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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in British Columbia (including Vancouver). We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

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Pescatarian, dog-friendly in Nelson, Pentiction, Osoyoos, keremeos areas?

by 1newyorkguy 1 day ago

road trip advice appreciated.

Chow road trip to Kelowna or Nelson from Vancouver?

by 1newyorkguy 4 days ago

My mom and I, along with my dog are looking for a road trip from Vancouver...I'd like to see Nelson, possibly Kelowna...


Tourism_Kelowna commented 1 day ago

Where to buy White Asparagus

by mmvr 3 days ago

Where in the lower mainland can I buy fresh White Asparagus for cooking a home meal? Since leaving Europe I have not...


yatyat commented 1 day ago

'Must Eat' Restaurant in Vancouver

by Charles Yu 4 days ago

Its been a while since I last visited Vancouver. Irrespective of Cuisine ( Western, Japanese, Chinese, Seafood...e...


Blueicus commented 1 day ago

Vietnamese food?

by foodsnobz 3 months ago

Need some great vietnamese in Burnaby or Vancouver. There are so many restaurants but they all seem to have mixed bag...

LotusRapper commented 2 days ago

Vancouver/Richmond Cantonese (and Misc other types) Food help

by night07 5 days ago

Hey CHers, just wanted a little help in sorting through some restaurants in Vancouver/Richmond for about four days. I...


night07 commented 2 days ago

Calamari in Vancouver

by rebaheron 2 months ago

I searched for "calamari vancouver" and there is nothing earlier than four years ago.... I have a craving and would ...


jcolvin commented 2 days ago

Medium Rare Burgers

by brandondt 9 days ago

Anyone know where I can get burgers done medium rare? Any burger place that doesn't offer that choice is crap in my ...


jcolvin commented 2 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Frozen/Pre-made Samosa Wrappers in Vancouver BC?

by maddybacon 2 days ago

Anyone know where to grab them? The closer to downtown the better!

Fishhook Victoria-First Visit

by Sam Salmon 3 months ago

Usually I'm in Victoria after this place closes so a rare daytime visit meant I could try it out. Arrived early fo...

Sam Salmon commented 7 days ago

Kitsilano Additions/Removals as of April 2017

by Sam Salmon 12 days ago

The well regarded Breka mini chain is opening in the 3700 block W 4th Ave this month in a space that has all the pote...

LotusRapper commented 9 days ago

Indonesian in Vancouver or Victoria

by xsivjosh 2 years ago

Is there any Indonesian food in Vancouver or Vicotria? I'd love a nice Riistaffel.

sumashi commented 11 days ago

Hominy in Vancouver?

by schraminvan 3 years ago

I'm always amazed by how hard it is to find canned hominy in Vancouver. Every supermarket will have a Mexican section...

grayelf commented 13 days ago

Need to find a brewery with good wine

by turbodee 20 days ago

I love craft beer. My wife does not like beer at all, but is a picky wine drinker. This is a problem of course as it ...

LotusRapper commented 17 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Where to buy fresh whole duck head on?

by fengyuanfei1 18 days ago

I wanna make Peking duck this weekend and need to find a duck with head on to hang it...anyone has any pointers where...

Hot and Sour Soup West Side of Vancouver?

by J and V 2 months ago

SO has the flu and demands HSS, preferably seafood HSS, for dinner tonight. We usually go the the New Grandview on F...

LotusRapper commented 18 days ago

best Ethiopian in vancouver?

by tangentdesign 7 years ago

On a mission to find the best ethiopian food in the city. Been to Nyala recently, which was sub-par, and Addis on com...


À la carte commented 20 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Nine Dishes back in black (or red)

by LotusRapper 22 days ago

Grayelf, take note. Dennis has the lowdown: http://dennisthefoodie.com/2017/03/25/dinner-quickie-nine-dishes-is...

Masaladobo Cafe (formerly Cannibal): Indian-Mexican

by LotusRapper 25 days ago

http://www.pickydiners.com/www/tasting-indian-mexican-concept-newly-opened-masaladobo/ https://www.masaladobo.com/...

ShinyTomato commented 24 days ago