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Do You Know the Difference Between Hot Wings and Buffalo Wings (Besides the Blue Cheese Dressing)?

If you didn't have the blue cheese and celery there as a giveaway, could you tell the difference between hot wings and buffalo wings at a glance? They're both red, saucy, spicy, and deliciously messy...

Fresh Mozzarella made in Buffalo, NY

by NYkid392 14 years ago

I am a frequent traveler to NY City and enjoy picking up fresh made (same day) mozzarella at several locations. Does any one know of a store in Buffalo that makes fresh mozzarella daily.

Toutant, Buffalo - Hit and miss, southern grass root/Cajun/Creole soul food dinner

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 3 years ago

After a delightful luncheon experience at the award winning ' Pearl Morissette ', we found ourselves in close proximity to the US border and with over half a day of free time to spare. Decisions we...

Steakhouse Recommendation for Buffalo

by fthrmulcahy 3 years ago

Coming to Buffalo in a couple of weeks for a convention...looking for an upscale steakhouse for dinner one night. Would prefer one that is unique to the area rather than something I can find near ...

Toronto foodie looking for a Buffalo diner

Bobby Wham
by Bobby Wham 3 years ago

Spending the day in Buffalo for some shopping this weekend and want to check out a good diner, is Lake Effect any good? Also might want a sloppy sandwich, how's Jim's steakout? Any other recos? ...

Buffalo, Ithaca, Watkins Glen?

by Joanie 4 years ago

Hi all, don't see a ton of stuff on upstate at a quick glance but will be doing a road trip to Toronto from Boston spending one night in Ithaca on the way out, one in Buffalo and 3 nites on the lak...

Need help in Buffalo for a small group - New to Area

by rcburli 4 years ago

Will be in Buffalo next Saturday night with hotel near Dingens Park and Kaisertown. Are there any really good restaurants near the hotel or immediate area? The group usually does not venture far f...

Help - Buffalo

by Connoisseur 4 years ago

Hello Buffalonians, a few of the boys are coming to your beautiful city to watch the Sabres and Leafs game Saturday and were looking for some awesome fun dinner recommendations... Something close t...

Roadtrip... Boys Night Out

by Connoisseur 4 years ago

Hello Buffalonians, a few of the boys are coming to your beautiful city to watch the Sabres and Leafs game Saturday and were looking for some awesome fun dinner recommendations... Something close t...

Bocce's Pizza, Buffalo

Tom Steele
by Tom Steele 4 years ago

I still remember the revelatory pizza that brought me to my knees, from Bocce's near Buffalo, New York, in the 1970s. I see that the place is still humming along. Does anyone know whether the pizza...

The Best Beef-On-Weck in Buffalo

by jerryc123 11 years ago

When you think of Buffalo's signature food, Buffalo Style Chicken Wings probably come to mind. But Buffalo has a few other signature foods - the most popular of which is Beef-On-Weck. A Beef-On-W...

Concert at first Niagara center in Buffalo in September

by feyes 5 years ago

We are 4 gals going to a concert in September. We need a fun place before hand for drinks and dinner. Also suggestions for somewhere for drinks afterward. It is on a Saturday night

Pizza in Buffalo (split from Ontario board)

by Davwud 12 years ago

Tips. Last time I had Anchor Bar pizza it wasn't all that great. I remember going in the early 90's and the pizza was awesome. It was totally different this time. Was it a bad day?? Did I pul...

Serious Toronto Foodies need help with one great lunch and grocery store in Buffalo

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 6 years ago

Four serious hounds from Toronto, equipped with car and GPS would need help with one great lunch in the Buffalo area. Any food except BBQ, Asian and Chinese. Something not readily available in Toro...

A Buffalo, NY treat - Aunt Rosie's Loganberry! Where to find it???

Sra. Swanky
by Sra. Swanky 15 years ago

This is for all the northerners (or transplant northerners!), because no one close to my area has even heard of this!! :) It's been 7 years since my college days in the Buffalo/Rochester area ...

Best food road trip within 12 hrs of Washington, D.C.?

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 6 years ago

I live in the suburbs of D.C., and I go to Baltimore, Philly, and NYC regularly. I've been to Charleston, Ashville, and Montreal recently. Have plans to go back to Portland, ME in October. In No...

Canalside - Buffalo?

by ylsf 6 years ago

Hey all, Going down to Canalside for the free concerts tomorrow night. Any suggestions for a spot to eat in that area? Would rather park in one spot and eat around there is there is a decent o...

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

by heylids 7 years ago

Going to Niagara on the Lake and will be crossing the border for some shopping. Have never thought of grocery items... So, what would you bring back and where would you go to buy? Any other su...

Mexican in Buffalo

by Breadcrumbs 6 years ago

Hello friends. Years ago my friends and I would head to La Galera for our Mexican fix when we visited Buffalo (from Toronto). I see it's still around but their website isn't accessible due to a b...

What's new and chow-worthy in the Buffalo area?

by tardigrade 6 years ago

It's time for my semi-annual trip to the area. Has anything opened since last fall that's worth a visit? I'll be in the Hamburg area mostly, and looking for places my elderly mother will also be ...

Get your Burmese fix - Sun Restaurant in Buffalo

by TeacherFoodie 8 years ago

If you have never had Burmese food, I am shedding a tear for you. If you have ever had Burmese food while on vacation, and then gone back home and tried to find it, or even make it, I sympathize w...