How to Make Whole Grains Taste Great

Whole grains have gone from hippy food to mainstream food media darling, and we're all for it. If “they’re good for you” doesn’t get you motivated, what about just “they’re good”? Grains are tasty...

Boyco Foods Buckwheat Honey @ Portland Farmers Market at PSU

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

One of the most unique things tasted at the Saturday morning Portland Farmers Market https://www.chowhound.com/post/briar-rose-creamery-portland-farmers-market-psu-1076078 , was the Buckwheat Honey...

Where to find 100% buckwheat Japanese noodles?

by Lis7 3 years ago

Am looking for a source for 100% buckwheat noodles, grown/made in Japan or the US (NOT China). Organic is a plus. Available at a store in Denver is a plus, or online.

Soba noodles - favorite way to prepare?

by novaks 4 years ago

Hi Do you have a way you prepare soba noodles that you like? I have not bought or cooked soba noodles before, but I have seen some pictures that looked wonderful. Many thanks in advance.

Soba noodles – favorite brand?

by novaks 4 years ago

Hi I have seen some Soba noodle recipes that look great but not certain what kind or brand to buy. Should I try to find 100% buckwheat noodles? Are there pro’s and con’s if they’re not 100% ...

Taste of buckwheat flour?

by pudinmirk 6 years ago

I bought a small amount of buckwheat flour in bulk at Community Natural Foods. I made it into a small bun and pancake. It has its own flavor but I was told it shouldn't be bitter. Mine was a little...

best buckwheat crepes now that Galette 88 has closed?

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 6 years ago

I loved the intense buckwheat flavor of Galette 88's, which were just buckwheat and water, plus the butter from the griddle. The owner told me that they had their flour milled specially. Anybody el...

ISO buckwheat pasta w/o wheat

by annamac 6 years ago

I've seen lots of Soba noodles in grocery stores, but they all have regular wheat as an ingredient. Does anyone know where I can get real buckwheat noodles?

Best Buckwheat blueberry pancakes in SF/East Bay?

by mcw 6 years ago

Hey Chowhounds help needed...Who makes the best buckwheat blueberry pancakes in in SF or East Bay?

Ideas for Buckwheat Groats (aka Kasha)?

by yumfactr 7 years ago

Hi Everyone! So I am looking for ideas to flavor roasted kasha. Currently I buy roasted kasha in bulk at WF. I take a cup of it, mix it with a beaten egg, and then fry it a bit in a pan, breakin...

where to find 100% buckwheat noodles?

by helenhelen 9 years ago

i am trying to avoid gluten and would rather have japanese buckwheat noodles not contain wheat.. have looked high and low but cannot find it in stores.. even in J-town (reading the ingredients on t...

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