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One Dinner in Vancouver

by Queequegx 18 days ago

We're planning to spend one day of our upcoming trip to Washington up in Vancouver and I want to book a nice dinner w...


LotusRapper commented 14 days ago

Tandoori Flame - largest N. American Indian buffet

by LotusRapper 17 days ago

Yup, put on those stretchy pants is right! https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/2018/06/01/largest-indian-buffet-tan...

Sam Salmon

Sam Salmon commented 15 days ago

Fraserhood Changes

by LotusRapper 1 month ago

1) PHO QUYEN next to Penang Bistro is gone. In its place is a new sushi place, I think called Sushi Express or someth...


LotusRapper commented 24 days ago

Sour cherries in Vancouver?

by cdnprairiedog 9 years ago

I plan to make some homebrew with cherries and am reading everywhere that I need to get sour cherries. A brewer in t...


berrieslover commented 26 days ago

Where can I find tomato paste in a tube in Vancouver area?

by brandondt 5 months ago

Looking for stores that sell tomato paste in a tube around Vancouver BC (Richmond preferably). I hate buying the can...


rosietulips commented 1 month ago

Sea urchin fresh from the uni factory

by jcolvin 6 years ago

If you're like me then sea urchin is one of the Best Things. Creamy goodness from the sea with a certain durian/choco...


JayDK commented 1 month ago

7 ways to attract BOH staff in British Columbia!

by ChefMikeinBurlington 2 months ago

So a friend of mine in Surry sent me this, he gets the BC Restaurant & Food Services Association (BCRFA) newsletter. ...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 1 month ago


by LotusRapper 2 months ago

Was chatting with an acquaintance yesterday about jazz and stuff. Conversation strayed to Cuban jazz and foods. He me...


LotusRapper commented 1 month ago

ISO vegetable-forward dining options in Vancouver

by islandgirl 2 months ago

It's my birthday in a few weeks and while my carnivore husband wouldn't normally try anywhere where vegetables are th...


LotusRapper commented 1 month ago

Kitsilano Additions/Removals as of April 2017

by Sam Salmon 1 year ago

The well regarded Breka mini chain is opening in the 3700 block W 4th Ave this month in a space that has all the pote...


grayelf commented 2 months ago

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Lamajoun - Armenian (River Rd, Richmond)

by LotusRapper 2 months ago

Anyone here been there ? http://www.lamajoun.com/ https://www.yelp.ca/biz/lamajoun-richmond-2

Thai or Indian food in Victoria?

by jcolvin 2 months ago

Anyone recommend a good Thai or Indian place in Victoria? In Vancouver my favorite Thai place is Jitlada...looking fo...


islandgirl commented 2 months ago

Nam Nam Noodles (Riley Park)

by LotusRapper 2 months ago

Anyone here been there ? https://www.yelp.ca/biz/namnam-noodle-vancouver I only noticed them in the past coup...


grayelf commented 2 months ago

Best stores to find tropical fruits in Vancouver

by maxmillan 2 months ago

I’m looking for fresh soursop in particular. T&T sells a 2 pound size for about $35! Is there another ethnic store,...


grayelf commented 2 months ago

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East is East (Main St, Vancouver, BC) Amazing Indian / Middle Eastern / Moroccan Experience

by minderbinspace 3 months ago

I don't even know where to start. Walking into East is East on Main Street in Vancouver, BC makes me feel like I've e...

Chinese restos in Vancouver please

by poppyquince 4 months ago

Four of us will be spending 4 nights in Vancouver in mid-April. We’re from Berkeley and San Diego respectively and w...


grayelf commented 3 months ago

Best deals at Costco in Vancouver/Lower Mainland

by VanGrrl 2 years ago

Would love to have an updated thread on great finds at Vancouver's Costco. Always looking for new things to try ther...


LotusRapper commented 3 months ago

best store or retailer carrying wild mushrooms in Vancouver

by ume 9 years ago

Just wanted to know if anybody can suggest a good wild mushroom store or retailer in Vancouver - I'm looking for some...


YourWildestFoods commented 4 months ago

Vancouver Island - please help shape my stay!

by willowan 4 months ago

Hey everyone. Heading to Vancouver and VI at end of May/start of June Current plan is to have 2 x nights in Vict...


ChocMint commented 4 months ago

Vancouver/Richmond - Asian or Indian recs

by sasha1 4 months ago

Looking for recs in the Van area for a bday dinner this weekend. I wish I had better criteria, but here is what I do...


sasha1 commented 4 months ago