Raise a glass: Find the coolest breweries around and get tips from Chowhounds on which to visit, which to tour, what to drink, and more.

A Guide to Pumpkin Beer, From Colonists to Craft Brewers

Everything you need to know about pumpkin beer, including who invented it and how it's made. It usually tastes like warming pie spices; it reappears every year as we approach autumn; and it's incredibly...

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Victory Brewing Co. Kennett Square...

by CindyJ 4 years ago

...come for the beer; if you're hungry, you can probably find something to eat. In other words, it's NOT about the food. In fact, they have a unique way of serving -- they bring the food out to y...

Peekskill Brewery

by ryanallday 6 years ago

first I must say what a beautiful place they put together. Could be confusing for first timers as it was for me but the bar or "tap room" is street level and the restaurant is upstairs. This was my...

List of San Diego Breweries

by honkman 4 years ago

Is there any webpage which seems to maintain an updated list of all San Diego breweries ? I have found several pages but the number of breweries has been between ~60 up to ~110. Which pages do you ...

Review: Four Peaks Brewery - Tempe, Arizona

by TNT Adventures 9 years ago

Thanks to all the Southwest Chowhounders we had a great time in Arizona and had the opportunity to eat some good places, making things all the more fun. Picture can be viewed on my blog at: ...

Celis, the return.

by MOREKASHA 4 years ago

The other week I was up in Mass and went to Julio's, worth a detour, btw. Normally I look for and buy beers from NE not available in NYC. But low and behold, they had Celis. It's now being brewed a...

Have Seattle's Craft Brew Tasting Rooms Become Beer Raves?

by kaleokahu 4 years ago

I really love the plethora of local craft breweries that've built out tasting rooms. No, that's not quite right. I love the IDEA of a tasting room location. And even the 5-oz "flight" options....

Alameda Island Brewing Company now open on Park St.

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 4 years ago

Basically a brewery with an extensive tasting room, including some outdoor seating. No food (too bad, a brew pub would have been nice). Eight different beers on offer, by the glass, in a flight, or...

Best sake breweries in Kyoto

by krystle920 6 years ago

We are visiting Kyoto in November and would like to tour a few sake breweries in the area. From what I read, it seems most of them are in the Fushimi area. I found the following so far, but it's di...

best crab/shrimp and brewery in Galveston?

by boulderfarmer 4 years ago

I flying in for the weekend and I'm looking for great seafood and beers. Any thoughts? It doesn't have to be Galveston proper, but someplace on the water would be great. Thanks in advance!

New Microbrewery to open in Atlantic Highlands

by jmcnyc 5 years ago

I heard a rumor that a microbrewery is opening in the old Bobo space in Atlantic Highlands. I peaked in the window and the bar has a ton of taps installed, so it looks like this is true. Anyone h...

Carton Brewery Atlantic Highlands

by jmcnyc 5 years ago

On 1st ave in Atlantic Highlands their used to be a gym at 120 1st ave. The gym moved out and their is now a sign that says Carton on the door. This location is right next door to the main Carton...

Freewheel brewery, RWC

by bbulkow 6 years ago

New brewery in RWC, marsh rd & Florence There's a little somewhat nondescript shopping center just off the freeway in RWC. There's something called "Key Market" (antiquated grocery store), a mon...

Where to find US Microbrewery beers in Montreal

by ptremblay 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I could get a hold of some American microbrewery beers in Montreal? More specifically I’m looking for beers from Dogfish Head Brewery and Stone Brewery. I tried the usual ...

St. Florian's Brewery, Windsor

by tom246 5 years ago

If there was ever a day for a cold one, yesterday was the day with temps hitting 98 in the Santa Rosa – Windsor area. St Florians is a small craft brewery making a few select brews and serving them...

Barrelhead Brewery on Fulton? [San Francisco]

by Leely2 5 years ago

Has anyone been? I'm wondering more about the food than the beer. I plan to pop in soon; should I eat somewhere else first?

Alternates for Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland

by cometraveler 5 years ago

When we go to Ashland, we usually alternate nice meals, with casual meals and before this our go to place for casual meals has been the Standing Stone Brewery. However, with their(for whatever reas...

Iron Hill Brewery North Wales

by givemecarbs 6 years ago

John had been craving a burger and somehow I talked him out of McDonalds or the A and N Diner. I had kept in mind crazyspice's recommendation of the burgers at Iron Hill and saw my chance. ...