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Unable to read any comments

by TeRReT 6 years ago

I didn't want to have to login to the new chowhound but since the new update all posts are void of all comments. Also my text now goes past the box. And i can't see where I am typing now its ...

Email to mods delayed/failing

by ernie in berkeley 6 years ago

Yesterday afternoon after the crash, I copied the backtrace and data dump into an email and sent it to moderators@chowhound.com. The chowhound.com email server is rejecting the email. ***...

Safari glitch on new site

by Arago 6 years ago

Have seen some reports of Safari glitches on mobiles. On my desktop the new site shows only the original post in Safari and NONE of the subsequent comments.

Bug report - "Feedback" link broken on iPad2

by NonnieMuss 6 years ago

When you try to hit the orange "feedback" button on the bottom right, it flashes up and disappears instead of staying loaded. It took me about 9 clicks to get it to stay up. Twice it "tricked" me...

Yet another bug report on mobile

by foodieX2 6 years ago

Ad takes over screen and can not be minimized. Tried to scroll to find option to close with no luck then screen froze. Had to refresh. iPhone 6+ Safari Latest IOS

WTF is going on now??

by foodieX2 6 years ago

Please tell me what this means? Not the usual 500 error message

Bug Report

by foodieX2 6 years ago

Iphone 6+ Safari Latest IOS Ads take over the screen, take 20-60 seconds to load. SOmetimes bribing you to your content but more often freezing the screen. Really sucks, drives me crazy but...

Mobile Safari on iOS Freezes/Crashes on Posts with Many Comments

by kathryn 6 years ago

Reading Chowhound on iPhone 6, iOS 8.4.1. Long topics with 200+ comments that I've been following a while cause the Mobile Safari browser to freeze or crash altogether. This also messes up the ...

Can we please get an ETA?

by foodieX2 6 years ago

Can you please put line the ETA on the items you noted below? 1) Feed Updates - Adding original post timestamps to all feeds, including the Homepage, Community, and Location feeds - Making t...

Site Performance--bug report

by ernie in berkeley 6 years ago

With many others, I've noticed a tremendous slowdown in performance on the longer threads. The "Welcome to the New Chowhound" thread, with over 400 posts, took me 20 seconds to load (with read pos...

Trouble scrolling on an iPad? I have a little fix.

by NonnieMuss 6 years ago

I've been trying to use my iPad 2 (Safari, last update) to scroll through long threads, and it's been dreadful! The page only moves a few lines at a time. I imagine others have been having the sa...

Bug report: Community choice reverts to restaurants and bars

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Twice I've tried to post to Site Feedback from my iPhone, correctly choosing the correct community. And both times it published on Restsurants and Bars instead.

Login makes me go through new user procudures

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 6 years ago

Since Chowhound logs me out every week, I dutifully log back in. Whenever I do so, I am asked to choose communities and all that other stuff. I know enough to just click on the the address bar ...

Log-in Access

by DiningDiva 6 years ago

Droid tablet...access button on orange navigation bar at top of page was inaccessible. Everything below the nav bar moved right or left to provide access to the whole page. The navigation bar didn'...

Bug Report: Report button on mobile bounces to homepage

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

On mobile (iPhone 6), I used the report button to ask for a tag removal on this post, http://www.chowhound.com/post/cemita-poblano-514593 . It went through then I was bounced to the Chowhound.com h...

RSS not working

by pourboi 6 years ago

http://www.chowhound.com/boards/23/rss gives 404 linked form page on site....

The information in "Recently Viewed" is inconsistent

by DGresh 6 years ago

Over on the right side I see a "Recently Viewed" list, which seems to imply that there are some very recent additions to some threads I've followed. (First picture) But in my profile page (same pag...

Chowhound hates me!!!

by Midlife 6 years ago

So...... I can't log in to Chowhound (Beta, or whatever it is at this point) on my iPhone 4, apparently because the new site doesn't seem to support its operating system, and I don't seem to be abl...

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