Bridgeport Style Pizza?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Hello Connecticut Yankees! August 2015 was Pizza Margherita month on the San Francisco Bay Area board. One of the places I tried, a dive bar called Jay'n Bee in the Mission District, serves up w...

CT: Let's Thai one on--share your Thai favorites!

by kattyeyes 7 years ago

So many places have closed or changed hands over the past few years, let's start a new conversation. I lost some of my local favorites and would love new suggestions--north, south, east, west--all ...

Foodie driving through CT....what are some MUST try's ??

by ItsMee 9 years ago

I want to take drive from NYC through Greenwich, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven & Norwalk. I am very eager to try foods that are unique to Conneticut's local cuisine. I prefer hole- in- wall pl...

Any good brunch places Bridgeport-New Haven?

by JTilCT 7 years ago

I have not been out to brunch in a looong time (like, 500 Blake St. used to be the regular brunch place-how long ago was that?). So, looking for a place to take the fam for brunch next Sunday. Pr...

Walrus + Carpenter in Bridgeport has a Great Burger

by jfood 7 years ago

A good buddy has been raving about Walrus + Carpenter in Bridgeport, especially the burger. So one night I decided to venture up 95 and see what she was talking about. I grabbed a table on the side...

Ruuthai - Real Thai in Bridgeport

by LTSomma 7 years ago

Fairfield County, CT has never really had authentic Thai in my humble opinion. Yes, I have been to all the standard haunts that many here get excited about. I have usually come away unimpressed. ...

Webster Bank Arena/ Bridgeport area restaurants?

by threeboys 8 years ago

Can anyone can recommend a restaurant for dinner prior to a concert at the Webster Bank Arena? I will have my car.

Where to eat in Bridgeport, CT?

by Randi 15 years ago

Have been hearing of good ethnic cusinine in Bridgeport. Can anyone recommend spanish, mexican etc? Also are there any trendy spots with new american? Thanks


by epicure-us 19 years ago

i don't know the city well but i have been going to a doctor in bridgeport once a month. generally i don't usually linger or wander far from the train station and the university and what i have se...

Vazzy's on Broadbridge Ave in Bridgeport desserts(cakes)

by javaandjazz 8 years ago

Does anyone know where Vazzy's buys their desserts(cakes)? A friend of mine is interested to know. He thinks they come frozen. Thanks.

Bereket Turkish, Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, CT - New Owners?

by cheereeo 8 years ago

Went to Bereket on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock on Friday night (4/26). The place was packed upon arrival. Food was terrific except for the fact that my shish was not served with a long pepper ...

Merritt Canteen, Bridgeport, Ct.

by emilymary 8 years ago

We all know they have the best chili dogs but does anyone know how to make the chili sauce? I would love to make it at home for summer barbeques.

Lunch, Will be in Bridgeport

by lemarais 8 years ago

Will be in the Bridgeport area, was hoping to get wind of a good place for a reasonable seafood lunch. Maybe sandwiches or fish n chips. (FRESH only!!) Any suggestions? Was also thinking of d...

Star Turkish Restaurant, Bridgeport

by Jeudyth 8 years ago

Delicious. Tucked into a side street, Markle Court, in downtown Bridgeport. Competitively priced menu. Generous portions. My new go-to place.

Quick Lunch near Bridgeport CT / Port Jeff ferry

by phelana 8 years ago

need a quick lunch or even something to go before I hope on the ferry Monday in B'port. Thanks

Popcorn balls in the New Haven/Bridgeport areas?

by javaandjazz 9 years ago

Has anyone seen popcorn balls anywhere? Just went down to my local Big Y in Ansonia and I don'[t see them there this year. Thanks!

Bridgeport Lobster & Shellfish - Knowlton Street, Bridgeport, CT

by cheereeo 9 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this place? I saw a good sweetjack deal and was wondering if a CH-ers can give any details. For example, how is their fish and chips; how is their fresh fish (or is...