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Burger King

Your guide to Burger King: Our community weighs in on openings and closings, best dishes on the menu, and general feelings about the fast-food chain here.

Has the Whopper Jr. shrunk?

by tastyjon 9 years ago

I try to avoid the chain burger places, but there's a BK near my place and every now and again, I need a quick bite. ...


webbiefresh commented 20 days ago

Burger Kings in Israel selling an Adults-only Valentine's Day meal

by EM23 2 years ago

Bizarre promotion! The meal includes 2 Whoppers, 2 packs of french fries, 2 beers and an adult toy.


Multifoiled commented 2 years ago

veg poutine in toronto

by helenhelen 10 years ago

i have been on a poutine binge ever since i got back from montreal. best veg poutine i have had is of course still in...


helenhelen commented 2 years ago

Does Mc Donald's and Burger King use Real Beef

by nbermas 10 years ago

and If so who uses better beef and how does it compare to a good burger joint that is know for excellent burgers? I ...


Scarecrow commented 2 years ago

What is up with Burger King?

by Ed2014 3 years ago

What is going on at Burger King? Have they given up? Currently they are pushing those nasty "chicken" nuggets and u...


gfr1111 commented 3 years ago

YouTube Kids App Faces New Complaints Over Ads for Junk Food

by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"...The lines between marketing and advertising are often blurred, the groups said in their complaint. They asked the...


beevod commented 3 years ago

Boooooo McDonald's

by jrvedivici 3 years ago

Well according to McDonald's there is no hope for world peace.

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 3 years ago

Where did all of the Burger King's go in the Southbay area?

by Clinton 3 years ago

Most or all of the Burger King's have either closed or been replaced. The one in Gardena will now be an In-N-Out and ...


90024 commented 3 years ago

When is Burger King going to realize that their fries SUCK?

by joe777cool 9 years ago

I just dont understand it, 9/10 people I talk to cant stand them! That coating on the outside is SO unappealing!!! ...


51rich commented 3 years ago

BK's Chicken Nuggets Officially SUCK!

by PotatoHouse 4 years ago

Last week I was running some errands and in a moment of weakness and need to nosh, I stopped by Burger King (I was dr...


51rich commented 4 years ago

Burger King: Black "Kuo" Burgers. Is it for you?

by Chemicalkinetics 4 years ago

It is probably not the most updated news, but it may be new to many of you. Burger King has launched these Black ham...


seamunky commented 4 years ago

Burger King's Yumbo is back

by monkeyrotica 4 years ago

After a 30 year hiatus. I vaguely recall trying one as a kid, but can't recall whether it was any good or not. htt...


Boston_Otter commented 4 years ago

black burgers and other limited-edition and novelty items at fast-food establishments

by Robb S 4 years ago

The kuro-pearl and kuro-diamond (black pearl and black diamond) burgers debuted yesterday (9/19) at Burger King Japan...

Robb S

Robb S commented 4 years ago

Burger King May Purchase Tim Hortons

by LotusRapper 4 years ago


ospreycove commented 4 years ago

Burger King to unveil new "satisfries"

by Firegoat 5 years ago


greygarious commented 4 years ago

Burger King shows support for gay rights with 'Proud Whopper'

by linguafood 4 years ago

Lovely. I mean, I *still* won't eat that crap, but I like the concept. And can't wait for the outrage & boycotts :...


greygarious commented 4 years ago

Burger King Burger - Kind of Gross

by Gypsy Jan 6 years ago

Hard to believe, but I have never eaten at a Burger King before today.] It was close to our bank/post office/other...


jpc8015 commented 4 years ago