Trip Report Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Krakow

by SueFH 2 years ago

Will update as reportable things occur, Arrived in Budapest today and had a meh dinner at Mazel Tov. I can wee what it’s popular: gorgeous decor, cool menu with vegan stuff, nice cocktails. We l...

Spring Europe Trip 2019

by turbowine 2 years ago

Not a lot of stuff on Bulgaria and Romania here on Chowhound, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite places from the recent trip. For everything you can see my TripAdvisor reports at: https:...

Foodie tours?

by SueFH 2 years ago

Going to be in Budapest, Prague, Vienna, etc next month. I have some nice reservations but wonder what you experienced hounds think of the foodie tours that hit a bunch of local spots, more than a...

Budapest, Vienna, Prague - Need updated info

by mallomarmom 2 years ago

I’m searching Chowhound and all of the posts for restaurant recommendations are 6+ years old. I’m hoping someone on this site has been to this area more recently and can share some ideas from thei...

Prague, Vienna, Budapest - (Vegetarian) Trip Review April 2019

by sobbuh 2 years ago

Spent a couple of days in each of the above three cities. Here's how I would rank our high-end meals, with a quick review : (Best) Mraz & Sohn (Vienna) World class, not too fussy or co...

Updated: Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Berlin

by SueFH 2 years ago

CH specifically directed me to start a new discussion since most are older than 4 years. So. Traveling with my 25 year old daughter. And I’m paying. This, I’m mostly interested in moderately pr...

Two nights in Budapest

by Homesteadmem 2 years ago

We will be in Budapest for two nights at the end of July before going on a river boat cruise. Looking for Hungarian Cuisine and love dining at Michelin starred restaurants as well. Torn between O...

Budapest with the Moms

by adi 3 years ago

Hi We will be a group of 4 Moms and daughters in Budapest for 2 nights. We need one spot for dinner the night of arrival by the Budapest Hilton. For the second night looking for a spot that will ha...

48 hours Vienna, Budapest, Prague

by kkline63 3 years ago

I have 2 days in each city, need TOP restaurants recommendations please! If you had to eat in 2 places, each city. GO!

Budapest Review

by estufarian 3 years ago

Maybe I failed to find the best places here – there seemed to be masses of tourist-oriented places with just a few bright spots. Easily top (for me) was Costes (we went to the original, not the ...

Budapest - 20 to 25 Aug 2017 - more casual lunch/dinners

by mfkazmi 4 years ago

Hi, we are looking for more casual places in Budapest to eat - where we can go with our kids (11, 8 years old). Please share any places that come to mind. We are staying on Vaci Utca 12 for a week....

Budapest Traditional Eats

by sarahbeths 4 years ago

Hi Everyone! Going to Budapest for 5 nights in mid Feb. I think we have the more avante garde food covered: Zona, Borkonyha Wine Bar, Bock Bistro reservations. Also reserved Kispiac as I liked ...

Budapest Tasting menu suggestions?

by thephoebster 5 years ago

I am going to Budapest for the first time with my partner. I love food, and he likes the idea of having a many course meal for a reasonable price. Do any of you know of a restaurant with a tasting ...


by DECLAN47 5 years ago

Going to Budapest for 3 days in early September with 5 friends. Would appreciate restaurant recommendations for mid to high level dining. Also any recommendations on things not to miss.

Budapest itinerary?

by 9lives 6 years ago

i am arriving in Budapest from Boston in the early PM..staying at Hotel Corinthia I'll be looking for first night's dinner, next day lunch and dinner. I'm looking at Cafe Lou Lou for first di...

What's happening in Budapest and Bratislava restaurants?commenda

by suzieq4 5 years ago

My husband and I will be traveling around Slovakia and Hungary this summer for a few weeks. Do any of you have some good recommendations for restaurants? We like local color, traditional foods, ...

Budapest casual eats

by mercurial_sus 5 years ago

I'm an American who's been living in eastern Hungary for 6 months, and I go to Budapest at least twice a month. Thought I'd compile a list of my recommended eateries in the low to moderate price ra...

Where to find the best Veal or Chicken Paprika in Budapest?

by krystle920 6 years ago

We have one lunch in Budapest and we're thinking we should maybe try Veal or Chicken Paprika. Any recommendations if you would only have one lunch in Budapest? Thanks!

Budapest Itinerary

by 9lives 6 years ago

I'll be in Budapest for a few days. We arrive early PM and have a res for Kispiac the first night. Next day, lunch at Borkonyha Wine Bar..they were booked for dinner 2 weeks out but lunch wil...

Budapest - thoughts on the following?

by AlexRast 6 years ago

I'm off to Budapest in mid-month; with somewhat limited time because of other engagements while there, so I won't have infinite flexibility about where I go when, but would appreciate some thoughts...