Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower? Talk to Chowhounds about what to serve, where to have it, and general etiquette for this pre-wedding ritual.

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bridal shower

by susan 16 years ago

I need a place for a bridal shower for 50 people in the NYC area. I would prefer a location that served a tea but brunch would be okay. Something a bit off the beaten track would be great!! Help...

Place for a bridal shower in Pittsburgh

by Jen 16 years ago

Any suggestions for a nice (but not too expensive) bridal shower luncheon for about 20-25 people...the shower is going to be in June/July so somewhere for a nice lunch with a private room/garden wo...

lunch recs for a low-key sunday bridal shower

by Nicole 16 years ago

I am hosting a bridal party for my sister and am wondering if people have any recommendations for a low-key, moderately-priced restaurant in SF which may lend itself to a a small bridal shower (i.e...

Fun restaurant for bridal shower in Westchester?

by Stan 16 years ago

Hi all, I'm trying to help out my (future) sister-in-law find a place in Westchester for my fiance's bridal shower. We're shooting for a Sunday afternoon in July or August. Looking for a "fun" v...

bridal shower--suggestions please!!

by susan 16 years ago

Got any ideas for a large bridal shower? All suggestions are really appreciated but some that are a bit creative would really help. THanks.

Bridal shower brunch/lunch/tea

by Karen 16 years ago

I live in New York, but I'm hosting a bridal shower for a Boston bride, and I would love some local advice. Looking for a cute, low maintenance, reasonably priced (i.e., not $30pp. high tea), fri...

Afternoon tea suggestions for bridal shower

by llanllan 16 years ago

Hi everyone I'm planning an afternoon tea for a bridal shower but not sure which place would have good food and appropriate setting. Since there's no way I can go to all the great places in LA or O...

Need inexpensive private room/location for bridal shower dinner!

by Su-Lynn 16 years ago

Hello, I was wondering if any of you can help me.. I'm supposed to plan a bridal shower/dinner from anywhere from 14-25 people in Manhattan in July. The thing is, me and the other bridesmaids are h...

Fun restaurant for bridal shower in Westchester?

by Stan 16 years ago

Hi all, I'm trying to help out my (future) sister-in-law find a place in Westchester for my fiance's bridal shower. We're shooting for a Sunday afternoon in July or August. Looking for a "fun" vi...

bridal showers

by jen 16 years ago

I looking for a good place in queens to have a bridal shower. Want good food, nice atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Any ideas?

Pasadena Ritz- tea party for bridal shower- cost?

by tokyoastrogirl 16 years ago

I was searching the chowhound archives and noticed many of you recommended a tea party at the Ritz as an idea for a bridal shower. I have one coming up I need to plan and thought it sounded great ...

Ideas for Bridal Shower

by Karen 17 years ago

I live in New York, but I'm throwing a bridal shower for my friend who lives in Boston this summer, so I need some recommendations for possible location. I'm inclined to stay away from Four Season...

Bridal shower

by Novasport 17 years ago

Any suggestions on where to have a bridal shower? Looking for a private room/area with charm - and a cottage or garden setting?

Afternoon tea spots for a bridal shower

by Karen 17 years ago

I know there are quite a few good spots for afternoon tea in the city, but can anyone share experiences at these places vis a vis accommodating a larger group like a bridal shower? Price is also ...

bridal shower at astral plane

by greta 17 years ago

Yesterday we had my daughter's bridal shower brunch at Astral Plane. It was wonderful. I actually got the idea from this list. The place is adorable, and the people were a pleasure to deal with. It...

Bridal shower recipes

by Jess 17 years ago

Okay, I am throwing my first bridal shower party and I need some outstanding recipes. The party is at 2PM. Some things I would like to stick to: mostly finger food (or one untensil) and preferably ...

Need restaurant for a 50+ person bridal shower

by Stacey 17 years ago

I am planning a bridal shower for my sister to take place in the Spring of 2004. I am probably going to need a NYC restaurant that can accomodate 40-60 women in a private or semi-private area--pref...

Places to host a bridal shower?

by sascha 17 years ago

I'm looking for options to throw my friend her bridal shower. The location doesn't really matter and I was thinking of a brunch or lunch/tea kind of thing. I also wanted it to be reasonable in te...

inexpensive bridal shower room rental?

by Laurel Jay 17 years ago

I am attempting to host a bridal shower in the Hingham area (were the bride and I grew up). Even the Weymouth Knights of Columbus/Hingham Community Center rental fees (at approx. $300/4 hours) is ...

bridal shower brunch?

by JL 17 years ago

Does anybody have suggestions for a bridal shower brunch- someplace nice enough for the moms but not overly stuffy. People will be coming from all over LA, OC, etc so distance doesn't really matte...

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