The Secrets to Fruitcake That Actually Tastes Good

Fruitcakes have become a holiday horror and a stale yuletide punchline, but they can actually be delicious! Ideally, you would have started yours back in August, but if you make one right now, it will...

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by sku 12 years ago

I'm a whiskey lover who would like to learn more about Brandy. Anyone know any good books websites giving the basics of Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, etc. explaining the differences, what to look fo...

Cherry Brandy ("Heering")

by Sharon 13 years ago

Does anyone know what to do with this? I think it originally comes from Denmark. I have ended up with a few bottles and would love to use it. Any drink recipes or uses in cooling would be apprecia...

basic starter brandy for the novice

by BarmyFotheringayPhipps 12 years ago

I noticed recently that the one particular hole in our well-stocked bar is brandy. Allstonian and I are doing our annual foodie trip across New Hampshire and Vermont this weekend, and one of the tr...

Need the BEST Brandy Alexander in NJ...

by gaijingirl 12 years ago

Preferably (somewhat) near Randolph, NJ. If not Brandy Alexanders particularly, then at least a spectacular cocktail place in general. (It's for my mother in law's birthday - and she's a brandy a...

Looking for a good affordable brandy

by VTtoMAtoCAfoodie 12 years ago

Hi, I want to make brandied peaches, but I don't want to spend too much on the brandy. Can anyone recommend a good bottle of brandy for $20 or less? Here's the recipe I'll be making: http:/...

Best Brandy for Egg Nog?

by bourbongirl 13 years ago

Inspired by a previous post inquiring as to the best spirit for eggnog (and concurring the brandy is, indeed, the best...2nd to maker's)... What is the best brandy for eggnog? Any suggestions?

Pot stilled Brandy

by ibew292 13 years ago

Anyone know of an importer bringing in South African Pot stilled Brandy. Had some in Africa and can't seem to find any in Minneapolis Mn. Any help would be great.

Brandy for punch

by Kater 13 years ago

Each year at the holidays I make a very popular punch that is made from champagne, Chambord, triple sec, gingerale, pineapple juice and brandy. The proportions are ideal and result in a punch that ...

Historical Q re "white brandy" in Civil War era US? [moved from Wine board]

by MikeG 13 years ago

In a Civil War era (1871) recipe for brandied peaches, written by a Southerner but intended for a national audience, what do you all think "best white brandy" would have been? Rum? I assume that i...

Calvados Faux (Somerset Apple Brandy)

by MORE KASHA 14 years ago

A pal from England brought me a bottle of Somerset 10 year old "cider brandy". I'm a big fan of Groult Calvados as well as Huard. While this isn't quite up to the level of those two it's a nice sub...

French Dip at Brandy Pete's, Financial District

by Eric Eto 14 years ago

There are a few items that I almost always try at a new place if I see them on a menu, like corn beef hash, or in this case, a French dip sandwich, aka roast beef sandwich au jus. Had a working lu...

Spanish Brandy

by cheyenne 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation of a liquor store that carries Spanish brandy? I know that I can get Cardinal Mendoza and Carlos Solera at D&M in SF. I'm specifically looking for Peinado (which I...

Cherry Brandy

by Greg 15 years ago

This may not be the best place to post this, but I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase this in Manhattan. A specialty liquor store, supermarket, ??

Brandy Recommendation?

by Emily 15 years ago

My mother is coming for Thanksgiving and likes brandy. I'd like to surprise her with a bottle, but have no idea what is good. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Apple brandy source

by Scott London 15 years ago

Apple butter loves apple brandy.Calvados is not only too expensive, but tends to be too refined. For this cooking, young and fiery is the business. Can anyone suggest an applejack source? Thanks!

Help! Looking to buy brandy as a gift but don't drink it myself.

by Jim 16 years ago

As the subject line indicates I am looking to buy a better than average bottle of brandy as a gift for a family friend that has helped out in a time of need. Any suggestions would be welcome. Price...

New Jersey-Made Pear Brandy Served at Blue Hill

by Lindsay B. 16 years ago

Does anyone know the name of this delicious spirit, and where I can get ahold of it? Thanks so much.


by Irwin Koval 16 years ago

My son brought me a birthday present from near his home in Mendocino, CA. It was a bottle of Brandy, from "Germain-Robin", in Ukiah, CA. They are making world class Brandies. The bottle my son...

brandy substitute?

by Brian 16 years ago

Making a chocolate dessert thing that calls for brandy tonight but I don't actually have a bottle of brandy. I don't think I've ever actually tasted brandy. Can I sub in any other kinds of liquor f...

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