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NYC dinner with teens

by morganleah 18 days ago

Hi friends! We are taking our first family trip to NYC and soooo looking forward to the food scene. In search of a restaurant for dinner that’s kid (19 & 15) and budget friendly. Thanks in advance!!

Where to buy small (school-size) milk cartons?

by BeaverBob 11 years ago

I'm interested in buying 8oz cartons of milk (you know, like we all had in elementary school) but I can't for the life of me find anywhere where they sell such a thing to your average consumer. I'...

Can I Make Do on $15/day?

by EvGribenes 29 days ago

Hi Hounds, I just moved to New York recently and based on how things are going with rent, uber, and other expenses I think I can pretty much only afford to spend about $15 a day on food. I know...

Any Quick Recipes Anyone?

by sarah_b98 5 months ago

Hello everyone! I’m a broke college student looking for easy recipes that I can make in between classes while on a budget. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a novice at cooking. But any advice or recip...

Appliance budget of $15k - what would you buy?

by SwissyMom 1 month ago

First time posting, but I've been sifting through a lot of the appliance advice on here and finding it very helpful. My husband and I are preparing for a kitchen remodel (searching for the perf...

Cooking When You are Poor

by rudeboy 5 years ago

Some of my best work has been done when impoverished by western standards. Back in college, a ten dollar bill could produce miracles. After having a career, and plenty of money to buy whatever the ...

PRIME RIB? Where is cheapest and best? Raw, I mean.

by oakjoan 10 years ago

I've used the search engine to no avail looking for places to buy prime rib for Christmas dinner. I thought I'd seen posts about where good deals are and where the meat is best, but now I cannot f...

Where to buy inexpensive whole vanilla beans?

by Pamela 11 years ago

Whole vanilla beans are awfully expensive. Trader Joe's didn't have any when I looked today, and the regular grocery stores (Ralphs) sells a single vanilla bean for anywhere between $8.99 to $12.9...

Paris in September - Please comment on my choices

by rrems 7 months ago

My husband and I will be in Paris from the 28th to October 3 (Friday to Wednesday). We will have 7 or 8 restaurant meals total. These are my thoughts so far: Massale Grive Alliance Radis B...

Dinner Recommendation in Newburyport, MA

by wendy k 6 months ago

My college room mates and I are meeting in Newburyport, MA for dinner (there will be 6 of us). Any suggestions for interesting food, either seafood, or good ethnic food? It shouldn't be outrageousl...

How much do you spend on groceries each month?

by Croissant 6 years ago

I am SHOCKED by the amount of money we spend at the grocery store and I'm wondering how this amount compares to the rest of you?? On average, our family of four spends $800/month!!! Is this a lo...

Quiet, good food & drink, close to Bart, not too pricey

by luvwine4 8 months ago

Need to find a location in SF for friend's planning get-together. We don't have a lot of money but we love good food/drinks and need to hear each other speak. Any suggestions?

Recommend restaurant capable of accommodating party of 18 out of towners for dinner in July Downtown

by milhuas3 9 months ago

Looking for a good recommendation for a large group (during Summerlicious - ugh) in the Downtown core. Budget is about $50 a head without drinks. All of my faves for experiencing Toronto cuisine wo...

Best Restaurant <$50 per Head

by socialcapitalist 9 months ago

Hi There, I'm travelling to Paris with a group of 6 in July and was looking for a great restaurant where the all-in cost for food (not sure how much people will drink) <$50 EUROS per head for di...

Bridal Shower

by Gail56 1 year ago

Looking for a place to hold a Bridal shower in 2018 for my daughter. Approximately 50 or less guests. Have a budget between $1000.00 - $1500.00. I know this is a tight budget, but for personal...

28 Delicious Dishes Around The World For $5 Or Less

by DavidT 1 year ago

If your are visiting any of the major world cities.

New Orleans on a serious budget

by baybritta 1 year ago

My husband and I are visiting New Orleans in April. While we are both foodies, our pocketbook just doesn't seem to keep up with our gastronomic interests. What we would love are some iconic, new o...

Dinner for 50 in Somerville/Cambridge/East Arlington

by DavisSquare 1 year ago

Hello all. We are hosting about 50-odd people for a casual dinner (sit-down or buffet would be fine) on a Friday night in a few weeks including small children and some elderly people with limited m...

Washington DC on a budget. A review of several eateries in DC center.

by Rustscheff 2 years ago

Hello, I have been forced to live on USD 20 per hour after taxes and went to present research in Washington this week. I couldn't afford a hotel but found a wonderful rowhouse on 10 th st NW which ...