Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower? Talk to Chowhounds about what to serve, where to have it, and general etiquette for this pre-wedding ritual.

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Bridal shower tea on Long Island

by Samantha1 20 years ago

We are looking for a restaurant/tea salon on LI to hold our sister's bridal shower. Plan on 30-40 guests. Prefer Nassau or western Suffolk (eastern Queens will do in a pinch). Does anyone have a...

Bridal shower venues in Philly for gluten-free bride

by stuckinschool 10 years ago

Hi all, I'm looking to plan a small (<25) shower in Philadelphia in early December for a gluten-free bride (she can't eat it, but it is not a severe allergy). I am not familiar with the area, s...

Bridal showers for 40 people

by Marygflute 9 years ago

I am looking to hold a bridal shower for about 40 people. Not sure how to go about looking for venues. Location is north, near north or northwest suburbs. Must have a good vegetarian option as t...

Please help with a bridal shower salad buffet menu & cooking theme

by nojunk 9 years ago

Hi, chowhounds, thanks so much for being such a great resource! So here's my project du jour...I'm having a bridal shower in less than two weeks and it has a cooking theme. Of course, for me, a...

Bridal Shower Mid-Westchester

by foodie0529 10 years ago

I'm hoping that someone is able to guide me in the right direction. I am looking for a restaurant in the mid-Westchester area to have a bridal shower April/May of this year. Half Moon was my firs...

Bridal shower - restaurant for brunch? Thoughts on Dahlia Lounge?

by rln 9 years ago

Hello - A SF chowhound here. I am planning a wedding shower for about 20 women in their mid thirties and up (aunts, etc) in May or June. The bride lives in Ballard so plan to have in in Seatte....

Places to have a bridal shower

by Bigbudgie 9 years ago

Where are a few good places to have a bridal shower on Long Island near the Nassau/Suffolk border?

Bridal Shower Brunch Recommendations

by lnyc 9 years ago

Planning a bridal shower for about 15-20ppl on a Saturday. Looking for any recommendations in the DC and Mont. Co area, private or semi-private room would be nice but not a deal breaker, looking t...

Party Platters for Bridal Shower

by KatieAnn 9 years ago

Hi! I am hosting a bridal shower for about 25 women. It will be lunch and we are super open to the type of food. I think most of the guests are pretty adventurous but dont want anything too heavy s...

Bridal Shower, San Fran

by kcharlotte18 9 years ago

Looking for a spot open on Fridays around 3pm to hold a bridal shower for 10-15 people. Could be a spot where we just make reservations for a large group, but would hope for somewhere where we ca...

favorite baking book to give as a bridal shower gift?

by smilingal 10 years ago

Please suggest your favorite baking book that might be enjoyed by a young bride.

Looking for Off-Site caterer for a Bridal Shower in Frederick/Hagerstown Maryland area.

by ltwolf 10 years ago

I am planning a Bridal shower for my niece at her Mom's home in Boonsboro MD and she would like an afternoon tea theme. I live in PA and need to to find a caterer in the area that may be able to h...

Where can I find a bridal shower cake in Northern VA area?

by eviemichael 11 years ago

Hi all. I wish I could make it myself but I won't have any time- so where can I find a beautifully decorated, tasty tiered cake for a big bridal shower bash in Northern VA? A friend is ordering ...

Where can I buy minicupcakes for a bridal shower in Washington DC?

by gateway girl 10 years ago

There are lots of cupcake bakeries but I can't seem to find ones that make minicupcakes. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Looking for a "different" spot for a bridal shower - morris county or near

by jmolnar 10 years ago

We're planning on having a bridal shower for my daughter, probably around 40-50 people. Would like something that chic and unique and not the usual surburbs place. The bride is from NYC and loves...

Summer Bridal Shower Locations

by sm012463 10 years ago

I am looking for a location to throw a summer bridal shower (July 2012). There will be between 30-35 people. I was thinking a Sunday afternoon, possible wine tasting and/or cheese pairing as an act...

Bridal Shower help!

by Nicole421 10 years ago

I am my sister's maid of honor and I am in charge of the bridal shower. She lives in Long Island City so I'm thinking the shower should be near her. I am not from there so I need help finding a loc...

Gluten Free Bridal Shower [moved from Southeast board]

by Lieslb 10 years ago

My daughter is getting married this spring, i'm starting to plan an early afternoon Bridal Shower. My challenge, I would love to have it completely gluten free and so would the bride. Her younger s...

Bridal Showers in Phoenxville/Phila Burbs

by sgilham 10 years ago

Hi all, I'm currently MOH and looking into several venues to host a 24 person bridal shower. I would prefer a luncheon or brunch and at a reasonable cost. I'm looking best bang for buck, as fo...

Earl feb brunch bridal shower venue ideas

by grenner 10 years ago

Hi, Looking to host a bridal shower for about 20-30 people for $30 and under. I already live my Alice's tea cup, was thinking somewhere else or even a private/semi private space. Ideas welcome an...