Brown Sugar

Are Brown and White Sugar Interchangeable When Baking?

When baking, can you substitute brown sugar for white sugar and vice versa? Sort of, is the quick answer. But there is a difference between what brown sugar and white sugar will do to your cookies...

How does subway make such chewy cookie texture without the grainy texture?

by cgxy96 2 months ago

I followed the recipe below and my cookie texture came out grainy. I have tried another different 5 star recipe for chewy cookies but it also came out grainy. Is it because of the amount of sugar u...

Grinding brown sugar to minimize clumping

by Rustyjoe 5 years ago

Any ideas on grinding brown sugar? Tried a blender, took it back and swapped for coffee grinder. The coffee grinder was a bust, too. The brown sugar would not feed into the grinding motor. 3rd trip...

Calabaza en Tacha :: Winter Squash in Piloncillo Syrup

by cristina 2 years ago

A week or so ago, a fellow CHer on the Mexico board asked for the recipe for Mexican squash in brown sugar syrup. Here it is. Mari, the woman who spoils me by doing all of my housework, gave me...

Turpinado versus Sugar

by Bschaden1228 3 years ago

Hello! I have a question. I am trying to heavily cut sugar out of my diet. A recipe I am making for dinner calls for dark brown sugar. I bought turpinado instead and used less than what was bei...

Brown sugar storage fail

by arielleeve 3 years ago

So I know all about the terra cotta brown sugar savers. I have two airtight progressive containers (they're actually made for brown sugar and come with the terra cotta pieces), one with light brown...

Can I use demerara sugar instead of regular brown sugar?

by TorontoJo 14 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for dark brown sugar. Can I use demerara sugar instead? Will the "crunchiness" of the demerara dissolve during baking?

Help: How do you unclump brown sugar?

by LillianR 6 years ago

My brown sugar has become a solid block. Is there anyway to rescue it...or do I just have to throw it out and buy a new bag? I have a 'sugar bear' in the bag to keep the brown sugar from clumping b...

Powdered Brown Sugar?

by Airo 9 years ago

I've never seen it in stores, but am curious as to whether or not this can be made at home. If it's possible, basically...because of the molasses content. Anyone have any tips or advice...even p...

Brown Sugar Experts

by FooDeeLee 6 years ago

Since brown sugar is sugar that has not yet had the molasses taken out or sugar with molasses added, could I just stop buying brown sugar (light or dark) and just add sugar with the appropriate amo...

Brown Sugar

by joaniesl 12 years ago

A quick question. Is brown sugar kosher for Passover? Any special brand?

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