some errands and in a moment of weakness and need to nosh, I stopped by Burger King (I was driving by anyway) and blew $1.50 for ten nuggets. They were flat (think half the ...

Burger King: Black "Kuo" Burgers. Is it for you?

by Chemicalkinetics 7 years ago

It is probably not the most updated news, but it may be new to many of you. Burger King has launched these Black hamburgers in Japan. They look like this: http://telecincostatic-a.akamaihd.n...

Burger King's Yumbo is back

by monkeyrotica 7 years ago

After a 30 year hiatus. I vaguely recall trying one as a kid, but can't recall whether it was any good or not. http://www.bk.com/menu-item/yumbo-hot-ham-cheese-sandwich

black burgers and other limited-edition and novelty items at fast-food establishments

Robb S
by Robb S 7 years ago

The kuro-pearl and kuro-diamond (black pearl and black diamond) burgers debuted yesterday (9/19) at Burger King Japan. Both burgers are served on black buns made with added bamboo charcoal, using ...

Burger King May Purchase Tim Hortons

by LotusRapper 7 years ago


Burger King to unveil new "satisfries"

by Firegoat 8 years ago

http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2013/09/24/burger-king-french-fries-satisfries-fast-food-restaurant-industry-mcdonalds/2854243/ Crinkle cut fries with less fat and calories than the...

Burger King shows support for gay rights with 'Proud Whopper'

by linguafood 7 years ago

Lovely. I mean, I *still* won't eat that crap, but I like the concept. And can't wait for the outrage & boycotts :-D

Burger King Burger - Kind of Gross

Gypsy Jan
by Gypsy Jan 8 years ago

Hard to believe, but I have never eaten at a Burger King before today.] It was close to our bank/post office/other places we had, si we chose it based on convenience. I ordered the Chipotle b...