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Brining an already salt injected frozen turkey?

by beckster914 8 years ago

I was planning on using Alton Brown's turkey recipe this year which includes brining and then roasting. I moved my tu...


DanaHume commented 3 months ago

Deep-Fried turkey.. brine or not?

by adroit_minx 10 years ago

We're considering deep-frying a turkey this Thanksgiving. I always brine a bird headed for the oven, but was wonderi...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

Koji/shio koji for meat = magic!

by carophil11 11 months ago

I've recently become obsessed with working on fermentation projects (kimchi, lacto-fermented everything, yogurt, miso...


MikeG commented 4 months ago

Shrimp purchased defrosted vs frozen saute different, need thawing tips for firmness?

by TheKnottyHooker 11 months ago

Hi. I buy shrimp at a few local grocery stores to *saute once in a while. The ones I buy defrosted seem to cook up wi...


PSRaT commented 8 months ago

Dry Brined Shell-On Shrimp, Old Bay?

by zackly 1 year ago

The next six weeks are shrimp cocktail season. Now, I've cooked a lot of shrimp in my life having worked in that indu...


MGParker commented 10 months ago

How about burgers from a wet-brined chuck roast...?

by airspacegeek 1 year ago

I've recently discovered the wonders (there's understatement of the year) of brining. I've done the Thanksgiving turk...


Dogboa commented 1 year ago

Brining lamb?

by judybird 9 years ago

We're going to cook a boneless leg of lamb on the barbecue for a dinner party on Sunday, and are undecided whether to...


Ericothecooko commented 1 year ago

Oops, In Dry Brine I used Baking Soda instead of Baking Powder

by JuniorBalloon 1 year ago

I have a 9 pound turkey that's been dry brining in the fridge overnight. Missread the recipe and used Baking Soda ins...

JuniorBalloon commented 1 year ago

Do I really need to brine the turkey?

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

We are going to smoke a turkey this year and I found this recipe on the CH site. Do I really need to brine it? I'm ...


EZstreetcars commented 1 year ago

Brine Bag Disaster!

by dsbreuer 1 year ago

I spent the latter half of the day quick thawing my turkey in a cooler of ice water and moved to a brine this evening...

TastyReuben commented 1 year ago

When to Brine a Spatchcocked Roasting Chicken

by Pinnacos 1 year ago

I'm going to be roasting a spatchcocked chicken for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and would like to brine the bird for...

alex9179 commented 1 year ago

Brine vs. Marinade for grilled chicken

by jerry200 8 years ago

I'm somewhat new to cooking, but I've got a fancy new outdoor grill and I'm trying to educate myself. Last night I...


Obsession2013 commented 1 year ago

Brining Question

by rriley99 1 year ago

Howdy guys, I stumbled upon a recipe where you brine a 3# pork loin in 2.5gal of brine for about 5 days in the frid...


rriley99 commented 1 year ago

Brining Corn Fed Chicken Breasts (Skin on / Bone In)

by chrism007 1 year ago

Hi Guys, I've got the family coming over for lunch on the weekend and have ordered some Holmbrae Corn Fed Chicken ...

hotoynoodle commented 1 year ago

Why brine poultry and pork but not beef?

by just_M 7 years ago

Does anyone brine beef? If so, how and with what results? If not, why not? There may be recipes out there, but I have...

bagelman01 commented 2 years ago

Best way to Pan-Roast Chicken?

by SmallSteps3000 2 years ago

Help! Brines and Marinades are RUINING the skin on my chicken! The skin is not as crisp and as dark as I'd like it...


damiano commented 2 years ago

Turkey storage overnight question

by cubanita7272 2 years ago

My turkey is a little frozen still. Thats why im thinking im going to keep the turkey in the bowl of saltwater covere...


momof5x commented 2 years ago


by stan319 2 years ago

This may be a dumb question, but to brine a 3 lb. turkey breast should I cut back on the mix of the brine or mix it a...

phofiend commented 2 years ago

Maple Syrup for Brined Turkey

by rainndancer 2 years ago

So, for the past 4 years, I have been making Bacon Wrapped Maple Brined Turkey for T Day. Comes out perfect every tim...

C. Hamster commented 2 years ago

Brineing a turkey overnight

by cubanita7272 2 years ago

Hi! This is my first time brineing a turkey for thanksgiving and i was wondering if i put the turkey in a big bowl wi...


cubanita7272 commented 2 years ago