Dinner Recommendations for Burbank area

by sportcat 6 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I'll be in Santa Clarita for two nights the second weekend in June. I'm travelling with a group of four colleagues to a conference and have at least one pescatarian in the group; ...

NYC Chowhound in Burbank 1/24-26

by Emilymartha 3 years ago

Attending a conference and definitly don't want to eat at the hotel!! Would love to book two dinners. Love california wine....and quality ingredients. Nothing to fussy! Checked boards and most post...

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Family friendly in Burbank and Santa Monica/Venice Beach?

by nab71 4 years ago

East coasters visiting LA next week. Kids are 9 and 12. Looking for good lunch options near the WB Studio Tour in Burbank (walking distance a plus since we have to pay to park there). Also spending...

Top chow in Burbank?

by lsirlin 4 years ago

My husband and I have a social obligation at a comedy club near Magnolia and the 5 fwy at 8pm tonight. We hoped to find an early meal nearby but so far... nothing. Is Burbank truly a culinary waste...

Looking for cooking classes in the Pasadena or Glendale/Burbank area.

by DougKopf 14 years ago

Hi everyone. My wife and I are looking for cooking classes in the Pasadena or Glendale/Burbank area. We live in Sunland. We know how to turn on the stove. We have gotten past burning water. We can...

Bridal Shower in LA

by eleague 4 years ago

Hi there! I am an out of town maid of honor and needing to find a cafe or restaurant that could accommodate my small bridal shower event. There will be between 10-15 guests. I'm looking for ...

Dinner in Studio City/Burbank

Ms. Verde
by Ms. Verde 5 years ago

Going up to LA midweek to celebrate birthday and visit Universal Studios. I haven't seen much recent activity on the site for this area. I am wide-open for types of food, but prefer to avoid supe...

Informal, business casual dinner with colleagues in North Hollywood

by kenalex 5 years ago

Hi! I'm new to the community. This weekend I need to take out 6 or so colleagues (whom I've never met) to dinner in an area (North Hollywood) that I am not familiar with. While I personally would l...

Iran Pistachio Burbank Calif. area

by Seasane 5 years ago

Looking for someplace to buy Pistachio's from Iran that is located in the Burbank Area. Thanks John

Good lunch near Burbank courthouse?

by katydid13 5 years ago

I have jury service in March & don't know this area at all. Anything good nearby for lunch hour? Anything but sushi. Thanks!

Santoro's (Burbank) [Split from General Discussion: Snow's Clam Chowder Tragedy post]

by chazdesimone 5 years ago

If you're ever in Burbank, California, go to Santoro's. The subs haven't changed since I was a kid 50 years ago. Great buns, lots of authentic Italian meats and cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ...

A 2-week driving trip SF to Burbank: 28 meals!

by tre2012 6 years ago

We spent 2 weeks driving trip SF to Burbank, eating our way down and back up again. Retirement is wonderful and our waistlines prove it [smile]. (note: Monterey, Cambria, Santa Barbara, and Paso R...

Mo's in Burbank closed?

by eyelean 11 years ago

Drove by Mo's early last night. It was shuttered and dark. Does anyone know if it's closed or just remodeling?

Quality Indian Restaurant in Burbank/ Glendale/ Pasadena

by fiche 6 years ago

Looking for suggestions for a Indian (Punjabi/north Indian or south Indian - though I doubt there are a lot of south Indian joints around there) in the Burbank/ Glendale/ Pasadena area that can acc...

Great sushi between calabasas and burbank

by FattyDumplin 6 years ago

Bay Area native but will be in calabasas for a meeting next week. Wanted to find a good sushi spot for lunch on my way bank to Burbank airport. Any suggestions? I think there is a Sugarfish in B...

Porto's Recipe Changes?

by boogiebaby 7 years ago

We picked up some potato balls and ham croquettes yesterday from the Burbank location. I bit into one of the ham croquettes and the first thing I noticed was that they are different! They used to h...

Great place for lunch place in Burbank?

by foodiemahoodie 6 years ago

I'm heading out there with a friend. We're adventurous eaters - anything would apply. Sherman Oaks and Studio City would also work.

Smoke House Burbank What to Eat

by sanstonsils 7 years ago

Wondering if anyone has been lately and what is the best order, any category really, just looking for the smartest order.

Empanadas - Win for Burbank

by fullmix 9 years ago

Just found an oddball "food find" in Burbank, of all places. Fresh baked empenadas in the back of a liquor store on one of the most non-descript Burbank streets you can imagine. It's one of those...