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Do You Know the Difference Between Hot Wings and Buffalo Wings (Besides the Blue Cheese Dressing)?

If you didn't have the blue cheese and celery there as a giveaway, could you tell the difference between hot wings and buffalo wings at a glance? They're both red, saucy, spicy, and deliciously messy...

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Best Pizza in Buffalo

by SO_MD_Newbie 17 years ago

Can someone help me with pizza recommendations in Buffalo, NY or surrounding area. I prefer a new york style thin crust pizza, but am open to other suggestions.

Truckin up to Buffalo

by alang 17 years ago

Hi Will be visiting the University of Buffalo with my daughter... Will be looking for the following... A good place for Breakfast Some good informal places around the campus area. A good ch...

Buffalo: the Park Lane, La Hacienda, and EE

by Gypsy Boy 18 years ago

Having long since been exiled from Buffalo (my Dad took a job in Rochester, of all places), it has literally been decades since I was there. But the job takes me there next week. I'll be staying ...

Pearl Street Grill/Premier Gourmet- Buffalo, NY

by DeeDee 18 years ago

I was thinking of having lunch at the Pearl Street Grill in Buffalo. Was wondering if anyone has eaten there recently or could suggest another good lunch spot for a Saturday afternoon in Buffalo? W...

Buffalo area casual dining

by BJ 18 years ago

I am arriving at Buffalo airport around 9 pm and headed to the Holiday Inn Grand Island, I am looking for a place to take my sister and husband for a casual dinner/drinks somewhere convenient to th...

Oliver's or Hourglass? (Buffalo)

by Gypsy Boy 18 years ago

Coming for a weeklong stay. Back in the old days, these were two great places to eat. I see that both still exist. Can anyone point me in a particular direction? Thanks for your help, GB

Buffalo and the southerners

by Jeff McClellan 18 years ago

We included Buffalo and the Niagara Falls experience in our RustBeltTour2003 family vacation. We had a wonderful lunch at Ulrich’s Tavern (674 Ellicott St) in the downtown Buffalo Theater district....

anyone been to Mother's in Buffalo???

by Ellen 18 years ago

I'm reading excellent reviews of Mother's online from folks who say it compares favorably to Hutch's, Oliver's, etc. Looking for an interesting but not pretentious place, preferably downtown, fo...

Seeking recs for Buffalo & Niagra Falls

by Vince DelGobbo 19 years ago

My family and I will be spending a few days at the Adams Mark Hotel (Church Street in Buffalo) at the end of this month. Can somebody recommend breakfast and dinner places close to the Adams Mark...

on the way to buffalo

by eatmoreoften 19 years ago

Any suggestions? We'll be heading across MA, the usual way, but avoiding major highways etc...

I-90 Buffalo to Albany

by Marty L. 19 years ago

I'll be driving through up-state NY in a few days from Buffalo to Albany. Are there any "must stop" places for a meal or snack (kid-friendly, please), within, say, 10-15 minutes of the freeway? ...

Great food in Buffalo

by Robert OBrian 21 years ago

Before I get cut off for the fourth time, let me say that Schwabl's Restaurant in West Seneca has THE BEST BEEF ON WECK IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. hand cut, no reservations, no take outs, in business sin...

Two dinners in Buffalo

by Peter 19 years ago

I will be in Buffalo in mid-April for a conference. I have two dinners on my own. What shouldn't I miss? Some details: I will be dining alone, probably. I am a very adventerous eater and bee...

Tim's Rendezvous - Buffalo, New York

by Jambalaya 19 years ago

I spent the Christmas holiday in Buffalo and before the 7 feet of snow fell had dinner at a place which fits the chowhound definition to a "T". Its on Niagara St., near where Pennsylvania St. cros...

Sunday Brunch in Buffalo or its 'Burbs

by Miriam 20 years ago

I know, I know--not the tri-state region, but where else to post Buffalo queries? Parents' weekend this weekend. Any ideas for Sunday brunch? Fancy is not in order--either nice-casual or great dine...

Towne Restaurant - Buffalo

by Pan 20 years ago

Buffalo is not part of the Tri-state New York City Metropolitan Area, not by a long shot, but I didn't know where else to put this. Yesterday, I had an excellent moussaka at Towne, which is a few...

Exceptional dining in Buffalo

by Darren Streff 20 years ago

I am taking my boss and his friends to dinner in Buffalo and I need to know what the top three restaurants are in the city. Price is no object and I'm looking for a really great experience. Any h...

Buffalo : where should i eat??

by cinnamon 20 years ago

Well, i'm back in Buffalo and what i wanna know is: where should i eat??? Big shout-out to Barry, Joe, and Gene, ex- or current Nickel City Chompers!!!

Any GOOD FOOD in Buffalo, New York area?

by The Hungry Traveler 21 years ago

Can anyone recommend good places/joints to eat in the Buffalo, New York area? Help!

BIACs (in Buffalo) - Attn Joe Moryl

by Gene Piekarski, Jr 20 years ago

I remember you saying that Biac's (at Delaware & Allen) was one of your favorite sites when you visit Sorry to say that they've closed.... Regards, Gene.

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