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Bread Knife

Please help me choose a bread knife!

by 4Snisl 9 years ago

I am in the market to buy a serrated knife for cutting bread (and other things- tomatoes, etc.) It will not get a hu...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 8 months ago

New bread knife...OMG

by tim irvine 6 years ago

The 8" Henckels was just replaced by a 10" slightly curved Dexter, 24.95 at Ace. What an amazing difference!


obillo commented 1 year ago

Lame knife snags in bread

by Skip2 1 year ago

I coughed up $10 and bought one of those razor knives (lame) for scoring bread before baking. No matter what I do...


shellybean27 commented 1 year ago

Best bread knife?

by Westy 10 years ago

Hello - I want to buy a great bread knife. Who makes the best? Matt


emmez commented 3 years ago

Why is it so difficult to find a bread knife?

by Sirrith 3 years ago

The way I want it. Pretty simple requirements: traditional style (not offset blade), wooden handle, full tang, p...


PutSomethingTogether commented 3 years ago

Bread Knife for Crusty Breads

by Bada Bing 4 years ago

I make a lot of rustic bread with serious crusts and softer but high-gluten interiors. My own bread knife is a saw-t...


Raffles commented 4 years ago

thoughts on bread knives

by rmarisco 4 years ago

please weigh in on bread knives: i am in the market for a new bread knife. Our old one was unbranded, and lasted a...


EatFoodGetMoney commented 4 years ago

Need advice on a Bread Knife

by Mmaesquire 4 years ago

I find myself in a weird predicament today. I am trying to decide on buying a bread knife and am stuck btw a 10'' Vic...


GH1618 commented 4 years ago

Ceramic Bread Knife...Good Deal?

by Philly Ray 6 years ago Based on t...


taos commented 6 years ago

Bread knives for very crusty loaves

by Bada Bing 6 years ago

I take it that bread knives come in saw-tooth style and wavy-edge. I have a cheap old bread knife with saw-tooth...


Chemicalkinetics commented 6 years ago

bread knife sharpening

by Fritz 9 years ago

I've been told that serrated bread knives just die after some time and that it's not worth speeding Wustoff money on ...


Chemicalkinetics commented 6 years ago

Offset Bread Knife Recommendation

by escondido123 7 years ago

We have two standard bread knives, both with regular handles. My husband makes wonderful loaves of Italian bread wit...


CindyJ commented 7 years ago

Good deal on Shun bread knife

by KaBudokan 7 years ago

Just figured I'd throw this out there - $65.15 shipped for a Shun Steel bread knife. Looks to be the same as the Cla...


Chemicalkinetics commented 7 years ago

How high to go for a bread knife

by dannynyc 7 years ago

I've had a cheapo Ikea bread knife for years and am ready to upgrade. I love a good knife (just bought a Masamoto VG...


Chemicalkinetics commented 7 years ago

Dual-Density Bread Knife from Shun :)

by Chemicalkinetics 8 years ago

I think people who love knives or enjoy physic/math/engineering (especially electric engineering) will get a kick out...


kaleokahu commented 8 years ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Slicer for bread, or bread knife for slicing?

by Eiron 9 years ago

For decades I've been using a very light & thin 9" serrated bread knife. I've been ready to buy a 9" Shun scalloped ...

Sharpening Bread Knife in NYC?

by jenhen2 10 years ago

I'm in NYC and took my serrated bread knife to Broadway Panhandler for a sharpening (I've had the thing for 8 years a...


Caroline1 commented 10 years ago

What is "good enough" as a bread knife goes?

by chowser 11 years ago

I need to upgrade bread knives since all I have is a cheap Ginsu type one and it's hard to cut crusty bread. I've re...


Deb9962 commented 11 years ago

My Global bread knife shattered....

by dipsy 12 years ago

and so am I. My husband dropped it as he was loading the dishswasher. It bounced off my toddler's melamine plate and ...


Kelli2006 commented 12 years ago