The Secrets to Fruitcake That Actually Tastes Good

Fruitcakes have become a holiday horror and a stale yuletide punchline, but they can actually be delicious! Ideally, you would have started yours back in August, but if you make one right now, it will...

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Looking for a good Brandy Alexander

by vulber 7 years ago

Inspired by Mad Men, I was excited to order a Brandy Alexander at Bourbon and Branch tonight, only to be disappointed when told they don't stock cream and therefore can't do any cream-based drinks....

Brandy suggestions

by rockability 8 years ago

I received a bottle of brandy for my birthday yesterday and I'm not quite sure what kind of drinks (if any) to make with it. I checked around on CH for ideas but didn't come across much. I don't dr...

rescue the pear brandy ...

by mstrimel 13 years ago

... received as a random corporate gift. I'm baffled. There's no recipes attached to the bottle. Any suggestions good enough to make me *not* throw it out? Summer seems like a good time to try this.

Brandy to set fire on christmas pudding?

by caineroad 8 years ago

hi chowhound i know christmas is over but are there anywhere that sell brandy to set fire on a christmas pudding? where can i get that in toronto? It just seems to me it is so HARD to find Briti...

What peach brandy to get and what to do with it when I get it?

by Cinnamon 10 years ago

I've heard the brand Mathilde but don't know it. Was just toying with the idea of buying some peach brandy. Can any of you wax poetic about which ones you love and how to drink them?

Good, Cheap Cognac?

by HaagenDazs 13 years ago

I posted a similar thread about Port in the wine section, but I thought I'd ask what CH-ers enjoy in the Cognac category. I've been impressed with Hardy's Red Corner or Red Label, whatever it's ca...

Need a cocktail recipe (that's easy to drink) using Cherry Brandy for upcoming dinner

by selena03 9 years ago

Have almost an entire bottle of Cherry Brandy that I purchased to make a Jamaican fruit cake. However the recipe only called for 1/3 cup so I have almost an entire bottle of Bols, and I don't know ...

Is there a "proper" liquor to add to Eggnog?

by DanaB 15 years ago

Hi all -- Am having a little Christmas get-together in a few weeks, and was just debating with a friend as to what we should have on hand to serve with the eggnog. I thought rum, she said Iris...

Ararat Brandy?

by Infomaniac 9 years ago

Before I order online, has anyone seen Ararat Brandy available in the Boston area? I know where I can buy it in NYC but I will not be there until September and would like get my hands on some befor...

Teach Me About Brandy??

by hungry_fox 9 years ago

Ok, so as it may or may not be seen on my posts, I am and have always been a tequila drinker through and through, give me a bottle of Don Julio 1942 and I will be the happiest man in the world. Ho...

Anyone familiar with Ararat Brandy?

by GCabot 9 years ago

I recently ordered a bottle of the 20yr Nairi, but the bottle I got is different from the fancy cut glass bottle that Ararat shows on their website. It's more a regular shaped bottle like their yo...

Pernod (anise liquor)/Apple Brandy availability in Charlotte

by dineandcook 9 years ago

I'm planning a dinner party and was wondering if Pernod can be found in the Charlotte area? I'm also looking for Le trou Normand, Calvados or Applejack. This is all for a dinner i'm planning-- yo...

Substitute for Kahlua? DeKuyper Coffee Brandy review

by SoCal Mother 9 years ago

Still trying to find a substitute for Kahlua, I contacted DeKuyper, whose liqueurs have just come under the OU. We have already tried the Peach Schnapps (good for Fuzzy Navels and fruit salad)...

Cherries in Brandy?

by Doug K 17 years ago

Does anyone know where you can order or buy the cherries some of the better bars/restaurants use in their Manhattans? These cherries are small and deep, dark red and seem to have been soaked in Bra...

R. Jelinek Gold Slivovitz Plum Brandy OU-P??

by collegeballallday 9 years ago

Hey guys, I just picked up a bottle of R. Jelinek Plum Brandy: Gold Slivovitz "Aged 10 Years." I see an OU marking on it but not OU-P marking and i'm not sure it's kosher for passover. Does anyo...

Rhum, Cachaca, Sugar Cane Brandy?

by Icantread 11 years ago

When I visited Barbados, I came across a delicious spirit in the Mount Gay Distillery named Sugar Cane Brandy, a name uniquely held in the island for the spirit. It did not cross over to the Unite...

Where to get great Onion soup with the cheese and little brandy in Fairfield County

by nbermas 10 years ago

Sorry for the second one but any good sandwiches also at this place?

mystery Provencal brandy--can you help?

by drdawn 11 years ago

Took my aunt to a Provencal restaurant in Paris and had a wonderful desert based on a rum baba using a Provencal brandy. I asked the waiter the name of the brandy, and, having a serious translation...

brandy/ eau de vie etc. in the US

mr mouther
by mr mouther 10 years ago

after an extended time in eastern europe i started drinking a lot of fruit brandies, slivovice etc. i was given a homemade bottle of apricot brandy from a serbian friend to bring home and it's almo...