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Family friendly in Burbank and Santa Monica/Venice Beach?

by nab71 1 year ago

East coasters visiting LA next week. Kids are 9 and 12. Looking for good lunch options near the WB Studio Tour in Bur...

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Top chow in Burbank?

by lsirlin 1 year ago

My husband and I have a social obligation at a comedy club near Magnolia and the 5 fwy at 8pm tonight. We hoped to fi...

Looking for cooking classes in the Pasadena or Glendale/Burbank area.

by DougKopf 11 years ago

Hi everyone. My wife and I are looking for cooking classes in the Pasadena or Glendale/Burbank area. We live in Sunl...


angelenie29 commented 1 year ago

Bridal Shower in LA

by eleague 2 years ago

Hi there! I am an out of town maid of honor and needing to find a cafe or restaurant that could accommodate my s...


BrianShaw commented 2 years ago

Dinner in Studio City/Burbank

by Ms. Verde 2 years ago

Going up to LA midweek to celebrate birthday and visit Universal Studios. I haven't seen much recent activity on the...


katydid13 commented 2 years ago

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Informal, business casual dinner with colleagues in North Hollywood

by kenalex 2 years ago

Hi! I'm new to the community. This weekend I need to take out 6 or so colleagues (whom I've never met) to dinner in a...

Iran Pistachio Burbank Calif. area

by Seasane 3 years ago

Looking for someplace to buy Pistachio's from Iran that is located in the Burbank Area. Thanks ...


Seasane commented 2 years ago

Good lunch near Burbank courthouse?

by katydid13 3 years ago

I have jury service in March & don't know this area at all. Anything good nearby for lunch hour? Anything but sushi. ...


katydid13 commented 3 years ago

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Santoro's (Burbank) [Split from General Discussion: Snow's Clam Chowder Tragedy post]

by chazdesimone 3 years ago

If you're ever in Burbank, California, go to Santoro's. The subs haven't changed since I was a kid 50 years ago. Grea...

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A 2-week driving trip SF to Burbank: 28 meals!

by tre2012 3 years ago

We spent 2 weeks driving trip SF to Burbank, eating our way down and back up again. Retirement is wonderful and our w...

Mo's in Burbank closed?

by eyelean 8 years ago

Drove by Mo's early last night. It was shuttered and dark. Does anyone know if it's closed or just remodeling?


carter commented 3 years ago

Quality Indian Restaurant in Burbank/ Glendale/ Pasadena

by fiche 3 years ago

Looking for suggestions for a Indian (Punjabi/north Indian or south Indian - though I doubt there are a lot of south ...


revets2 commented 3 years ago

Dinner Recommendations for Burbank area

by sportcat 3 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I'll be in Santa Clarita for two nights the second weekend in June. I'm travelling with a group of ...


barryc commented 3 years ago

Great sushi between calabasas and burbank

by FattyDumplin 3 years ago

Bay Area native but will be in calabasas for a meeting next week. Wanted to find a good sushi spot for lunch on my w...


J.L. commented 3 years ago

Porto's Recipe Changes?

by boogiebaby 4 years ago

We picked up some potato balls and ham croquettes yesterday from the Burbank location. I bit into one of the ham croq...


ns1 commented 3 years ago

Great place for lunch place in Burbank?

by foodiemahoodie 3 years ago

I'm heading out there with a friend. We're adventurous eaters - anything would apply. Sherman Oaks and Studio City...


gr8pimpin commented 3 years ago

Smoke House Burbank What to Eat

by sanstonsils 4 years ago

Wondering if anyone has been lately and what is the best order, any category really, just looking for the smartest or...


mikester commented 3 years ago

Empanadas - Win for Burbank

by fullmix 6 years ago

Just found an oddball "food find" in Burbank, of all places. Fresh baked empenadas in the back of a liquor store on ...


MagnoliaGardens commented 4 years ago