Brown Rice

13 Ways to Use Leftover Rice for Every Meal

Wondering what to do with leftover rice? There are a couple obvious choices—that are no less delicious for their ubiquity—but there are also plenty of other creative leftover rice recipe ideas you might...

brown basmati rice-- are all these step necessary?

by gecko45 11 years ago

I have a bag of brown basmati rice by Laxmi. The directions say to soak in warm water 10-15 min "so the pointed grains can absorb water) drain, air dry for 15 min. Then you add water, salt, lemon...

Cooking Sprouted Brown Rice

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hey! I just got a packet of sprouted brown rice and on the package, it says it takes 25 mins to cook but in my experience, brown rice never cooks to the package directions. How long would y...

Where to find parboiled brown rice?

by misterno 5 years ago

After doing some research on the internet, I finally understood that parboiled brown rice is the most nutritious First I focused on organic but then after another research lead me to think th...

Best Brown Rice brands purchasable for Torontonian?

by scherz0 4 years ago

1. Can you please recommend the best brown rice brands that a Torontonian can buy at a store here, or order online from a Canadian website? I despise ordering from US websites because of a past cat...

Help with Long grained brown rice in Hawaiian stuffed bell Peppers

by kaaronsbear 5 years ago

I recently ran across this recipe I had from 10 years ago and the first time I made it it was perfect. The wife and I made it last night and although it wasn't awful it was far from how it turned...

What are the different types of brown rice?

by LorenzoGA 4 years ago

Let me start by saying I prefer fluffy long-grain white rice over brown rice, like I prefer white bread to whole wheat bread. Sometimes, however, I eat brown rice because I feel it is more nutriti...

Homma's Brown Rice Salad

by Peter Lin 16 years ago

Hey-- I was wondering if anyone knew what the exact ingredients in Homma's Brown Rice Sushi (California Avenue, Palo Alto) Sushi Salad were. I know there's asparagus, apple, lettuce, sashimi, av...

Brown rice in the Instant Pot - how long?

by lizmari 7 years ago

If you have cooked brown rice in the Instant Pot, how long do you cook it? I will be putting in 1 cup dry brown rice + 1-1/4 cup water as per the IP website instructions, but they list the time as...

Salting brown rice ?

by gargupie 5 years ago

Do you salt your cooked rice like you'd to pasta? I felt like even some health store does it even though it's only labeled as 'steamed'.

Rice cooker brown rice

by Dax 10 years ago

I bought an Aroma fuzzy logic rice cooker from Costco some time back and I swear i can't make properly cooked brown rice (on the brown rice setting or quick setting) . It always comes out mushy. ...

How fresh is my Red Cargo rice?

by Valur 6 years ago

How can a person tell when an imported-to-the-US bag of rice was either packed or harvested, if it's red cargo rice from Thailand? My perception is that even though I have just opened a "new" bag o...

Tips for short-grained brown rice in an open "paella" style? Converting the technique...

by nasv 12 years ago

Hi everyone... I love my short-grained brown rice and can comfortably cook it to my liking in a traditional covered-pan way, and (with enough elbow grease), I'm able to make some enjoyable risottos...

Do you add oil to cook brown rice

by gargupie 6 years ago

At home, my brown rice is always plain, but when I get tired, I would buy brown rice from Chinese take out places and I would realize a slight film of oil on my lips. Do restaurants cook brown rice...

Rice + leafy greens -- what else?

by glify 6 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to put together a good brown rice plus (varying) leafy green dish that I actually look forward to. Can anyone recommend some other ingredients particularly for flavor? I am an amateu...

Easy, tasty slow cooker brown rice meal?

by glify 6 years ago

I prefer quick and easy over taste maximization and a friend recently told me he's been cooking rice and chicken together in a rice cooker, along with steamed vegetables (Carrots and broccoli), all...

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