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Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

by lanneq 4 years ago

In 1980 I lived at Point Grey - 4th and Collingwood - in Vancouver, and there was a wonderful little French restaurant across the street (near the SW corner) we used to go to about once a week. I ...

Thai or Indian food in Victoria?

by jcolvin 1 year ago

Anyone recommend a good Thai or Indian place in Victoria? In Vancouver my favorite Thai place is Jitlada...looking for authentic and quality Thai.

Kitsilano Additions/Removals as of April 2017

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 2 years ago

The well regarded Breka mini chain is opening in the 3700 block W 4th Ave this month in a space that has all the potential but has never been run right-I wish them well. 24/7 as per their SOP so...

Where to find preservative free or organic lard & beef tallow in Vancouver

by chevrechaud 9 years ago

Hi all, Looking for supplier/seller of preservative free or organic lard & beef tallow in Vancouver...Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Where to buy knives in Vancouver?

by twinkienic 10 years ago

I'm thinking about making my first purchase of a chef's knife. (I've been using one of those knife sets that come with plastic handles and too many steak knives). I don't have a specific idea of wh...

What's next after Safeway?

by LotusRapper 9 months ago

For context: http://www.richmond-news.com/news/9-lower-mainland-safeway-stores-including-1-in-richmond-are-closing-down-today-1.23359288 http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/safeway-store-closures-...

Mary Browns Fried Chicken

by LotusRapper 6 months ago

Any folks here familiar with Mary Browns fried chicken ? There's a few outlets in the Eastern Fraser Valley. I have an errand to run out to Chilliwack on Monday, sooooo naturally I was Googling pla...

My Tan W Broadway Vancouver

by gjksteph 5 years ago

There was a little dive on W Broadway in the late 70's, I believe called My Tan, unlicensed - hot tea in glasses, but an amazing platefull of food for cheap. We used to order the combination plate...

Fireplace Chestnut Roaster -- Where to find?

by mendicity 4 months ago

I've just found myself in urgent need of a cast iron fireplace chestnut roaster for Christmas Eve. Will call/drive around tomorrow to look but would love any tips if you have them!

cheap cast iron pans in vancouver?

by dali1980 3 years ago

im looking for a cast iron pans in vancouver. Who has the best prices?? thanks

PureBread just opened in Kitsilano

by islandgirl 6 months ago

I was walking by today and noticed PureBread has opened a new location in the old Cupcakes spot at 2887 West Broadway. Apparently today was their opening day. This is going to be dangerous!

Who sells salt cod or serrano ham in Vancouver?

by Cherie Spriggs 15 years ago

Hi there! I've been looking in practically every store that I have been in but can't find either of these items. Can anyone help me locate either of these items in Vancouver? Cheers Cherie

Kouign Amann in Vancouver?

by selena03 9 months ago

I know this isn't a Vancouver thread (I'm going to SF and stumbled on this) but I love KA too and used to get them at Beyond Bread but they don't make them anymore:(. Bread Affairs is more like a d...

heirloom tomatoes in Vancouver

by ume 9 years ago

Hi all, Wondering where is the best place to get heirloom tomatoes in Vancouver, Burnaby or Richmond? I purchased some last year at the Granville Island farmer's market. Any tips on where to go ...

Good eats in Squamish?

by LotusRapper 7 months ago

Hey Chowhounders, Know of any good eats up in the Squamish area ? Playing tour guide all this week to our UK relatives. We plan to hit the S2S gondola there tomorrow (Sep 12). So a recommended s...

A Grandpa Restaurant to replace Tops?

by Jacquilynne 2 years ago

My 80-something father really likes Tops restaurant, which is apparently closing in August. It is Greek-ish, generous portions, relatively plain food, overcooked vegetables, free parking, cheap bee...

Izakaya with Sushi?

by waver 8 months ago

Hi Folks, Sudden need to accommodate a group of 8 - some want sushi (basic rolls are fine), some want Izakaya. I checked out Suika (good fun factor too) but they don't have much sushi and a coupl...

Best stores to find tropical fruits in Vancouver

by maxmillan 1 year ago

I’m looking for fresh soursop in particular. T&T sells a 2 pound size for about $35! Is there another ethnic store, perhaps, that sells it for less? I’m also searching for fresh jack fruit, vari...

Hot in the city: Chow-worthy restos in Vancouver with air conditioning

by grayelf 9 years ago

Yup, it's hot here, for Vancouver anyway. Where are you all going to eat and beat the heat? Fuel pops to mind but I'm coming up clueless otherwise. I'd be interested in compiling a list for future ...