Bread Makers

The Most Popular Appliances During Quarantine

Much data has been mined around quarantine cooking, eating, and drinking trends. A May report from The NPD Group revealed a spike in sales of carb-centric kitchen gadgets including bread machines and...

Calling all 1-lb Breadmakers: share your recipes please

by staub 11 years ago

Hello, I recently purchased a Zojirushi mini (1-lb) breadmaker, which I absolutely LOVE. I had previously written off bread machines, but now using this high-quality machine, I realize that a good...

Bread scratch [bread machines]

by fionasit 2 years ago

Bread machine. I'm going to start making bread I haven't made it since I was very young letting it rise and washing the counter putting it back to the proof What I like to hear is from bread machi...

Convert this Pita Recipe for Bread Machine Dough Cycle?

by NateHevens 3 years ago

Here's a recipe for Zahav's Pita Bread. I do not have a stand mixer at home. I know it can be done by hand, but I'm curious... if I wanted to use my bread machine to mix and knead the dough, as wel...

No-Yeast Bread Maker Sourdough Recipe?

by Cowprintrabbit 7 years ago

Posted this over in Special Diets and got no response so I thought I'd try here... I'm currently on a LEAP profile diet and can't have yeast. I've got a sourdough starter going and was going to ...

Need manual/recipe booklet for charlescraft model hbc311 breadmaker

by heylids 5 years ago

I was given a Countercraft model hbc311 by Charlescraft but don't have the manual and recipe booklet. I think it is a 1 lb machine, it holds 8 cups of water... My bread comes out with a flat top,...

Help! Paddles of my Zojirushi bread maker baked permanently in place

by rainey 10 years ago

I never never bake in my bread maker but I was making the bread for my turkey stuffing and I had a busy day so I thought "what the hell". When I came home the house smelled fantastic and the b...

Bread machine issue

by anncan 6 years ago

I used the fruit & nut setting to try to make a cinnamon, raisin, & walnut loaf. I stayed within easy earshot so that I would be able to hear the supposed beep so that I could then add the items to...

New breadmaker needs help!

by Bonniexx 6 years ago

I have been practicing making bread. The first time it turned out perfectly. After that... I mix the bread (1 cup lukewarm water, 1 1/2 tsp active yeast, 1 tsp salt, 10 oz bread flour) until com...

What gadgets/cookware would you have in an efficiency apt? (my list) (kid leaving in fall)

by exvaxman 6 years ago

His Uselessness is starting college this fall,and this morning we were sorting through my (our) (I am a gadget-a-holic) kitchen for what he "needs" for his small limited space on campus apt. He get...

Bread Machine Loaf Fell

by DuffyH 7 years ago

Hi Bakers, I've just baked my third loaf of bread in my new bread machine (yay, me) and it fell a little. Not a total collapse, but a bit. Here's the recipe I used: 1.5 cups whole milk 2 T...

To buy or not to buy... a bread machine.

by sequins 15 years ago

I'd like to start making bread. A neighbor of mine is all excited about her bread machine, although what I've sampled of its output hasn't been impressive. Still, maybe good recipes well followed...

Did Santa bring you any new cooking devices, gadgets, etc?

by Njchicaa 7 years ago

My husband finally caught the clue and bought me the 7 quart round Le Creuset French Oven. I am SOOOO excited about this! My sister bought my husband a new digital probe thermometer with remote...

Are you using a bread machine?

by HBGigi 9 years ago

I'm interested in getting a bread machine and wonder if there are any models out there that preheat the liquid to the right temperature before the machine starts. The first machine I ever owned di...

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