Bug Report


Bad Request error message

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

Starting last week, I'm getting the Bad Request error message on both Firefox desktop and on iPhone Safari. On iPhone, it appears when I tried to log-in. After what I thought were failed attemp...

Display Problem with Saved Recipes

by ideefixe 9 days ago

My saved recipes no longer include the recipe name. And, recipes that I have not saved now appear -- with their names -- along with the ones I have saved.

Links In Recipe Not Working

by TastyReuben 8 days ago

The link to the Guinness Braised Beef Stew pulls up ok, but the "Show More" link and the comments link don't work (nor does the search or menu banner up top). I'd like to make this tomorrow (Su...

Image Upload Improvements

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 4 months ago

Hi everyone, Our team has been focused on nailing down some pesky image upload bugs you’ve reported this month. Here’s a quick rundown: — Images not uploading - This was a really hard one to ...

Can we get a USA location tag?

by brianvan 2 months ago

This post is for national Trader Joe's distribution but I had to add local location tags just to get it published

Header Image flipped upside-down?

by mdetrick 1 year ago

I have an image that I'm using for my header. The image is from an iPhone. You can hold the iPhone any way you wish when you take a photo. In the header of the image is information about which way ...

Posting issue

by walker 3 months ago

Today I tried to post a new post on Home Cooking (on a turkey recipe) and it won't click on next step when I go to it. Am I doing something wrong? I comment often but I don't do a lot of new po...

Email Notifications

by ferdinand 2 months ago

My problem is that despite "following" various threads, I have stopped receiving any notices/e-mails from Chowhound.

Email Notifications

by kateq 10 months ago

My problem is that despite "following" various threads, I have stopped receiving any notices/e-mails from Chowhound.

What's Going On?

by obillo 3 months ago

You won't accept my Chow password or my Google Password, say you can't deal with my URL (whatever the hell that is), won't accept my user name and when I click on a link in the e-mails you senmd I ...

The Website is not working properly

by EBORNET 3 months ago

For the past week oro so, everything I click on from the first page does not load in my Chrome browser. Everyother web site I got to works fine. I click on a picture or article title or anything ...

Audio autoplay problem

jen kalb
by jen kalb 6 months ago

I'm on the road and for the last few days there's been a problem with audio autoplay on chowhound videos on my smart phone and iPad that is extremely annoying. It's not happening on other sites tha...

Cant access Chowhound on my Android Phone

jen kalb
by jen kalb 5 months ago

For more than a week now I have been unable to access the site on my Android phone using the usual Chrome Browser/google search/favorites whatever. Clicking on links poses the same problem. Here ...

Unable to Start New Thread on IPad

by masha 9 months ago

For the last several days, I have been unable to start a new thread when using my Ipad, with a Safari browser. In particular, when I click on the "New Post" button on the navigation ribbon, nothin...

Log-in problem returns

by NonnieMuss 6 months ago

I think I’ve had to log in 2-3 times a day for the past week or so. Any chance of getting this bug fixed once and for all?

Just lost photo story that did not publish

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

What's going on with this on and off ability to post new topics? I just lost close to 20 photos with captions that failed to publish and all that the back button retrieved was the brief intro.

New Members Verify Email had lost data

by VintgeTimeTraveler 6 months ago

FYI after signing up I opened up the email sent to activate my registration process. Attached is the screen shot of the email I had.

Emoji issue

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Edited: I published this test post with "ignore" as the original text when I tried three times to post this new topic and got the 500 error message. https://www.chowhound.com/post/honoring-animal-s...

RSS feeds not updating

by Wandering Foodie 6 months ago

Hi, it seems the Chowhound RSS feeds have not been updating for 2 weeks now. I've tried re-subscribing but they still only get posts up to Sept 5 and nothing newer.