Antipasti, egg creams, cheesecake, Yemeni food, fish markets--whatever you're looking for in the Bronx, Chowhounds can help you find it. Or share your favorite restaurants, bars, and food shops.

Beyond Cracker Jacks: A Dad and Daughter Take a Culinary Tour of Yankee Stadium

Historically, no sport is associated with food as much as baseball. Hot dogs and peanuts are almost as integral to a game as bats and gloves. Cracker Jacks even get a lyrical shout out in seventh inning...

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Panini Place in the Bronx

by Iron Frank 17 years ago

Has anyone been to the Panini Cafe listed in the recent Mario Batali panini roundup article in NY Mag. I think it was at 155th ST. or so. How is it? Is the neighborhood ok for a skiddish mom? ...

Bronx lunch

by Paul 17 years ago

Looking for lunch on Tuesday near Pellham Pkwy. Would prefer casual setting with good food. Thanks in advance. Paul

the area near Bronx High School of science

by mark grossman 17 years ago

any good places to eat lunch near BHS?? Is it a safe nabe??

Bronx Italian

by Earl 17 years ago

Might the board members give me a fine Bronx Italian recommendation? I am more interested in a sit down adult experience than a pizza parlor. Thanks!

Does anyone know where to eat in the Bronx

by sushisasha 17 years ago

I am a westchesterian, working in Manhattan and wondering why I travel through the Bronx daily and never think to get out of my car/train. Does anyone have any good suggestions in the Bronx? Ea...

PJ Brady's in the Bronx - Pizza

by Bronx Bill 17 years ago

Finally got to check out PJ Brady's which was mentioned in a recent NY Times article about an old-time pizza man. The place is your typical neighborhood Irish pub but there's nothing typical about ...

south bronx

by dumiak 17 years ago

i'm taking out-of-state pals to a yankee game pretty soon and thought i'd take 'em up to the bronx to eat beforehand.. is there anything worth checking out in the south bx/grand concourse/stadium...

Need party room recommendations in the Bronx or Westchester

by cypressstylepie 17 years ago

I appreciate your help. A bunch of us in Brooklyn need to plan a bridal shower for someone in Westchester. I read through the Bronx threads, but need to differentiate a "joint" from a more comfor...

Bronx Roti

by Brooklyn Boy 17 years ago

Today I visited an old friend who lives in the Bronx. His wife is Trinidadian and recommended a roti shop called Feroza's. I was, as always, excited to try a new roti shop. Unfortunately, things...

In God We Trust - Ghanian, Bronx

by Scott 17 years ago

Last Friday, several of us went to In God We Trust, a Ghanian place on 153rd Street in the Bronx (I think the suggestion came from the book by Robert Sietsema). On the whole I enjoyed it - I had y...

Burritos in Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx?

by Brooklyn Boy 17 years ago

My wife and I recently vacationed in San Francisco and had some absolutely delicious burritos. Can anyone recommend any good places to get burritos comparable to those in California? Somewhere on...

Enrico's Pastry Shop - Morris Park Ave - Bronx - What happened?

by JT 17 years ago

This favorite pastry shop is closed and boarded up. What the heck happened? They were always so busy. And to close right before St Joseph's Day - one of the busiest pastry holidays of the year. An...

Bronx Pizza

by Bronx Bill 17 years ago

Any opinions on Bronx pizza? I frequent Louie and Ernies's in Pelham Bay and I definitely consider their individual slice to be one of the best in the city. Nice and thin with crispy little bits of...

A Bronx Taco Truck And Other Fordham Rd. Delights

by Maggie 17 years ago

the specs: i don't know what it's called, but it has a big "Delicioso Comida Mexicana" (i think, excuse my poor spanish) painted on both sides. it's located on fordham road and valentine, one bl...

Eats in the South Bronx

by Mark M 18 years ago

Im doing some volunteer work on 170th in the S Bronx on Saturday. Any ideas where to grab a tasty meal afterwards? Only requirement is that I want to be able to sit down and eat there.

Help! Need Staten Island & Bronx restaurants

by Marie 18 years ago

for a 12 dollar and under guide to nyc. you'll receive a byline, a small line in bio section of the backmatter, and a copy of the guide. i'll need: neighborhood (street), name of restaurant, tw...

Bronx eats – not Arthur Ave.

by Dweller 18 years ago

Any info on a good place for lunch within striking distance of the Bronx River Parkway? Thanks in advance.

How come it's so cheap to eat in the Bronx?

by John Tomasso 18 years ago

It never fails to amaze me how cheaply one can eat in the Bronx, compared to other parts of the country. Especially Italian food. I can't believe the pile of food given for such a small tariff. Gra...

Dale restaurant-bronx

by car 18 years ago

The Dale restaurant in lower Riverdale at 231st Street off Broadway is very good. The service is always efficient.It looks as if it has recently been remodeled. 1)When did it open? 2)When was ...

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