Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower? Talk to Chowhounds about what to serve, where to have it, and general etiquette for this pre-wedding ritual.

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Bridal shower ideas (brunch??) St. Louis

by kroppinkris 6 years ago

Looking for ideas for a family bridal shower. We'll have about 15 guests; at least one teen and perhaps some younger. I was thinking a Saturday morning brunch but open to other ideas. St. Charles w...

*Affordable* bridal shower location

by brittanica 6 years ago

Hello! I'm looking for an affordable place to have a bridal shower for 25 ladies on a Saturday afternoon. I'd like to keep the price range between $15-20 pp, but preferably would like to not pay pe...

byob location for bridal shower - chicago

by beth522 6 years ago

Hoping for a little help here. I'm throwing my sister a bridal shower somewhere in Chicago or close suburbs (Oak Park, Forest Park, etc) but am trying to keep costs down by finding a BYOB location....

Bridal Shower Luncheon

by TishB 7 years ago

Looking for a private room in Baltimore Maryland in April where I can host a lyrical shower uncheon for 25-30 people. Theme is garden party. I am open to restaurants with private rooms as well as a...

Bridal Shower Brunch Location

by Danie720 7 years ago

Looking for suggestions for a bridal shower. The bride would like something in or close to the downtown area and wants a brunch shower. It would need to hold about 70 people. BYOB would be a huge p...

How to buy 50 teacups on the cheap?

by krp312 8 years ago

Hi everyone, First time poster here, got a problem. I'd like to buy 50 teacups (with matching saucers) for a bridal shower but I'm finding things can get pretty expensive. The teacups don't even...

Bridal Shower Brunch Venue

by grubguru 7 years ago

Having a hard time finding a space for Sat brunch 25-30 people that's about $30 pp. Preferably looking anywhere in Manhattan but open to Brooklyn close enough to the city where a cab ride won't be ...

Bridal Shower in So Jersey(Cherry Hill etc)

by jazziellen 13 years ago

I am looking for a nice restaurant to hold a bridal shower in a private room for about 50 women of all ages~ A nice luncheon is what we are looking for! Attendees are from both No Jersey and Phila...

Inexpensive Place for a Bridal Shower Brunch

by bijoux1k 14 years ago

Hi guys, I am my close friends maid of honor and that means I have to plan a bridal shower. I would like to do a brunch for 35 people. Anyone know a smallish restaurant that wont stick us in...

Bridal Shower

by Starr1 7 years ago

I'm looking to make a bridal shower in a restaurant, I would want a private party room either Brooklyn or Manhattan, would be a small party, most likely no more than 15 people, needs to be inexpens...

Bridal Shower Catering - Mediterranean food - Zand's or Zatar or ???

by foodcoupleSF 7 years ago

I'm helping my wife with the food options for a bridal shower she is hosting at our home for about 10-15 people. Research (mainly from this board) has led us to Mediterranean food and either orderi...

Brooklyn bridal shower

by marissaj 7 years ago

I am making a bridal shower for a friend; generally speaking, is it more cost-efficient to use a drop off catering service or a party is a restaurant? We are expecting about 15 people and want to d...

Bridal Shower Luncheon in Marin County....Venue Ideas?

by JENNYBEEAY 7 years ago

I am hosting a bridal shower/luncheon in late August for approximately 25 women and would like to choose a location near Mill Valley/Sausalito/Tiburon. Cavallo Point is an option but wondered if t...

Bridal shower - High Tea or Brunch locations (Montreal)

by caramielle 7 years ago

My bridal party is in the midst of organizing my bridal shower (yes I'm involved in that too even though my mom says I'm not?) and we are looking to either do it as a high tea or a brunch event. D...

Bridal Shower Ideas for New Haven Area?

by Lowren710 7 years ago

Hello! I am planning a bridal shower for my sister in the August/September time frame and I am not familiar with the area at all. It would be for 30-40 guests, and I would like to keep it under ...

Bridal shower

by cynjl 7 years ago

Looking for a place to hold a small bridal shower in June in DC. a place not too expensive.

Non traditional Bridal Shower

by Sfinetto 8 years ago

I am trying to plan a bridal shower for my sister. She wants it to be non traditional and fun. I have gone to ones before that had things like electric bull riding and other activities I am looking...

Bridal Shower Suggestions

by Sfinetto 8 years ago

I am trying to plan a bridal shower for my sister. She wants it to be non traditional and fun. I have gone to ones before that had things like electric bull riding and other activities but I am loo...

Bridal shower - 30 people - recommendations in Monmouth, Union counties.

by basil4me 8 years ago

Looking for a place to have a bridal shower for 25-30 women. Brunch would be nice but it may be difficult to find a good place for that. Would prefer to have it in either Monmouth or Union county,...