The best part of the weekend is a long, Bloody Mary–fueled brunch. Let Chowhound guide you to the best brunch spots, and get recipe and cooking ideas for whipping up your own.

Decadent Brunch Pancakes That Are Essentially Dessert

If there's one aspect of pancakes we love more than any other, it's the cake part. Seriously, it's a series of cakes made in a pan. And...

Breakfast Tasting Menu & an Apology by Hilda and Jesse | North Beach - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

Yesterday a friend and I had an in-person catch up for the first time in ages. He'd managed to book a table at the "reservations required" Hilda and Jesse for us. Before Friday, the big buzz about ...

Brunch recommendation north Oklahoma City/Edmond

by laredo 12 days ago

I would like suggestions for a nice brunch in north Oklahoma City for a three generation family. Thanks for your help!

Full English, Full Irish, Fry-ups 2020

by prima 1 year ago

Where are your favourite breakfasts in Toronto these days? For a Full English, I usually visit The Oxley or The Queen & Beaver. Thanks for any recs.

A special brunch menu - seeking advice

by herby 2 months ago

In a week+ I am hosting my friend, her recently married son and his bride for a brunch to celebrate the start of their life as a couple. They all love (cold) smoked salmon so that is going to be th...

Fabulous Brunch

by vanessanyc 3 months ago

Any ideas for a delicious brunch for 4 gourmet food lovers in Manhattan. And hopefully a place that takes reservations. I miss Normas which has been closed since the pandemic. That place was not th...


by mrsjoujou 3 months ago

Hi. Looking for Sunday brunch. I have a few possibilities. Appreciate a feedback. Nur, Il Fiorista, Raclette are the 3 places with outdoor dining. Already doing Italian one day in WW and the other...

Morning Wood | San Bruno

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Two months ago a polite dinner party conversation about Morning Wood, the Hawaiian style breakfast spot in San Bruno inspired a visit to see if this diner could live up to the promise of its name. ...

Brunch boxes or brunch-to-go in Toronto

by prima 6 months ago

Which restaurants have the best brunches to go? A friend asked me for recs, for a friend hoping to give some newlyweds a brunch box. I've only had takeout breakfast sandwiches since October....

Best Brunch near Kleinfelds NYC

by mbaer 8 months ago

My daughters and I have an appt at Kleinfelds Bridal in early June at 1:15 and would like ti have brunch/lunch in that area prior to the appointment. Any suggestions?

This is what I think it is, right?

by gritsngreens 9 months ago

I love me some pot. Particularly when it is copper! E bay should be off limits to me. The seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse on this gorgeous MCM warming pan set. It was only after I receive...

Estero Cafe | Valley Ford - Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Way back in February, in the before times, I started my day with brunch at Estero Cafe in the hamlet of Valley Ford. My mission was to indulge in the chicken fried steak, prepped in-house using Ste...

Fable restaurant - a great option for the al fresco dining era

by JessieJ 1 year ago

Fable restaurant in the Castro reopened last weekend with a renovated outdoor garden patio. Two of the patio decks were updated with greenhouse awnings for coverage and they added extra heat lamps ...

The Golden Age of Breakfast and Brunch in TO

by prima 3 years ago

This is a shout out to my favourites over the last year. Feel free to share yours. Daily breakfast and brunch The Stockyards: amazing breakfast sandwich Emma's Country Kitchen Bar Buca Zel...

Cachagua General Store Reincarnated as Kitchen at Douglas Ranch in Carmel Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

After two closures, I was among those who did not hold out much hope for Chef Michael Jones to reopen his Cachagua General Store. But yesterday he announced that he's signed a lease to be the Kitch...

Restaurant To Hold A 40 Person Brunch

by drsteve252 2 years ago

Willing to spend 50 per person with a buffet brunch in early may open to any suggestions thank you foodie

To kowtow or to not kowtow

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

My birthday is in October and extended family and I are going to be attending a matinee show in Durham during the latter part of the month. I've been told since it is near my birthday I get to cho...

Mondrian Brunch

by foody1964 2 years ago

Do you like Asiate or Aviary for brunch at the Mondrian in NY? Family of 4. Appreciate comments on both places. Thanks!

Fun birthday brunch at Quality Eats, UES....

by gutreactions 2 years ago

It was my granddaughter's birthday and we decided to book a table at Quality Eats at 78th & 2nd. We were 7, and we had made an early reservation for this rainy morning as the doors opened at 10:30 ...

Cafe Fina | Santa Fe, NM

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Lucky for me, Cafe Fina is the closest eatery to my hosts' home, a wonderful starting point for Day 2 of my May vacation. Though I was very tempted by migas for breakfast, I heeded the advice of mo...