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The best casual Mexican and Vietnamese in Glendale/Burbank/Hollywood area

by pbjluver 6 years ago

Two NY'ers will be visiting sunny and warm LA next weekend. ISO the tastiest Mexican and Vietnamese restaurants for a very casual, moderately priced delicious dinner. We both love spicy food. Ar...

Visiting Burbank/NOHO area

by ivy1017 6 years ago

I'll be visiting for a week this summer and looking for some good cheap places to eat which are family friendly. I'll be staying near the Bob Hope airport, and can travel a little ways if needed (...

Grits around Burbank

by cartbaby 6 years ago

Chow emergency. Where does one get grits or southern breakfast around Burbank or nearby

Two highly rated Burbank/Glendale restaurants...

by manku 6 years ago

Was in the neighborhood twice last week, so I decided to give these places a try, both at lunchtime: 1. Adana Restaurant. A NYT writer raved about this place a while back. A non descript midd...

Family friendly in burbank area

by sgilliga 6 years ago

Hi all, I'm traveling to LA in March with my 2 1/2 and 5 year old kids. I would appreciate any suggestions for family-friendly but also really tasty restaurants (especially from other parents)....

Quenelle (Burbank)

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

Good ice cream, smartly made baked goods, and to top it off you get your choice of "adult version" artisan-style Push-Ups. What more can you ask for? Cooler weather, maybe? https://www.faceb...

Pizza-Pie Drive In, Burbank

by jill 16 years ago

Does anybody else remember this little stand that used to be on Magnolia? A little guy inside tossing his own dough? THAT'S the kind of pizza that I'm looking for...thinnish, chewyish...but crisp...

NYer Visiting Burbank

by tazerowe 7 years ago

I have to spend a week in Burbank for work and will looking to explore, food-wise, having never spent much time in Southern CA. I'll probably be dining alone mostly, and will need places nearby so...

Smoke House in Burbank

by Funwithfood 9 years ago

Someone told me about Smoke House in Burbank, http://www.smokehouse1946.com/. Has anyone been? What do they do well, what poorly? TIA ----- Smoke House Restaurant 4420 W Lakeside Dr, Burba...

Best coffee near Bob Hope Burbank airport

by tx_rls 6 years ago

I've had too much average coffee in LA (groundworks, urth, etc.). Malibu's Cafecito is fantastic. I could go there every day if it weren't so far. Heading to Burbank to the airport tomorrow. I'...

Looking for LA - Burbank. Seafood Recommendations

by crisb 6 years ago

I'm hoping to find a few recommendations for a couple of family members (mom & teen) traveling this week to the LA area. They are staying in Burbank but willing to look outside that area. Ideally ...

Ikea's Annual AYCE Crayfish - Friday, 8/15: Burbank

by WildSwede 6 years ago

Sorry this is late, but the AYCE Crayfish dinner at Ikea is taking place on 8/15. Two seatings: 3:30 and 6:30 (the late seating is sold out). I have it on good authority that there were still ticke...

There ARE good restaurants in Burbank!

by RaeRenee 13 years ago

So I know there's already a thread that is mostly on this -- http://www.chowhound.com/topics/55109 -- but the title makes it look like food in Burbank is terrible, and the thread was started back i...

Commonwealth Restaurant - Burbank

by Servorg 6 years ago

Please forgive me if this has already come up (I did a quick search and didn't find any reviews/mentions) but this restaurant, Commonwealth http://restaurantcw.com/ was reviewed in the new issue of...

Any Mexican restaurants that serve Goat? (Glendale/Burbank)

by chow_rk 7 years ago

I remember eating some nice goat roast in Mexico... so wondering if there are any mexican restaurants that make goat dishes...near Glendale / Burbank Thanks :)

Take out BBQ between Thousand Oaks and Burbank

by Pamplemoose 7 years ago

I've been put in charge of getting take out BBQ for a small party for a Sunday night and I was wondering about great BBQ places between Thousand Oaks and Burbank. Should I make it easy on myself a...

must try food in burbank near studios

by fiestylib 7 years ago

We are heading to LA tomorrow specifically Burbank for the WB studios. Need someplace great to go for lunch. Thank you in advance for ideas!

Lunch - NBC Studios, Burbank, Tonight Show

by Beachowolfe 7 years ago

Parents are in town for the holidays, heading to the Tonight Show taping tomorrow afternoon. Can't find anything much more recent than 2008 via search. Open to pretty much anything except sush...