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Any reason why beef shank isn't as popular to cook?

by Rafie 10 years ago

I see so many recipes for veal and lamb shank, but for all the in-vogue fervor over cuts that need long slow cooking,...


CJY commented 19 days ago

Can I put a frozen boneless pot roast in the oven in its frozen state?

by laredo 6 years ago

I forgot to put the roast out to thaw. I really need it for dinner tonight --- folks in the hospital; I'm away fro...


byubuf commented 1 month ago

Pressure cooker braising - liquid level

by michaeljc70 1 month ago

Though I had a stove top pressure cooker I rarely used, I recently got an electric pressure cooker (Instant Pot) and ...


michaeljc70 commented 1 month ago

Braiser Pan dimensions to fit 6-8 chicken thighs in one layer

by ad7yn 2 months ago

Hi All, Need help with a pot size to braise 6-8 pcs of chicken. Will a 15 quart braizer work and will it fit in a s...

ad7yn commented 1 month ago

All About Braising: Beef and Veal Recipe Reviews

by redwood2bay 11 years ago

October 2006 Cookbook of the Month: Please post your full-length reviews of beef and veal recipes from Molly Stevens'...

pistachio peas commented 4 months ago

Braising juices all dried up -- Help!

by Hannah Banana 4 months ago

Hi all, I made a brisket. When it went in the oven 5 hours ago, the liquid came up to level with the top of the meat...


zackly commented 4 months ago

All About Braising: Vegetable Recipe Reviews

by redwood2bay 11 years ago

October 2006 Cookbook of the Month: Please post your full-length reviews of vegetable recipes from Molly Stevens' Al...

jen kalb commented 5 months ago

2017 St. Paddy's Day Corned Beef... Past Threads Bump. Results with Pictures.

by fourunder 5 months ago

Just thought I'd bump some prior threads with different methods used over the past few years...with pictures. Oven, S...

tim irvine commented 5 months ago

Advice: Braising in Smoker?

by Franzisaurus_Rex 6 months ago

I've had an idea flowing across my brain waves over the last few months. It's on every channel and I'm getting ready...


zackly commented 6 months ago

Cast iron Le Creuset Braiser 30cm/3.5 qt ideal for braising ?

by CHSeifert 6 months ago

My girlfriend would like the Le Creuset 30cm/3.5 qt braiser, because she was told it's great for risotto, braising la...


Chazzz commented 6 months ago

Dutch Oven - ECI or Clad?

by DuffyH 8 months ago

I think I need a Dutch oven. For Christmas Eve we cooked 10 pounds of French fries and on Christmas Day, we fried 10 ...

DuffyH commented 7 months ago

Le Creuset Dutch Oven vs Breville The Fast Slow Pro

by RaptorsTV 8 months ago

Currently, I only own a LC Skillet and a LC Saucepan. I was set on buying the LC Dutch Oven until I learned about Pre...

drrayeye commented 8 months ago

Anyone Have Cooking Tips For A French 'Boxpan', A.K.A. 'Daubiere', or 'Braiser' ?

by JimmyH 2 years ago

I've wanted one of these animals since the first time I saw a photo in a French cookbook back in the '80s. Now that I...


Libranflight commented 8 months ago

Oven Braising at High Altitude

by susangrun 8 months ago

Life at 8500'! I am planning to cook Coq au Vin for a Holiday Party for 18. The oven temperature states 350℉. I kn...

paulj commented 8 months ago

The First Post is the Densest

by NewbieScum 8 months ago

I purchased a 14 pound (prime) packer brisket, which I plan to braise for pot roast. I'm thinking I will braise it fo...

Civil Bear commented 8 months ago

Braised Short Ribs Dutch Oven Stack?

by U2Boy 8 months ago

Hello All, I have a recipe for short ribs that calls for 6 (16 oz) ribs which will serve 6 people. I have 8 people ...


Semigourmet commented 8 months ago

Uses for leftover braising liquid for lamb?

by Lemon Tart 8 months ago

Last night I made a recipe from epicurious that I've made many times, and it's spectacular: braised lamb with star an...

hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago

Copper Cookware Pieces, Soliciting Cookware Advice

by Libranflight 9 months ago

Well, I got the Ruffoni Symphony Cupra pieces, not as impressed as I expected to be, but me thinks this is due to it ...


Libranflight commented 9 months ago

Recipes for my 'new' ECI brasier

by harrism 12 months ago

I recently grabbed an older enameled cast iron brasier pan by descoware on Craigslist. This means I now need a stack ...


Madrid commented 12 months ago

Holy Brazier, Batman!!! Review of a 20 qt Brazier

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Well my 20 qt. Thermalloy brazier arrived today, within 20 minutes and I had it unwrapped, washed and heating peanut ...

PutSomethingTogether commented 1 year ago

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