Antipasti, egg creams, cheesecake, Yemeni food, fish markets--whatever you're looking for in the Bronx, Chowhounds can help you find it. Or share your favorite restaurants, bars, and food shops.

Beyond Cracker Jacks: A Dad and Daughter Take a Culinary Tour of Yankee Stadium

Historically, no sport is associated with food as much as baseball. Hot dogs and peanuts are almost as integral to a game as bats and gloves. Cracker Jacks even get a lyrical shout out in seventh inning...

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How come it's so cheap to eat in the Bronx?

by John Tomasso 18 years ago

It never fails to amaze me how cheaply one can eat in the Bronx, compared to other parts of the country. Especially Italian food. I can't believe the pile of food given for such a small tariff. Gra...

Dale restaurant-bronx

by car 18 years ago

The Dale restaurant in lower Riverdale at 231st Street off Broadway is very good. The service is always efficient.It looks as if it has recently been remodeled. 1)When did it open? 2)When was ...

Bronx Q - Hawaii Sea Renovated? HELP!

by K. McB. 18 years ago

Many apologies for posting this twice, but the original thread started in 99 and perhaps my recent post was buried. I have egged a car-owning, tiki-loving friend into driving us to the Bronx and ...

Bronx Museum Cafe

by Helen 18 years ago

All of the recent talk of the Bx reminds me that I recently enjoyed a more-than-decent sandwich from this cafe. The museum is located at 165th Street and Grand Concourse. The cafe is right off th...

Bronx Dining Guide

by Bill 18 years ago

I'm glad to see somebody is trying to boost The Bronx's culinary credentials. I hope the guide is well done. Check out the link. Link: http://www.nydailynews.com/2001-05-15/News_and_Views/City_...

ABC Cafe Bronx

by david sprague 18 years ago

Went on a shopping expedition to the ABC Carpet outlet in the South Bronx (Bronx River Ave @ Bruckner Blvd.) and feeling a little peckish, we found the in-store cafe. Expecting little more than a...

S>O>S need bronx/breakfast help!!

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

pls need recommends on a great place for breakfast in the bronx. address phone # etc also if poss. thx much in adv

Bronx German

by Tom McKnight 19 years ago

Wanted to get the word out on The Schlitz, a classic German bar & restaurant in the deep South Bronx, corner of 137th Street & Willow Avenue. (#6 Train to Cypress Ave.) Great eats (the wurst and bo...

Brick oven pizza in the Bronx

by Bill 19 years ago

I just tried Tosca on Tremont Ave. in Throggs Neck and I am very impressed. It's a very classy looking place with tasty food - exactly what we've needed in the Bronx for a long time. The pizza was ...

More on the Bronx: Mexican & Senegalese

by Jack 19 years ago

A tasty taqueria called Tulcinga (or something like that) has opened up on Gerard Avenue in between 167th Street and McClellan (two blocks west of Grand Concourse). It looks like a deli from the o...

Arthur Avenue, the Bronx

by Brian Yarvin 21 years ago

I shopped on Arthur Avenue yesterday for the first time in over a year and was delighted to find that many shops have been vastly improved. You kind of got the feeling that everyone had gone ba...

ISO spiced apple rings in the NY area (Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx)

by deb 20 years ago

They come in a jar and I believe the brand was Comstock. They are perfect for waldorf salad.

Albanian food in the Bronx?

by Pete 20 years ago

Anyone know of any places to eat Albanian food in the Bronx? (Other than the one in Tremont in your book, Jim.) One night on the news they were broadcasting in front of some place called Shqip...

Arthur Ave. Bronx

by Marv Alpert 21 years ago

can anyone recommned a great restaruant on Aurthur Avenue Belmont Bronx

Bronx Pizza

by Rob MacDougall 21 years ago

I'm trying to find the best pizza in the Bronx or lower Westchester. Any Suggestions???

Chowhounding on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

by Jim Zurer 22 years ago

We made one of our regular stops on Arthur Avenue en route from Monroe NY to Washington DC. Since it was Sunday, many shops and restaurants were closed-- including Full Moon Pizza and Cafe Margar...

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